Switzerland: Mural in Zurich

The mural reads:

“We are growing old among men and women without dreams, strangers in a present time which leaves us no room for outbursts of generosity. The best this society can offer us (a career, a reputation, a sudden, big win, ‘love’) simply doesn’t interest us. Giving orders disgusts us just as much as obedience. What we are and what we want begins with a no. We are exploited like everyone else and want to put an end to exploitation right away. For us, revolt needs no other justification. Our life is escaping us, and any class discourse that fails to start from this is simply a lie. Revolt needs everything—papers and books, arms and explosives, reflection and blasphemy, poisons, daggers and arsons. The only interesting question is how to combine them.”


On the night of blah blah blah to blah blah blah, we sprayed the blurb for the text at daggers drawn on a wall in a park in Zurich.

Sometimes one does not necessarily need a poster to convey long-form content.

Against the construction of the new police and justice centre (PJZ) in Zurich!

For a world without authority and prisons!

In German. Related references: i, ii, ii.