Porto Alegre, Brazil: Responsibility claim for explosion in the Military Tribunal of the Union, and arson on vehicles of the Military Police

May 22nd, 2014
You get what you give.

We are sure that we did not come too late for the commemorations of April 1st, 1964. So here goes our simple gift to all the militarists and supporters (keeping silence is consent) of the ’64 coup which changes name, or form, but is not over. We brought our contribution to combative memory which does not make peace with either the militarists or democracy.

May these blazes illuminate and bring a sense of solidarity to the people of Haiti, who suffer an occupation by the Brazilian army, the businesspeople, the United Nations for more than a decade.

Among a lot of shit, the process of military dictatorship managed to turn its generations of young people into half-witted assholes through censorship, school, tv, fashions, football, poverty. We are sad to see that they have turned themselves into reactionary or better yet good citizens, who have made their choices. The critics of yesterday have adhered to the system of domination, that is to say totally.

Today, through democracy, it is possible to maintain domination over people with consent, where each person feels like s/he participates in the political game, like s/he decides, no matter if the vote decides nothing, and those who really decide are laughing and having fun.

Modern civilization has reached a huge level of devastation of the earth, waters, and all life that inhabits this planet. It’s the result of this sick logic of understanding that everything exists to serve some human being and be transformed into money: the depths of the earth, each m², the water, the trees and the life of every animal (including yourself). This failure to understand that human beings are just another grain of the complex ecosystem in which they dwell, instead of being the centre, is the root from which an encyclopedia of imbalances derives. So stupid we’ve become, that we crap in our drinking water.

Technology is developed to better serve the interests of this logic. To believe in the neutrality of technology is like believing in the neutrality of a police officer or a judge. Technologies blatantly favor domination, control, profit-making. Hydroelectric plants, industries, agribusinesses, microchips, surveillance cameras, transgenics, biometrics, virtual world of social networks. Will the new generations be even more obedient and manipulable?

The future of technology reeks of science fiction. It would be better, perhaps, if these words did not make sense, but unfortunately they do.

We decided not to stay silent sitting in front of the tv or surfing the social networks, appeased with the miseries of life, tamed by consumption, cowering behind slogans or appearances.

We decided to wage war against those who destroy the earth, those who destroys us.

Attack, torch, sabotage, vandalize, expropriate, do not give up, we all have capabilities, contribute yours.

A salute to some ten hooded ones who stoned the Brazilian consulate in Berlin, as well as to the thousands who have given war on the World Cup, the FIFA, since last year in the streets of Brazil. It was cool to watch an escrache protest against the torturer Pedro Seelig, police agent and head of the DOPS (Department of Political and Social Order, during Operation Condor), at his residence in the ground floor of the building on Barbedo street in the Menino Deus neighbourhood in Porto Alegre.

The arson on ten vehicles in the courtyard of the military police headquarters (on February 24th, 2014) was not “friendly fire”. It was simply laughable to see the military police arresting their own soldiers for 48 hours, accusing them of such an act, and furthermore declaring with arrogance that only a military member could have committed such an act of audacity. We declare that we are not friends of the police. The mysterious arson targeted what the police stand for, and what and whom the police serve.

It’s a flaming taste of revenge for Fabrício Proteus (shot by cops during anti-Cup demonstration in São Paulo on January 25th, 2014); for Rafael Vieira (a homeless man from Rio de Janeiro, incarcerated since June 2013, and convicted at first instance to 5 years and 10 days in prison); for the three activists who were kidnapped by the civil police DRACO (Division of Repression of Organized Criminal Actions) in the state of Goiás in “operation 2.80 reais” (on May 23rd, 2014, in Goiânia, suspected of inciting violent activities); for Amarildo Dias de Souza (resident of a favela in Rio de Janeiro who, in July 2013, was literally kidnapped and murdered by cops, his case being just one among the numerous “disappearances” at the hands of police); for all the anonymous youths from Cruzeiro, Bonja, Maré assassinated or kidnapped yesterday and today.

For our part, there will be no Cup, there will be revolt.

And as said in an anonymous communiqué from March 2014 titled War is War : “This war did not begin in June 2013, and will not end in the World Cup.”

Strength to the struggle of the Kaingang, who defend their ancestral lands.

Savage Vandal Anti-authoritarians

The dawn of May 22nd be kept alive in our revolt.

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