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Pyhäjoki, Finland: Both camps evicted, several people arrested, one hospitalised due to police brutality

Received April 30th:

Repression against the opponents of Fennovoima-Rosatom nuclear power plant project continues: and it’s getting worse and worse. On Friday 29.4. two protest camp sites got evicted in Pyhäjoki, Finland. Police operations were, on a Finnish scale, massive. Not big. Massive. Present were roughly 20 police vans, officers in riot gear, border patrol’s helicopter, sections from both national SWAT teams, dog units and specially equipped riot vans.

Police declared the eviction of both camp sites by presenting a legally vague, written police order without even specified locations of the camp sites or other information. Just an order to leave and a deceleration that police will arrest everyone “under the police law” it considers to “be connected to locations” or “able to disrupt public order”.

Majority of protest campers and Reclaim the Cape action week participants grouped up and vanished into the forests without negotiating with the police.

As we speak, both sites are being emptied of infrastructure and belongings. Comrades are being searched and picked from the woods. Those detained are being helped and awaited outside the cells. New campsite is under construction, but no public.

Thursday 28.4. several participants did a classical non-violent lock-on blockade against the Fennovoima-Rosatom construction. After several hours of blocking, police arrived but soon lost interest in the blockade, and instead advanced towards the action week camp. After police had forcefully taken over the campsite, 11 are still arrested after detention, eight of them international comrades. Some of them under a threat of imprisonment. So far charges are about “aggravated sabotage”, “participating in violent riot” and “(violently) assaulting of a police officer”.

One comrade is still hospitalised and in a severe condition, apparently due to been assaulted by police.

As per usual, majority of mainstream media have not taken interest to be neutral or professional. Systematic defaming against the Fennovoima-Rosatom opponents is being carried out especially on behalf of YLE Oulu’s (local department of national broadcast service).

As per usual, we shall not bend our heads when confronted by state repression and physical violence. This police operation was the third large-scale operation against the Fennovoima-Rosatom opponents within four days. The sheer volume of police and state resources that have been put to work against us tell a simple story: we have been able to considerably harm Fennovoima-Rosatom and cross the line from inconvenient to possibly dangerous. Alongside, we have managed to spark up a culture of resistance not seen in Finland since the civil war on 1918: which undoubtedly has spooked those in power.

If there never was a time to invite every possible comrade to participate in this struggle: this is the time to call out for practical solidarity. In our hour of need we call for support for the arrested and to builders and defenders of the new campsite here at Pyhäjoki – and to join the struggle by giving Fennovoima-Rosatom what its asking for. With deep respect for a diversity of tactics, we encourage everyone to present this company and every firm connected to it with feedback: and to present Finnish embassies and local police representatives with their share.

Solidarity is a verb. Practice it. We call everyone everywhere to remember your captivated and wounded comrades here up north.

German | French via IAATA

Pyhäjoki, Finland: The police attacked the ‘Stop Fennovoima camp’ – We need help immediately!

Received April 28th:

Today 28.4. around 3 pm, a riot cops and a police patrol with dogs started to approach the camp. We communicated clearly to the police with a megaphone that they are not welcome, and we don’t want to engage in conflict with them. The police didn’t say anything or answer to any questions.

The police started to shoot people with a projectile / rubber bullet gun and the people at the camp defended themselves by throwing rocks. The police was clearly aiming for the activists heads, backheads and upper bodies with the gun. People got hit several times on the area of their upper bodies. As far as we know, not to the heads though.. The police got hit several times with the rocks, and there was one police car burning up in flames at the area.

After a long struggle with delay tactics, the police managed to move ahead to the camp when the people who were defending the camp disappeared to the forest. In the camp the police shot projectiles towards the kitchen-collective people. The police evacuated all the people from the camp, and took some people into custody.

The police has also threatened to evict another camp location which is still in our use.

We don’t accept giving in to repression and police violence, and the struggle against Fennovoima will continue. Now we’ll need everyone to help build up the camp again, and to continue the fight and actions against Fennovoima.

We invite comrades to this fight where ever you are – let’s aim our actions towards the companies which are working with/for Fennovoima, the embassies of Finland, or the local police.

in German | French via IAATA

Pyhäjoki, Finland: Reclaim the Cape action week starts with somebody’s mother peppersprayed and lock-on activist tasered

Received April 24th:

”Somebody’s mom got peppersprayed and detained”Reclaim the Cape action week starts with a piece of genuine police dialogue (see video)

All sorts of opposers of the Fennovoima-Rosatom nuke plant project have now gathered to the Hanhikivi peninsula in Pyhäjoki, Finland, nicely close to the Mordor itself. The action week (22/4-1/5) took an early start, with participants starting to show up a good couple of weeks before the official starting day, causing the construction site and nearby region to get riddled with actions and occurrences of an ELF-ish nature.

It’s not ethnic profiling, it’s just randomness
Naturally, all this has attracted the attention of the police. Local newspapers have been presenting nicely constructed propaganda pieces of police representatives going blah-blah-blah on how they wish to ”have a dialogue” with the action week folks.

Thus, well before the start of the action week, the police have done their best in attempting to stop bicyclists, pedestrians and drivers, to have a dialogue of ID check’s and blood tests in an attempt of trying to find someone who could be accused of drunk driving – or whatever their idea is, nobody really fully knows. (Maybe they just love to waste that tax payer’s money almost as efficiently as the nuke construction itself?)

All of this would be more hilarious than inconvenient – we mean, it’s not that difficult of not stopping with that bike or hopping into the woods when a shady van stops next to you – if they would not prioritize the ethnic profiling so high. Individuals with white caucasian features have been succesful in refusing to identify themselves, getting detained for 24 hours and still walking out without giving fingerprints or ID. Logic is different with someone slightly less white. The one international person who refused to identify themselves and got locked up for three full days, threatened with detention center trip and free flight back – well, whatever they would’ve decided as home – was of a little less white caucasian sort.

This, of course, is not police carrying out ethnic profiling: it’s an entirely random coincidence. We’re positively sure.

How about pepper spraying that mother there?
On the morning of 22/4 a some bunch of ten people had planned a bit of an opening ceremony for the action week. Chosen form was to have a go at the construction site with classical methods of non-violent civil disobedience. Whether this group were to use tripods, lock-ons or superglue to join hands in a sticky manner – that we do not know. But we do know, that the group sort of never got to start that ceremony.

One particularly vulnerable spot of the Fennovoima-Rosatom is its traffic. There’s only one road sturdy enough to take the heavy vehicles and landfil deliveries. Thus, this very bunch of people were also aiming to join hands in order to block this entry.

When closing in on the road, the bunch met with a police patrol who could not mentally handle a sight of classical non-violent demonstrators choreographing in. ”Two or three were emptying pepper spray cans at a speed of light, while one decided to just run in circles holding the handle of his gun. A complete case of lost marbles. If this is the way they react to a bunch of hippies, what do they do if meeting an actual heavy weight criminal?”, giggled one participant.

In the process of searching for their marbles, the police managed to pepperspray and detain a mom participating in the action with her daughter. (Citizens, remain calm: nation is being kept safe.)

Taser and a necklock – now, that’s an idea
Sadly, this is not the first case of lost marbles. On 14.4. three international comrades blocked two diggers from working by locking onto them. One of them used a d-lock, attaching themselves from their neck onto the hydraulic pipes of the machine’s arm. After the person refused to move their hands from the d-lock in an attempt to stop the police from cutting it, bluebells decided to taser them – three times. In a row.

Yes, dialogue is a fashionable word. While instructing the action week participants to protect themselves from cases of dialogue taking place, by wearing appropriate eye protection and clothes that keep the dialogue from harming the skin, we’d like to make one thing clear.

If police wishes to perform a dialogue based on violence, they might need to reckon one simple rule of human interaction: ”monkey see, monkey do”. As protest campers, it’s not our position to put out anything that could be interpreted as a threat of any sort.

But to some pacifism is a chosen tactic, not a heartfelt ideology.

in German

Pyhäjoki, Finland: Drive-by barricade – End of dialogue

Received April 13th:

Fennovoima-Rosatom tries to build a new nuclear power plant to Pyhäjoki, Finland. Nuclear energy is by every standards outdated technology, financially unprofitable, increases the centralization of energy production and produces hazardous nuclear waste for generations to come.

On top of it all, Fennovoima-Rosatom is destroying unique nature as we speak and messing up the Bay of Bothnia. The chosen location is a crappy one for a nuclear power plant by any means. Close to sea, close to groundwater. For example, the builders need to lift the ground level with meters to even get to start the constructions.

On Tuesday 12/04 at 6 in the morning we blocked the traffic of the only road leading to the construction site, and the landfills from continuing, by burning a crappy car filled with car tires etc. In the middle of that Fennovoima road.

The paintjob on the car said “Dialog Devil”. That’s our dialogue and that’s what we have to say to everyone demanding dialogue with Fennovoima-Rosatom.

We also want to send our solidarity to Hambach forest occupation were comrades are battling against the climate killing energy giant RWE despite heavy repression against them. One struggle!

in Finnish

Pyhäjoki, Finland: Entire traffic to Fennovoima-Rosatom’s nuke plant construction blocked – lock-on’s & truck-roof climbing

On 6th of April, anti-nuclear activists blocked the entire traffic to the Fennovoima-Rosatom’s nuclear power plant construction site in Pyhäjoki, Finland. In total the blockade lasted roughly two to two-and-a-half hours.

For now, there is only one road leading to the construction site that can take the heavy machinery. This road connects to a smaller one, leading to quarries used for massive landfills now being carried out at the site. Such a detail makes the construction site quite vulnerable for different methods of direct action.

The activists blocked in total three trucks, causing the vehicles to close down the rest of the traffic. One activist climbed onto a truck-roof on a road from the quarries to the connection road leading to the construction site, bringing the vehicle to stop. Two other trucks were blocked on the connection road, one by an activist equipped with a heavy-set lock-on tube. The activist locked on very close to the fuel tank of the vehicle: this, combined with the structure and material of the lock-on, proved itself to be a bit of a problem for the police.

After some checking, confused looks and plenty of sigh’ing the police moved further away, shaking their heads and trying to figure something out. After a while the truck driver called in, independently from the police, two of his colleagues to dismantle part of the truck, removing the activist with the lock-on instead of trying to open the device. – It took some good yanking, sweating, swearing and sledge hammering to take out the entire coverings of the fuel tank, the activist reported, with a wide grin.

The activist on the truck-roof was eventually removed with a cherry-picker. The police had some trouble bringing the heavy vehicle onto a narrow spot on the road, only doing so after they had tried to bring the activist down via the roof window of the vehicle, failing to get it open.

Fennovoima-Rosatom still does not have the actual construction permit for the nuclear plant it’s aiming to build. The company also still lacks the plan of how and where to store the plant’s nuclear waste. Fennovoima-Rosatom has until June 2016 to present the plan concerning the waste issue: if they fail to do so, the construction permit should not be legally possible to be permitted. The anti-nuclear activists still do not hold their hopes high. What is currently happening and what has been so far constructed at the site have been done under the municipality-leadership-given permits for “landscaping” and “preliminary works, such us road construction, massive clear-cuts, landfills and blastings”.

At the moment the Fennovoima-Rosatom construction site works on in with a sped-up timetable. Some of the machines work seven days a week, truck working with the landfills drive on six days a week, from six AM to late night hours. Local residents have been contacting the protest camp over the noise and disturbance especially the heavy traffic it’s causing.

Looks like Fennovoima-Rosatom aims to get us much destruction done before the soon-starting bird nesting season that theoretically should stop some of the work – and before Reclaim the Cape -action week (22.4.-1.5.2016) that will bring a nice bunch of anti-nuclear activists and other environmentalists or anti-militarists to the area.

in German

Finland: Fennovoima, Securitas, arson – and ear pounding silence

Received April 3rd:

When checking the interwebs on 29th of March we found an interesting contradiction.

The local yellow press price winner, Ilta-Sanomatm published a short article about two magically self-combusted cars of the private security company Securitas. At the same time an anonymous operator claimed responsibility on torching these vehicles, stating the following:

“…With this attack we want to bring to light the co-operation between Securitas and Fennovoima nuclear energy company that is known for its destruction of the environment. The 1st of April will be the first day that Securitas will be in charge of (security of) the construction site in Hanhikivenniemi, where the nuclear plant is meant to be built.

With this arson we welcome Securitas to Fennovoima! We want to send our solidarity to Monica and Francisco. And all the prisoners of the world!”

Takku.net is, by its own definition, a do-it-yourself alternative media project: and for many state officials and regular citizens, it strongly connects to the anarchist scene and other forms of grass root radicalism.

This time the Pyhäjoki anti-nuclear protest camp doesn’t comment on the practice of burning vehicles or Takku.net. In this particular case, we see something much more interesting to poke at.

Silence around the Fennovoima-Rosatom project has been notoriously ear pounding ever since Rosatom came along in 2014. Couple of heavy duty journalists and selected party politicians have wondered over this phenomenon, stating that they’re never before experienced such during their careers: usually when you publish an article with strong statements and unpleasant information, the target of it at least publishes that usual “well it surely wasn’t like that and on what this journalist has to back up their claims?” -feedback. In Fennovoima’s case: just – silence.

Statements and comments of Rosatom simply just using nuclear power as a tool for geopolitics and as a method of attaching states to Russian interests with financial ties has been left categorically unanswered. The president Sauli Niinistö and minister Olli Rehn have turned coats over nuclear power in general after visits to Moscow started a regular pace – not to forget the nomination of yesterday’s Finnish politicians. The former Prime Minister Esko Aho just got a post from Sperbank, a Russian bank directly under command of Kreml and one of the financiator’s of Rosatom and the post box company Migrit, wich was used to arrange more time for Fennovoima during summer 2015 to have their licence papers sorted out in given time.

Now, Takku.net is a source yellow press has so far loved to use as a source for high-flying, click-gathering articles and speculations about radicals, anarchists, ecoterrorists and other grass root movements they like to give funky names to. But this time something’s different: there’s a claim of responsibility and an open statement about politically motivated arson, of a direct attack at law and order – and no yellow paper goes poking on it. No media channel pick on it. Earlier on, they have sank their teeth on anything available on such topics, truthful or not, no difference: it’s the speculations and big headlines that sell. But this they decided to look the other way.

We do not speculate. We just observe. What could possibly be a reason big, scary or important enough to leave such a click-gatherer untouched? After all, we all know Fennovoima-Rosatom is not about energy politics, but simple geopolitics. So profoundly perhaps, that even the commercial media bows their heads to that?

Oulu, Finland: Anti-Fennovoima occupation at Oulu Energia’s office

Received March 25th by anti-nuke campers of Pyhäjoki:

After a while the police rolled in. The Oulun Energia staff went to great efforts in trying to find a way to get the police inside and the demonstrators out as sneakily as possible: for one reason or another they really wished not to get caught in the public eye. Three person’s were detained and dragged out of the office, handcuffed and face-down from the third-floor stair case. The occupiers stated that they did not feel this to be an act of violence or intimidation from the police: they simply suspect that the 17 million euro investment to the nuclear project has already drained the city of Oulu so poor that they can’t even feed their police personnel well enough – and thus, the cops have gotten too weak to even carry a bunch of hippies down a staircase.

in German

Finland: All Cakes Are Beautiful (ACAB) – Pyhäjoki protest camp cream pies’ the police brutality

Received March 18th:

On 15th of March the Pyhäjoki anti-nuclear protest camp participated the International Day Against Police Brutality with a banner drop and by serving two private Fennovoima-Rosatom security guards and a police officer with cream pies. The little goodwill demonstration encouraged the public to remember the dangers environmental and human rights activists face in different societies – for example in Russia.

The protest camp chose the tactic that would fit the Finnish mental landscape. Cream pieing world leaders, military commanders and other high profile figures is a humorous tactic to put serious topics into the public eye. Before the Pyhäjoki cream pie fiesta, the last person who got pied in Finland was the World Bank Secretary James D. Wolfensohn in 2001. Naturally, the cream pie fiesta was not aimed to any particular police officer, but targeted to the police institution’s global role in growing inequality and political persecution of dissidents. Police forces are the first ones to get thrown into the line of fire when societal inequality grows: as they are the ones sent to execute the political decisions that cause that inequality to grow.

At 10.30 AM the protest camp people visited Fennovoima-Rosatom and Titan-2, the Russian firm being the main constructor of the planned nuclear power plant site. In the centre of Pyhäjoki the activists climbed to the roof of Titan-2’s office and dropped their banners. Soon one of the Titan-2’s workers tried to seize his momentum by trying to pull the banner down from an opened window. Finding his attempt unsuccessful, the office staff withdrew, closing the shutters and hiding themselves form the cameras. This seems to be a common thinking pattern in Titan-2, that has a reputation of corruption, mob connections and failing to get salaries delivered to their subcontractors: close our eyes, do not answer the phones – if one cannot see the problem, the problem does not exist.

Singing and dancing

After the rooftop banner party the activists moved on to the Fennovoima-Rosatom’s office and held a jolly Hiroshima -themed group singing workshop for the entire office staff. It turned out to be more difficult to close a bunch of singing person’s by shutting the curtains.

Unsurprisingly enough, Fennovoima-Rosatom had different ideas of the jolliness of the singing workshop. As the closed curtains weren’t enough, office staff alerted the private security and the police. Being the first to arrive, the two security guards soon got a drift of Fennovoima-Rosatom’s transparency ideals. While singing group still held their banner high, one activist decided to leave the office voluntarily. Security guards singled him the lone activist out and regardless the fact that the person was willing to leave by themself, the guards decided to grab them and put the person in handcuffs.

However, the professionalism of these to private play cops did not convince the followers. Not only failing with the handcuffing, the two guards also managed to trip and fell themselves and their captive through the outer glass wall of the office. After a moment of rolling in the shattered glass, the guards managed to find their way out and drag the detained activist with them.

After this display of professionalism guards continued their attempt to handcuff the detained person lying on the ground. During the process both of the guards were greeted with a cream pie right into the face. Soon the two-officer strong police patrol arrived and proceeded to move the detained activist to the police car. During the process a third cream pie found its way to the face of the second police officer. All Cakes Are Beautiful, right?

The cream pie fiesta aimed to bring attention to the role of the police institution in increasing inequality and being a tool of political persecution. The police, of course, ends up in the frontline of societal tensions while fulfilling the unfair decisions for the state.

In Finland, for example the case of the neo nazi street patrols ”Soldiers of Odin” and the clown group, ”Loldiers of Odin” forms one example. While police secures the neo nazi group’s right to patrol and hold openly nationalistic and racist marches to ”protect the Finnish women from the immigrants”, the same police clads itself into riot gear and detainees the group of group of literal clowns singing, dancing and clowning against racism – especially, if the clowns go dancing against racism on the same streets with the neo nazis.

In Finland the general situation is not, of course, directly comparable to the experiences and everyday life of activists and dissidents in Russia or Latin america. However, the Pyhäjoki protest camp has had its share of risky or dangerous situations caused by the sort tempers and misjudgements of the local police. The police doing stupid shit to get activists off their lock on’s has resulted in various dangerous situations – for both parties. Detaching a person locked to the roof of a truck from their neck is a job for a specially trained team in Britain. In Finland a standard street cop and an angle grinder is enough.

Note from Contra Info: Since March 15th 1997, annual demonstrations in the streets of Montreal have taken place to highlight the International Day Against Police Brutality, which has already spread from Canada and Switzerland to numerous other countries.

in German

Pyhäjoki, Finnland: Reclaim The Cape – Anti-nuclear action week April 22th to May 1st 2016

Click links for printable 4-page pamphlet and poster in pdf format

So. There’s an anti-nuclear protest site at the west coast of Finland. And it’s holding an action week between 22th of April – 1st of May, 2016, while celebrating its first anniversary of existence. What’s all this about? To put it all in a simple nutshell:

Fennovoima is a Finnish nuclear power company established in 2007 by a consortium of Finnish power and industrial companies thinking it’s a mighty good idea to put up a nuke plant at Pyhäjoki, a small municipality at the west coast of Finland – by any means necessary. Fennovoima’s project nearly faced its much wished-for doom when German energy giant E.ON, the main investor of the project at that time, decided nuclear power is bad business and withdrew its money in 2012.

Rosatom is Russian state corporation: it’s the only vendor in the global markets that offers the nuclear industry’s entire range of products, both civil and weapons. It’s led in an authoritarian manner by a nine-person strong supervisory board, elected single-handedly by President Putin – and naturally, famous for projects riddled with mafia connections, massive delays and accidents.

Fennovoima-Rosatom was born when Rosatom marched in to save Fennovoima: after E.ON left, it was the only investor willing to participate. Fennovoima needed a financial saviour – and Rosatom aimed to polish its reputation with a project in the west. It’s all about the geopolitics, you know: it doesn’t hurt Russia to place a geopolitical footprint to a region close to Nato-favoured NEAT military test area in northern Sweden and of that much-talked about Arctic oil.

The Pyhäjoki protest camp saw daylight on April 2015, when first clear cuts started at Hanhikivi peninsula. While legally shady ”preparing works” advanced, the camp held its ground at the very construction site for five months, blocking the works, causing the local police complaining they haven’t got the resources anymore to deal with the protestors. At the same time newspapers were filled with news of sabotage and general mischief. In September 2015 the eviction of the camp took place, taking a full eight days to get the last climber out. After the eviction the camp relocated to a site offered by a local land owner, roughly 4 km outside the construction site. Direct action and general mischief – still in program.

We know its a bit of a madhouse here, as you get to face with one go the whole current Russian administration, Nato-West, a nuclear energy giant, private security firms and the Ministry of Employment and the Economy of Finland. But hey, ho told not to aim high? On April 2016 the camp holds its first anniversary – and it’s time to pump up the gear. To be mad enough to bring the concept of mass civil disobedience to Finland in this scale. The goal is simple: to flood the construction site with people – and hold it as long as possible. May the nearby regions also be filled with all sorts of anti-nuclear, anti-capitalism, pro-all-things-good actions. We tip our hats to diversity of tactics – and summon all of you ecofreaks, antimilitarists and others to join us.

Schedules and infobits:
22th of April – 1th of May: the action week. Pyhäjoki is accessible by public transportation, hitch-hiking and cars: check the map or contact us for details. We cook vegan. Accommodation mainly in big heatable army tents – but if you have a tent on you, bring it in! Remember to dress warm. Solidarity is a verb: we encourage folks to drop in a voluntarily donation for food and such. Yes, you’ll be able to wash: but it’ll be chilly. Before arriving we’d love you to drop as a post beforehand of when, how many, with or without tents etc. you’re coming. Questions will be answered at: stopfennovoima [at] protonmail.com

22-23th of April: Opening party! Music! People! Fun!

26th of April: Chernobyl memorial day – and the big action day. Along the week other activities possible.

1st of May: You get the drift. We bet you do.

For the whole week there will be workshops, lectures and skill sharing stuff to keep you busy.

More information in English | in German

Pyhäjoki, Finland: Traffic at and to the Fennovoima-Rosatom’s nuke plant construction site blocked – again

Received January 24th:

In mid-January Fennovoima-Rosatom announced that their geopolitically and environmentally funky plan to build this Putin’s own little western nuclear power plant is running and sticking with set timetables ”just as planned”. Well. How to put this nicely and in a constructive manner? (And on second thought: why should we even bother to try?)

It’s naturally easy for one to say that things and timetables are advancing ”just as planned” – when every single time something fails, delays and in general fucks itself up this creative conglomerate simply deletes the original date and copy pastes in a new one. (I mean, it isn’t strictly lying, isn’t it: to promise that one will stick with a timetable?) Everybody’s happy – and especially those Finnish tax payers, that’s for sure!

Let’s give you guys a couple of examples. During spring 2015 Fennovoima-Rosatom announced that the fencing surrounding and locking up the area of this planned nuke plant of doom would be perfectly finished on May 2015. Well, despite the hard working of the Lithuanian cheap labour shipped in they had almost finished erecting it on September 2015. On a similar tone the work for the planned harbour of this plant of doom – deep enough to offer nesting space for any given Russian warship, believe me – was declared to start on June 2015. Some brave words about ”hundreds of workers” earning their bucks around the site during that summer were also mentioned.

Well, they almost got that one right, too. Almost. In that June 2015 Fennovoima-Rosatom did not even have the needed permissions to start even the dredging works – with that one they only could move on at September 2015. The harbour work itself is still just words on a paper, as are the mentioned brave words about ”hundreds of workers” – I bet we all know how they like to pretend these projects are always just about ”creating jobs”.

What is now been done at the Hanhikivi Peninsula are the infamous ”preliminary” or ”preparing works”, groundlaying and stone setting that, unlike the nuke plant of doom itself, do have a permission to proceed – thanks to a certain Minister wined and dined well in Moscow (try asking him about these trips in an interview and oh man, there’s a blush) and a few carefully commissioned municipality characters. Building permit for the plant itself, then again, is another story: Fennovoima-Rosatom has not even filed for it yet. The application for the permit is still work under construction. (Yes, I repeat: they are laying the ”preparing works” before anyone’s even bothered to apply for a building permit for that nucleat power plant – but surely there’s no corruption in Finland and everything’s done by the book, as always?)

The beauty of the current situation is the vulnerability of the construction site itself. What’s been done there now is a big-scale landfill operation – and there’s only one road sturdy enough to carry those big-ass vehicles in and out of the site. So imagine what happens when someone by some mens brings that road to a halt? Well. The whole shit stops from rolling.

And that’s what we did on 22th of January. Some concerned citizens climbed on to trucks doing the deliveries, putting it all to a total halt. And we think we’re gonna keep on doing this for a bit longer. More info coming in later, as per usual.


10:30 AM police had detained both of our photographers from the scene. One was following the unrolling event from the forest side of things and another about 50 metres away from the event site, standing at a side of a public bicycling road. Conclusion: they do like censorship in here, and they do not like to end up in social media.

11:30 AM more police cars and another cherry picker were brought in. Soon after the protestor sitting on top of a truck was taken down and detained.

12:30 PM one protestor is still at it. He has lingered into the structures of the crane vehicle and refuses to come out. Around 11 AM police gave an ultimatum: “come out voluntarily or we will have to hurt you”. They started driving the vehicle on walking speed to a parking spot at the roadside and killed the engine. Police has grabbed gloves and some other pieces of clothing from the protestor, trying to literally freeze him out. it’s currently -5C out here, plus the lovely sea breeze.

1 PM  The police arrived to the site from 10 AM on. Approximately 10.15 AM a selection of more high-ranking Fennovoima-Rosatom boss representatives arrived: white helmets and sparkling clean high-vis clothes that haven’t seen a day of work gathered to have a pow-wow with the police. At 10.30 AM a humly saying expensive looking SUV arrived, spitting out a grumpy and confusing fella with civi clothes and a big “ROSATOM” -text at the back of his jacket: maybe he was just confused that protestors are not simply being shot or taken out by proper OMON troops?

Summary in German

Finland: Reclaim The Cape action week in Pyhäjoki (22.4 – 1.5.2016)

In the end of April 2016 it will be a year since Fennovoima started to prepare areas of Hanhikivi cape for the new nuclear power plant construction in Northern Finland. At the same time the protest camp against Fennovoima celebrates its first anniversary. The camp was able to stay inside the construction area over five months and was able to slow down the construction works. During the summer, dozens of blockades took place and newspapers wrote about various sabotages. In September, after the eviction that lasted eight days, the camp moved outside the construction site to continue its activities with help of local supporters. Blockades and other activity against nuclear power did not stop at any point.

In the end of April we are going to return to the construction site. The aim is to paralyze the whole construction site, for a long time. With a big enough group we can reoccupy the area and stay there. We don’t only want to occupy the area back but also fill the surrounding areas with activities against Fennovoima, nuclear power, destruction of nature and capitalism, and by respecting the plurality of tactics.

Come and join us to make this possible. Come to share your knowhow in a workshop or to learn from the more experienced, and start your summer with numerous comrades in the middle of nature just awaking for the spring.

The event starts on Friday 22 April with a party continuing over the weekend. The following week will be filled with action and workshops, sharing knowledge and knowhow, getting to know new comrades along with action. On Tuesday 26 April it will be thirty years from Chernobyl accident – symbolically perfect moment to stop a new nuclear project. On Chernobyl Day various organizations will carry out their protests and we will also do our part. The event will climax next weekend to the First of May when the aim is to organize an all-time riotous First of May party of Northern Finland. In the nearby cities marches for First of May are also organize and we can join them too.

You can read about our activities and follow the planning of the event at fennovoima.no.com

If and when you decide to join us, send us an email. Please let us know if you are also interested in organizing a workshop or other activities.
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Pyhäjoki, Finland: Fennovoima’s nuclear power plant project blockaded again in memory of Rémi Fraisse

Received Friday 23rd October:

Today, work at the Fennovoima nuclear power plant construction site was disrupted once again!

Three trucks were stopped – two by people climbing aboard and one by a person chaining themself to the vehicle.  After 1.5 hours, the police managed to take three people in their custody.

With this direct action, we wanted to disturb construction work of this hideous, bullshit project but also to remember killing of Rémi Fraisse – 21 year old activist who was murdered by the police in Testet, France one year ago. Thousands of people were protesting against a dam project and the repression against the Zad, an occupation opposing an airport mega-project in Nantes.

Let’s stop the destruction of nature and all life in the name of capitalism everywhere.

Pyhäjoki, Finland: Call for international solidarity with the Hanhikivi hunger-strikers

Update 23.9.15 at 23:30pm: The person in a tree-house has been taken down by the cops on 23.9.2015. The operation required cutting trees, building a new road, a special unit of cops and fire department, 3 big vehicles, guards, and many hours. Finally the mop of pine martens caught the squirrel. Our comrade was taken into hospital to get liquid, but was already released this night. We are happy that the person is quite ok. All the hunger strikes ended this evening.

The anti-nuclear struggle continues in Pyhäjoki, Finland. The Hanhikivi anti-nuclear camp was almost evicted last week, 15th September, but the cops left one person in a tree-house. Some people started a new camp just next to the construction site, in a cottage which had been a second base of the camp until now. Isolating the person in a tree led to the hunger strike of 5 people.

The nuclear power company Fennovoima doesn’t allow activists to bring vital supplies to the person in the tree. He has been without food since Saturday 19th September. In this situation he started a hunger strike demanding to get food, more warm clothes and other needed supplies on Monday 21st. Four more people started a solidarity hunger strike with the same demands. Three of the support strikers are camping next to the Fennovoima office in Pyhäjoki centre and one in Helsinki.

The order to deny all entry to the area was made by the Fennovoima’s construction manager Jouni Sipiläinen and the Oulu police as his loyal friend, despite the fact that there doesn’t actually exist a legal restriction of trespassing in the area yet.

We, supporters of the hunger-strikers, are really concerned especially about the condition of the person protesting in the tree-house. The person has stayed there one week. The weather is cold, rainy and windy, the situation in the area is very stressful because of large amounts of private security guards, who don’t let supporters inside the area. The situation for the protester is hard.

We strongly ask you for solidarity actions and sharing of information! For example your local Finnish and Russian Embassy would be a good place to do protests and actions. The Fennovoima company is partly owned by the Finnish state. Fennovoima has plant supplier contracts with Rusatom Overseas, which is a subsidiary of the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom.


puumaja-treehouseOn Tuesday 15th September, at midday, 16 police patrols, border control with a helicopter and g4s security attacked the camp. At this moment there where just a few people in the camp who climbed up to two tripods and two tree huts. Soon after a bulldozer and an excavator demolished the entrance of the camp. The first tripod was taken down by pulling the legs while there was a person sitting on it, with the bigger one the cops first cut it’s legs using chainsaw. One tree-house was unreachable for the cops, and at the moment, one week later, there is still a person up a tree.

The camp started on the 21st April, so it was 5 months old yesterday. Originally Fennovoima demanded that the area should be empty at the end of May, as it wanted to start massive operations in the beginning of June, but the eviction happened only 3 and a half months later. The camp managed to delay and mess up the plans of the construction site for the whole summer. In July the cops announced that around 100 “crimes” (including blockades and all kinds of minor disruptions of the work, specifically against the fence under construction) occured during the protest.

In the last two weeks of the camp people had to row a boat to get in the camp, as the fence was finally ready and the gate was closed. It’s evident that the company have their reasons to do everything to get rid of the protesters, even if it still hasn’t got the legal means to do so.

All the cottages are still not owned by the company, even if last week,  after the eviction, Fennovoima finally managed to buy the land it needs. According to the Finnish Nuclear Act they actually should of had all the land under their control 6 years ago, when they made the application to the government. But, big companies do what they want; this really doesn’t surprise anyone.

There are still multiple problems related to the project, including the fact that there are several shareholders who are trying to get rid of their shares. Next summer Fennovoima must have a reliable report of long term nuclear waste disposal, which will require a lot of imagination. The support of nuclear power and Fennovoima are decreasing all the time. We have no clue what kind of political and economical turbulences we might face in the Finnish or Russian near future, so this story is not at it’s end yet.

You are still welcome to join the struggle, in one way or another!

Email: hyokyaalto [at] riseup [dot] net
Camp phone: +358 465 98 1080


Pyhäjoki, Finland: Eco-anarchist on hunger strike since September 19th at Hanhikivi anti-nuclear camp

Received September 21st:

The police (sent by Nuclear company Fennovoima) evicted most of the anti-nuclear action camp on September 15th in Pyhäjoki. Police also arrested 5 people. The camp has been successfully resisting the nuclear power plant project for 5 months. The police still haven’t managed to evict one of the protesters who is now in the tree-house. Fennovoima will destroy the forest if the protester is evicted. Security companies G4S and Arlia have been preventing anyone from helping this person in the tree-house and ambulance workers also haven’t provided any assistance. The person who went on hunger strike since September 19th is in critical situation because liquids don’t stay in his body anymore.

We now call for immediate solidarity from comrades everywhere! Solidarity is our weapon!

Finland: Repression & resistance in Hanhikivi Cape, Venetsia squat evicted

Finland: Police attacks occupation in Pyhäjoki and Squat Venetsia, Helsinki

On Tuesday September 15 the cops and security guards from local security company Arlia and G4S started to evict the protesters on Fennovoima´s planned nuclear construction site on Hanhikivi Cape in Pyhäjoki. 4 arrests where made but people where released the day after. Updates from a treehouse tell us that by 11 o´clock Wednesday evening the cops have not yet succeeded to empty the area, but the destruction is in progress.

Eviction of Squat Venetsia

On the same day that the eviction in Pyhäjoki started, Squat  Venetsia in Helsinki showed solidarity with the occupation in Pyhäjoki. The day after, on wednesday, Venetsia was evicted.

Squat Venetsia had been planning solidarity events for the Pyhäjoki occupation and was also going to play an important role in housing people during the major strikes, protests and anti-government activities planned in Finland on friday.

The resistance on Hanhikivi Cape, Pyhäjoki

The protest camp, which has been around since April, is now moved to a different location in the remaining forest. The diverse activities that has taken place in Hanhikivi Cape – ranging from blockades, occupied trees and acts of sabotage- have significantly delayed Fennovoima´s plans to start the construction of the nuclear power plant together with energy company Fortum and Rosatom – Russian state owned company that specialises in the manufacturing of nuclear arms. Since the start of the occupation the situation on Hanhikivi cape has become more and more oppressive. A couple of weeks ago guards from the security company Arlia entered the camp in the night, armed with knives. A  person was dragged away by the hair and two occupants were arrested by the police.

Both the camp on Hanhikivi Cape and Squat Venetsia – as part of the finnish squatting scene – have lately played important roles in spreading autonomous culture of active resistance and direct action against state and capital, in Finland. It is no coincidence they have been targeted now, on the verge of the protests taking place on Friday.

More info and images on Takku and Hyökyaalto.

Finland: Machines destroyed once again on nuclear construction site

Sometime during the third week of June, machines where once again sabotaged on Fennovoima’s construction site in Hanhikivi, northern Ostrobothnia.

A digger and a bulldozer were caused some expensive damage, by destroying machinery cables. The individual(s) who made the action represent no network, group or organisation.

Solidarity with people resisting nuclear construction in Pyhäjoki and comrades struggling everywhere

Finland: J11 solidarity action in Pyhäjoki

Activists fighting against Fennovoima’s nuclear power plant project expressed their warm greetings to anarchist and eco-prisoners as part of the international action day June 11th.

You are not alone

You are not forgotten

The passion for freedom is stronger than any prison!

In Finnish | Check out hyökyaalto for updates from Pyhäjoki protest camp

Hanhikivi, Finland: Sabotage on Fennovoima’s nuclear construction site

On the night to Monday 8 of June a machine (digger) was sabotaged on the construction site of Fennovoima’s planned nuclear power plant. Cables and wires etc were cut and the windows were smashed.

The individuals who made the action on the 8 of june represent themselves and not an organisation or network of activists.

The mainstream media first reporting of the attack (newspaper Kaleva) chose to remove focus from the crimes the action was a response to, by instead focusing on the leakage of hydraulic oil in a gravel pit of the clear-cut area that used to be the forest of Hanhikivi Cape, inhabited by many endangered species. As usual the chosen methods of individuals conducting the action became the focus of attention, and not the massively destructive project of the nuclear power plant itself. What the media calls “vandalism” was a conscious act of sabotage, a method that has always had an important role in the struggle against oppressive systems of exploitation where the interests of corporate power always goes before the needs and existence of local people and nature.

The writing of new laws as the project goes on, giving corporations like Fennovoima the right to forced expropriation of land, shows how far from a democratic process this is and also how laws are made to serve the interests of corporations and not people. The construction of a nuclear power plant is never a democratic process, and decisions concerning these kind of energy systems are made far above the heads of ordinary people.

So far, the channels offered by the so called democratic system has not had any effect on the ongoings of the project and the preparation of the construction site for the planned reactor. Emphasis on “planned” – the application for building has not even gone through, and the project lacks the necessary percentage of domestic investors for the application to be approved by the state.

Now is a critical point to show the companies already involved and possible investors that this will be a difficult road to pursue. All companies, big and small, involved – profiting from the destruction of Hanhikivi Cape and the creation of yet another massive nuclear problem for present and future generations – need to feel that this is not a good idea.

This is only the beginning.

In solidarity with the protest camp of Hanhikivi Cape and with locals resisting forced expropriation

in French, Italian, Greek

Finland: People power against nuclear power! Anti-nuclear action camp in Pyhäjoki

June 8th – 21st 2015

Energy company Fennovoima intends to start building a new nuclear power plant at the ecologically valuable Hanhikivi cape in Pyhäjoki, in Northern Ostrobothnia of Finland. Join us to stop the construction of this 100 000 year lasting problem, at its beginning!

Finnish energy policy is still stuck in the centralized production mode, and attempts to provide more nuclear power as a climate friendly solution, hiding the fact that nuclear power is an enemy of more sustainable and egalitarian forms of decentralized renewables. Decentralized and horizontal production of energy is just one part of the more equal society we are aiming for. The ecological crisis, and the social crisis in general, requires us to demolish the current model of economy and build alternatives where production provides for everyone’s needs.

A struggle against one irresponsible project is part of the global struggle for conditions of life itself. In recent years, socially and ecologically destructive projects have been stopped by the political power of the people joining forces to overturn political decisions. It is time to realize that also in Finland the acts of the people can be stronger than the words of politicians in making history.

During the camp we aim to learn and share skills and ideas for different forms of direct resistance. Participants are encouraged to provide program related to the topics. We prefer consensus decision making. Any kind of discrimination (sexism, homophobia, racism, etc.) is forbidden, and party political or nationalistic signs don’t belong in the camp. Continue reading Finland: People power against nuclear power! Anti-nuclear action camp in Pyhäjoki