Oulu, Finland: Anti-Fennovoima occupation at Oulu Energia’s office

Received March 25th by anti-nuke campers of Pyhäjoki:

After a while the police rolled in. The Oulun Energia staff went to great efforts in trying to find a way to get the police inside and the demonstrators out as sneakily as possible: for one reason or another they really wished not to get caught in the public eye. Three person’s were detained and dragged out of the office, handcuffed and face-down from the third-floor stair case. The occupiers stated that they did not feel this to be an act of violence or intimidation from the police: they simply suspect that the 17 million euro investment to the nuclear project has already drained the city of Oulu so poor that they can’t even feed their police personnel well enough – and thus, the cops have gotten too weak to even carry a bunch of hippies down a staircase.

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