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Greece: Three trolley buses incinerated in downtown Athens

During the night of Monday December 19th 2016, a group of comrades decided to slightly heat up the urban winter by setting fire to social peace and apathy.

With just 5 liters of flammable material and infinite hatred of all Power, we took to Patission Street, stopped passing trolley buses and torched them after taking down […]

Frankfurt: Sabotage of a VGF ticket machine

Communiqué originally published on March 11th:

It’s been 14 days already that we burned an automated ticket distributor of VGF [Frankfurt’s transport company] in Bockenheim and rendered it unusable.

VGF, in agreement with Deutsche Bahn, have once again increased the prices of tickets in the RMV public transport network at the end of last year. Fewer and […]

Berlin: Prison industry targeted by Destroika

In the night between the 28th and 29th of January 2015, Destroika struck in Berlin, and two prison industry vehicles turned into ruins. Through these pinpricks, we will limit the flexibility of the relevant companies. A van of Wisag in Lichtenberg and another of Sodexo in Moabit came under attack.

The company WISAG provides, in addition […]

Leipzig: ((Re: Berlin: (Re: Leipzig)) Arsons in Connewitz

Greeting back to the comrades in Berlin!

‘On the night to Thursday [May 15th, 2014] two cars were struck within a few minutes in the south of Leipzig almost the same way… An Opel Combo of the “Wisag” firm was set ablaze… Only two kilometers away, in the Probstheidaer Street, a Ford Transit of the […]

Lisbon: Intervention for a free public transport

On Wednesday, March 19th, a gathering under the motto “Open your eyes and combat the capitalist fraud! We want free public transport for everyone!” took place in the Campo Grande metro station in Lisbon.

The initial call made by the Lisbon Nucleus of AIT-SP (International Workers’ Association-Portuguese Section) was embraced by many people, as a result […]

Belgium: Some bits of disorder

Fire and flames at the home of the prison director of Bruges – In the night of Wednesday the 11th December 2013, an arson struck the house of Jurgen van Poecke, director of the prison of Bruges. His two cars, an Audi and a Citroën, parked in front of his villa (Kespier Street in Asbeek), […]

Athens: Intervention at public transportation stations, and agitation of ‘Never Work on Sunday’ strike

On Saturday, December 29th, people’s assemblies and other groups intervened into metro and tram stations by unfolding banners and sharing informative material for the right to free movement, in public transport and beyond. The participants started from different points of the city until they reached the Syntagma metro station, where they tried to approach passengers […]

Melbourne, Australia: Churches and corporate property sprayed

On the night of Friday/Saturday August 25 the following actions were carried out in the Northern suburbs of the city:

1. Baptist church & child brainwashing centre sprayed with the slogan ‘PEDO CHRIST’.

2. Railway station underpass sprayed with the slogan ‘FUCK METRO’ and anarchy symbol. (Metro is the private company responsible for running Melbourne’s so-called ‘public’ […]

‘Globalize the fight’ by the Iberian Federation of Libertarian Youth (FIJL)

June 16th, 2012

Mining, transport, education… these are just the tip of the iceberg of a latent situation in all labour sectors of Asturias – and Spain. The metal industry, commerce, hotel and catering industry, public services, etc. have all been fragrantly abused by the bosses and the State, who want us as submissive […]

Germany: Sabotage on ticket vending machines in Hamburg

We do not pay anything! Neither for dependency and exploitation, which enhance profiteering, nor for the crisis of a system that oppresses us. In the early hours of Wednesday, March 21st, 2012, we sabotaged 18 ticket vending machines across the city and set fire to one vehicle of the Hochbahn (which operates the underground railway […]

Brazil: Brief notes on an ongoing social war

On Monday, February 27th, the prosecuting authorities of Rio de Janeiro attempted to intimidate activists associated with the wider social movement against the increase in public transportation fares. Specifically, political activists were summoned to appear in the 76th police department of Rio de Janeiro, after circulating a video via Internet which propagated the ideas of […]

Spain: In Madrid, you get arrested for cheering, taking photos and showing your solidarity

Communiqué by #yonopago

This release comes from the hands of 50 assaulted, threatened and enraged people. After the call of February 1st, we decided to transmit the brutal, fierce and disproportionate repression that we lived in this I don’t pay action. We can only show 6 out of the 9 arrests that took place (we were […]

5th of March: Day of coordinated action on public transport

Public transport is not merchandise, it is a social need. Free transport for all-Common struggle of workers and passengers

A brief information about actions that took place in Athens and in Piraeus on March 5, day of coordinated action on public transport.

Athens: The local assembly of residents in the Athenian suburbs […]

Actions against fares raises and control in public transport

Lately, apart from the significant cuts in wages and the monstrous laws that the government and the IMF pass,  there are tremendous increases in the prices of products and services. Of course the government wouldn’t let public transport fares out.

Apart from the increases of rail fares in National Railways (double prices), the […]

The new law on public transport: it couldn’t be more neoliberal

On Wednesday January 12, workers in the public transport came to a strike for a few hours. The next day, Thursday, January 13, they proceed to a 24-hour strike, although the so called Justice rushed to declare, as always, all strikes illegal and abusive, confirming once again its class role. Despite this, workers in public […]