Frankfurt: Sabotage of a VGF ticket machine

insurrectionCommuniqué originally published on March 11th:

It’s been 14 days already that we burned an automated ticket distributor of VGF [Frankfurt’s transport company] in Bockenheim and rendered it unusable.

VGF, in agreement with Deutsche Bahn, have once again increased the prices of tickets in the RMV public transport network at the end of last year. Fewer and fewer people can afford public transport: A large number of detainees in the German federal prisons are people who couldn’t afford the prices, which are too expensive. If they get caught, even because of this some will have to spend time in prison. In a society whose contradictions are more and more blatant every day, we see our approach as a practical contribution to the resistance. Special greetings to those affected by the Operation Pandora [in Spain], who are accused of allegedly acting against automated (cash) machines.

Come the 18th March to Frankfurt, there are ticket machines everywhere here!

(Watch out: don’t use any gasoline. Danger to life)