[Thessaloniki] Solidarity with anarchists accused in Aachen bank robbery cases + Update

In Thessaloniki, Greece, posters and flyers were spread with a callout for solidarity with the anarchist comrades accused in bank robbery cases in Germany. Stencils were spray-painted around the city, and a banner was hung at Kamara reading: ‘Solidarity with the anarchist comrades in jail accused of bank robbery in Germany’. The text of the flyer that was spread in Greek and English can be found on Athens IMC & Indymedia.nl.

Update via Solidariteit.noblogs.org: The comrade in Netherlands has been released under restrictive conditions. However, she’s still threatened with extradition to Germany. The extradition hearing will take place on September 1st 2016, when it will be decided if the Netherlands will comply with handing her over to the German State, where she faces charges for an expropriation that happened in Aachen in 2013.

The other compañera, who was arrested in Barcelona in April 2016, has already been extradited to Germany awaiting trial. She is incarcerated in Cologne’s prison, accused of an expropriation that took place in Aachen in 2014.