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[Portugal]”No one who doesn’t want your total liberation can be considered your ally”


If we do not extend the critique of fascism to democracy, capitalism, prisons, homelands, patriarchy, property, speciesism and any regime that involves being governed: we are condemning ourselves to a unique historical entanglement that only will eventually stop give way to an uninhabitable planet. The social democrats who are electoralists they are too comfortable – condemning the atrocities of the right and hiding their own – simply want to be on the streets and in government at the same time.

Authoritarian regimes gain ground quickly and efficiently because the goals they pursue are mediocre: there is no complexity in subjecting others through guns, taxes, lies, and propaganda – 90% of political projects are compromised with this (all necessary infrastructure is already built and functioning).

In reality, no one who treats you as a doctrinal mass, no one who understands the struggle as a victimizing hobby and alien to your creative and offensive ability, no one who does not want your total liberation can be considered ally.


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[invitation] Anarchist Book Fair of Lisbon on October 26, 27 and 28

Given that climate change is brought us the colder summer of the last thirty years, given our constant and organic demand to ignite with passion and of warming ourselves with the rebelliousness of our daily struggles, we will light our flame this fall! And so returns the Anarchist Book Fair of Lisbon, on 26, 27 and 28 October, and again in the beautiful woods of Penha de França.
If you want participate with your publisher / distributor / information space or simply to come spread some words of subversion printed on paper, write us to feiranarquistadolivro@riseup.net
See you later!

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Setúbal, Portugal: Invitation for a week of (de)construction in Maxada mode

received on 01.05.18

Collective work* 7-14 May

We invite everyone for a week of (de)construction in Maxada mode! To improve the space we need to take care of the fence, sewage, roofs, oven and the garden. We are also open to proposals for building new stuff – will it be solar oven, tree house, a filter for wastewater or something else?

We always need cement, bricks, beams, screws, wallplugs, hinges, locks, paint, rolls, brushes, tarpaulins, isolation materials, barbed wire, nets etc. From our side you can count on a place to sleep, vegan food and juices.

Come over and bring your ideas and friends!

*To learn more about “Work”, read this:

Paul Lafargue – “The Right To Be Lazy”
Bob Black – “The Abolition Of Work”

À da Maxada – Setúbal

in Portuguese

[Portugal] Communiqué from the Portuguese Antifascist Movement

                                                                        received on 04.04.18

Communiqué from the Portuguese Antifascist Movement

In the last few weeks, several news has come to the fore in the media about the growing of the extreme-right in Portugal and about the violence perpetrated by these nazi-fascist groups.

This growing wave of violence comes as no surprise for us. In the last years, we have been denouncing it, and organizing to face the gratuitous, racist and  xenophobic violence. At the moment, there are several antifascist groups in Portugal, from north to south, which have been calling people’s attention to this problem, but these groups have been discredited by persons and political parties who minimize the antifascist struggle, and who, in many cases, call themselves antifascists. Once again, reality demonstrates that what we have denounced about groups such as the “Hammerskins” or political parties such as the “Partido Nacional Renovador” (“National Renovator Party”) or the more recent “Nova Ordem Social” (“New Social Order”) is more than true and that we must not overlook other groups that walk undercover and hidden. Besides these groups, we won’t overlook the successive governments who feed and let people with such connections circulate through public institutions. We also want to mention that, once more, the media has used the word “skinhead” in a wrong manner.

In a very brief but explicit way, skinheads emerged in England, they were youngsters from the working class who identified with certain aspects of the Jamaican culture brought to England by Afro-Caribbean immigrants with whom they socialized, the music they listened to was mainly reggae and ska, and for these obvious reasons they were not racists or xenophobes.

We are antifascists of different age groups, from various parts of the country, with political views that are many times different, but with a common idea and struggle: antifascism. That said, and contrary to what the media might say, we cannot be compared to these groups or parties from the extreme-right, because we are no criminals, we call on tolerance, we want to fight racism, xenophobia, homophobia, chauvinism and all types of oppression.

It is urgent that people inform themselves, that they organize, that they join the antifascist struggle, that they support antifascist groups and movements in their cities.

April 2018,

Núcleo Antifascista de Braga, Núcleo Antifascista de Viana, Núcleo Antifascista do Porto, Núcleo Antifascista de Ovar, Núcleo Antifascista de Coimbra, Núcleo Antifascista de Lisboa – Margem Sul, Núcleo Antifascista da Madeira, Coordenadora Antifascista Portugal, Movimento “Um Ativismo por dia”, Left Pride Portugal, GRRAP, Redskins / RASH Portugal, Sharp Portugal.

source: pt.indymedia

PDF here

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Setúbal, Portugal: 2nd Anniversary Program at À da Maxada (30.03-1.04.2018)

Friday 30.03.2018

10:00 Yoga/Tai-chi (bring your mat)
12:00 Juggling workshop*
13:00 Welding workshop (bring your mask if you have)
15:00 Tattoos session with Ouch Tattoo
16:00 Hoola hoop workshop* (bring hoola hoop if u have)
17:00 DJ workshop
19:00 Circus workshop*
19:00 Ciclo de Cinema Nu Sta Djunto
22:00 Performances
– Hephaistos dreams
– Trash Circus
* = kids-friendly activities

31.03.2018 Saturday

10:00 Yoga/Tai-chi (bring your mat)
12:30 Bio Gas workshop 1st session (bring you container with manure)
– introduction do biodigestion
– assembly of a biodigestor
– charging the biodigestor
– functioning conditions
– safety
14:00 Guitar workshop for beginners* (bring your guitar if you have)
16:00 Hoola hoop workshop* (bring hoola hoop if u have)
16:30 Henna Tattoos*
16:30 Fermentation and ginger beer making workshop (bring sugar, ginger, bottles, jars, sprouts)
17:30 Poetry slam*
19:00 Legal advice session
20:00 PIZZA TIME! (bring ingredients)
22:00 Concerts + after party
* = kids-friendly activities

TK (hip hop, Lourinhã)
Branco (hip hop, Setúbal)
Descubriendo a Mr.Mime (metal/screamo, Spain)
777Negative111 (experimental ambient drone noise, LX)
Dj BPM (grime, resonanceFM, IE)
Naomi (techno, LX)
DJ Kababel (NL)
Dj Crash_01 (Digital Junk/ATNT SS)
Dj Fucking Nice Name 44a di
Dj Amoxymma
Dj Babz 22.99
Dj Haagse Slijper

1.04.2018  Sunday

10:00 Yoga/Tai-chi (bring your mat)
15:00 Free Wi-Fi workshop (bring clean cd or usb stick)
16:00 Concerts:

Didge Vibe (LX)
265 Fusion Experience (jazz fusion, Setúbal)
Mafia Do Caril (hip-hop, Almada)
Ordinary Guest (melting pot ambiental, DJ set, PT)
EVAMUSS (experimental noise, Peru)
Zen Baboon (electro-organic-chillout-uplifting-downtempo, Setúbal)
Freddy Locks (reggae, LX)
Grilowsky (1-man-band)
Phantom (rap anti rap, LX)
Tutti Morti ( live techno set, LX)

NO PARKING!!! Leave your vehicle before the dirt road!!


Á da Maxada – Setúbal

Porto, Portugal: Invitation to Anarchist Encounter of the Book – 4 to 6 May

Anarchist Colony L’Experience  – Belgium (1906)


On the 4th, 5th and 6th of May in Porto (Portugal) there will be an Anarchist Encounter of the Book taking place. This aims to be a moment to share and exchange materials, experiencies and communication.

Not only is it important to stengthen ties and create new forms of colaboration with each other, this meeting intends to be a place for the diffusion of our presence and our ideas.

We would like to invite you to participate not only with your independent publisher groups and distributors, but also to submit any other ideas you think may be of interest to this event.

Booking a stall, proposals for activities and staying arrangements must be made by March 25th to encontroanarquistadolivro@riseup.net

Saúde e Anarquia! (Cheers and Anarchy!)

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[Portugal] Means and purposes different, no enemies in common

With regard to the guerrillas in Kurdistan and its propaganda as well as the calls for an anti-fascist struggle in common between leftists and anarchists, it is necessary to make clear the distinction between anarchists and leftists:

We are libertarians, they are authoritarian.
We are anti-statists, they are in favor of the state (evidently theirs);
We fight for freedom, they for the dictatorship (of the proletariat, they say to disguise this, but dictatorship, in the background).

In Latin America in particular, but also in other parts of the world, sometimes there are comrades who look at them as if they are on the same path as us, which seems aberrant, since both our means and our purposes are completely different.

History reveals that in all situations, in all the different places where anarchists and marxists came together, the latter eventually murdered by backs or betrayed the former.

Some think it best to put all this aside, forget the facts and fight “against the common enemy” but this is a serious misunderstanding: we have no enemies in common. We are staunch enemies of every kind of state, they are enemies of this state not of the institution of the state as such.

Therefore, in the revolution we see ourselves on the side of the people and the leftists on the other side of the barricade, defending the reconstitution of the state, but this time in their hands.


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[Portugal] Multiform combat against global tyranny, irreducibility to the advance of state terrorism

[International solidarity week with anarchist prisoners – August 23 to 30, 2017]

Multiform combat against global tyranny, irreducibility to the advance of state terrorism

In Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia, Paraguay, Greece, Turkey, Syria, USA, Venezuela, Germany, Poland, Russia, India or China – as in Portugal or any other part of the world – the order is to attack by all means those who resist, relentlessly pursuing all combatants, imprisoning them, torturing them, killing them if they deem it necessary. The dogs of Power receive the salary to that, the laws are adapted to legitimize the crimes of state terrorism, all crimes of capitalism. Capitalism, in all nuances, feeds on these situations while the peoples remain inert, terrified or dormant, ignoring to what extent their inaction reinforces the implementation of fascism that is tried to install everywhere.

We are against all frontiers, against all forms of power, of subordination, against all forms of capitalism. We could appeal in particular to the solidarity with comrade Santiago Maldonado, disappeared by the police in Argentina (when he was in solidarity with the dignified struggle of the Mapuche people) – or with all the other anarchists who struggle daily around the world for the destruction of this system, for freedom, risking their lives, inside and outside prisons – however, we consider that the only way to defend your freedom and life is to take care of our freedom and our own life, each of us. This is the memory that must prevail.

Multiform combat against global tyranny, irreducibility to the advance of state terrorism.
The passion for freedom is stronger than all prisons!

Some anarchists
August 24, 2017

in pdf here

in Portuguese, Spanish, German

[Portugal] Callout for solidarity with anarchists accused in Aachen bank robbery cases

Solidarity with anarchists arrested during investigation into several bank robberies in Aachen, Germany

Over the past weeks, various persons have been arrested in Spain and the Netherlands under orders of the German criminal police. A person has been extradited to Germany, another is held in the Netherlands. The investigation is related to various bank robberies in 2013 and 2014 in the city of Aachen.

Are they guilty or innocent? In a society that tends more and more to a dictatorship of money and control, we don’t really care to know the verdict of their courts. The State and its judicial system have always proved to be vigorous watchdogs of the dominant ideology, always marginalising, punishing, capturing, torturing and even assassinating those who are consciously opposed to it, or just those who aren’t lucrative for it and are therefore deemed disposable.

Our hearts and thoughts are with anyone who seeks new paths, who chooses not to be a slave of the status quo, and tries to discover the practical possibilities of that choice; with anyone who fights against the different forms of authority, and attacks the structures and institutions that make oppression of the poor and the undesirable increasingly real.

From everywhere, domination sabotages anyone who lives free and self-determinedly. Let’s fight for reconquering our freedom by sabotaging domination.


In solidarity, we carry on…

Portugal, beginning of July 2016

solidaritatrebel.noblogs.org // solidariteit.noblogs.org

the poster in pdf format: a3, a5 | in portuguese

Lisbon, Portugal: Actions in solidarity with Mónica and Francisco – March 2016

On March 24th 2016, at about 17:30, a gathering was held outside the Consulate General of Spain in Lisbon to protest the parody trial against Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, anarchists held captive by the Spanish State since November 2013. The gathering was attended by nearly two dozen antiauthoritarians and anarchists. Texts and leaflets were distributed to passersby, and comrades shouted slogans such as “Neither guilty nor innocent”, “Freedom is the crime they’re persecuting”, “Freedom is inside our hearts; fire to all prisons”, “Parody trial, state terrorism in Spain.”

About three hours later, flyers were dispersed in another area of Lisbon – what was repeated for several days in various squares of Lisbon, until March 30th. That day it also became known that the comrades were sentenced to 12 years in prison each.

In total, several hundred flyers and handouts were distributed to passersby and at various spaces of anarchist or antiauthoritarian culture.

A banner was placed in a tourist area of the centre of Lisbon, reading “Freedom for Mónica and Francisco” in Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, German, Italian, French and English.

Neither guilty nor innocent: simply anarchists.

Strength and freedom to Mónica and Francisco and all prisoners and prosecuted in struggle!

Until the last cage is empty…

Death to the State and long live Anarchy!

Lisbon, Portugal: Gathering 24/03 at the Spanish consulate in solidarity with Mónica and Francisco


For the State, terrorists are those that endanger its interests. Fed up with this reality of fear, corruption, police abuses, media manipulation, some decide not to give up, and fight. For this they are persecuted.

Thursday 24th March at 17:30
Consulate General of Spain
3, Salitre St., Lisbon

We gather to oppose the parody trial against the anarchists Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar.




Porto, Portugal: Poster in solidarity with anarchist prisoners

English translation received March 17th 2016:


Despite the image that is painted, this society is not a neutral and paradisaical form of human organization. Its core is crossed by a multiplicity of power relations, of exploitation and domination.

In this side of the world, domination goes by the name of democracy. A system of values and practices that promote conformism and opportunism while oils the machine that benefits a few.

Against the misery of modern life, some choose to believe in the empty shells of nationalism and religion, while others chose the path of freedom and the open confrontation with all forms of authority.

Because the affirmation of a life worth to be lived takes with it the denial of all the paths that lead to alienation and subjugation. Only the dead fishes go with the stream.

The democratic regime doesn’t tolerate the ones that refuse its rules and that have declared war to it. As a result of it, lots of anarchists are nowadays imprisoned in the rotten cells of democracy.

In the times we live, no comrade should be left alone.

Solidarity with the ones that chose to defy the certainty of normality and apathy.


here in printable size

Athens: Solidarity with the C.O.S.A squat in Portugal, threatened with eviction

The C.O.S.A squat in the city of Setúbal, which had its 15th anniversary this month, has received an eviction threat. (See statement by Some Rebellious Voices in Portuguese, Greek, Italian and Spanish.)

During the night of October 20th 2015, and as a first response to this bad news, we hung a solidarity banner at the Athens Polytechnic School, on Patission Street in the centre of Athens, reading: Solidarity with the C.O.S.A squat in Setúbal, Portugal, threatened with eviction – Strength, comrades (A)

We do not forget that the companheirxs at C.O.S.A have shown their support in our efforts to disseminate cases of anarchist prisoners in Greece, nor do we forget that one of the common goals we share in our borderless struggles is the abolition of the ridiculosity called property.

All our love to the brothers and sisters that continue to resist in Setúbal. Hands off anarchist infrastructure in Portugal and everywhere in the world!


Initiative from the translation counter-information network Contra Info

International coordinated actions in solidarity with Evi Statiri (on hunger strike since 14/9)

Between the 12th and 17th of September 2015, some participants in the network of Contra Info carried out a series of actions in solidarity with Evi Statiri, prisoner in struggle in Greece, who has undergone hunger strike since September 14th, demanding an end to the preventive detention that was imposed on her six months ago.

Evi Statiri is incarcerated as a result of the vengeful mania that the repressive apparatuses of Greek democracy unleashed, after the failed escape plan of the imprisoned comrades of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire in early 2015, targeting relatives and friends of members of the organisation. When the Power fail to make subversive prisoners bow down to them, they lay their hands on their close and supportive environment, seeking to sow fear and punish what does not fit into their heavy bibles of legislature, what transcends the prison walls, what goes beyond the polarity between innocence and guilt: solidarity.

Following the decision of Evi Statiri to choose hunger strike as a means of struggle, we’re calling out to comrades worldwide to strengthen this cry for freedom through multifaceted anarchist action. So that it resonates in the streets: EVI STATIRI OUT ONTO THE STREETS!

Below are a few photos from actions that took place in the territories controlled by the states of Bolivia, France, Greece, Portugal, Chile and Spain. We look forward to receiving your contributions at contrainfo[at]espiv.net

A banner was hung in La Paz (Bolivia), reading: “From Bolivia we salute you, compañera Evi Statiri, abducted by the Greek state”; flyers were also distributed: “From Bolivia to Greece, freedom for Evi Statiri – Your struggle from inside the prison is a sign of indomitable ferocity in the face of the Power and repression”

Leaflets and flyposting in Toulouse (France): “Solidarity with Evi Statiri, political prisoner in Greece – Evi Statiri is detained on remand at Koridallos prison, in Greece, since the 2nd of March 2015, arrested for being the life companion of Gerasimos Tsakalos, imprisoned member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (international anarchist revolutionary organisation). After being refused her liberation once again, she commences a hunger strike on the 14th of September. Fire to the borders – Fire to the prisons”

Banners at the Athens Polytechnic School, Exarchia (Greece): “Neither innocent, nor guilty – Solidarity with Evi Statiri” / “Evi Statiri, hold strong – We are all family of the Cells of Fire – Death to the judges!”

A banner was placed in one of Lisbon’s most central and tourist locations (Portugal): “Freedom for Evi Statiri”; leaflets signed by Some Anarchists were also handed out, providing an update on Evi’s situation: “Internationalist and anarchist solidarity with Evi Statiri – After 6 months in preventive detention, an act of pure vengeance and arbitrariness of the Power, Evi Statiri initiated a hunger strike on September 14th 2015, in the dungeons of Greek democracy, until her unconditional release. (…) Freedom for those who are in prison cells – Immediate release of Evi Statiri – Lifting of the restrictive measures against Athena Tsakalou!” (PDF in Portuguese)

Banner in Santiago (Chile): “«Fear may rule, but it cannot reign in the hearts and minds of free human beings» – Evi Statiri out onto the streets!”

Slogans were spray-painted in the streets of Iruña/Pamplona, Navarre (Spain) — Evi askatu! (“Free Evi!” in Basque) and more…

“Until the total destruction of all the prisons – Evi free”
“Freedom for Evi Statiri”
“Freedom for Evi Statiri, compañera in Greece”
“Solidarity with Evi Statiri”

Spanish, Greek

From Portugal to Greece, strength to prisoners in struggle

On Wednesday, March 18th 2015, we went out to the streets to express our solidarity with the struggle of hunger strikers in Greek prisons. We placed a banner at the ferryboat quay of Cacilhas area in the city of Almada, reading: “Strength prisoners in Greece. Fire to the prisons! (A)”

Flyers (1, 2) were spread in streets and squares, gardens and walkways in various areas of Almada and Lisbon, calling for solidarity through anarchist struggle: “Fight for total demolition of the State and the Capital / Fight without respite for the abolition of all prisons / Against every government, against every power / Solidarity with the hunger strikers in Greek prisons / Immediate fulfillment of the demands of prisoners in Greece / From Portugal to Greece, strength to the hunger strikers / Anarchist resistance throughout the world / Fire and explosions to all prisons!”

in Portuguese, Spanish, Greek

Portugal: Solidarity gathering at the Spanish embassy in Lisbon

“Gag Law is a return to fascism” – “Freedom for Pandora case prisoners”

On December 29th, 2014, at about 6pm, people in solidarity with the anarchists arrested in “Operation Pandora” gathered in front of the Spanish embassy in Lisbon. Cops were present during the action, protecting the building, and several police vans were stationed in a side street. We unfurled banners, and distributed fliers as well as pamphlets regarding the “Gag Law” and the 7 comrades who have been kidnapped by the Spanish State. We also handed out texts about the situation of other anarchists, imprisoned by the Greek State.

About two hours later, we pinned copies of a letter by Mónica Caballero on Operation Pandora to a banner opposite the embassy building, which represents the terrorism of the Spanish State. We then marched towards Rossio Square followed by police vans, which were stuck in heavy traffic. So, we had the chance of “redecorating” the square, and continued to distribute fliers to passers-by.

Freedom for anarchist prisoners!
Down with the walls of all prisons!

Lisbon: An act of solidarity with Nikos Maziotis and Antonis Stamboulos, imprisoned anarchists in Greece

Late in the evening of November 24th, 2014, a banner in solidarity with the fighters in Greece was placed in Rossio Square, in the city centre of Lisbon, and leaflets were distributed to passersby and disseminated also in hangouts of anarchist culture.

The banner reads: “Solidarity with the fighters in Greece. Nikos Maziotis – Antonis Stamboulos. Freedom (in Greek)”

Below is the communiqué that was handed out (pdf in Portuguese here):

Nikos Maziotis, anarchist fighter and member of the urban guerrilla group Revolutionary Struggle, was captured in Athens, Greece, on July 16th, 2014 having been shot in the arm after an armed confrontation with the cops chasing him. After being discharged from the hospital he was transferred to Koridallos prison in Athens, but not for long, because on July 26th he was transferred to the prison of Diavata, near Thessaloniki, in a vengeful attitude by the Greek State, since in this prison there aren’t even the minimal conditions for the treatment of serious injuries.

Antonis Stamboulos, anarchist, was arrested on October 1st, 2014 in Athens, in an arbitrary manner, under accusations of terrorism and suspicion of belonging to the organization Revolutionary Struggle. He had DNA samples and fingerprints forcefully taken from him; he was tortured in custody and was only allowed to speak to his lawyer 24 hours after he was arrested. On the 6th of October, in Athens, he announced he had started a hunger and thirst strike after suspecting that he would be sent in pretrial detention very far from his family and his lawyer, thus demanding to stay in Athens. However, he was transferred on the 7th of October to Larissa prisons, very far from Athens. He ended the hunger and thirst strike on the 11th of October, already in Larissa prison – with a great many people having been mobilized all over Greece to protest over his situation – having concluded that there need to be conditions to continue the struggle in other forms.

In Greece, like in Portugal or any other part of the world, the order intends to attack by all means possible those who resist, ruthlessly persecuting all fighters, imprisoning them, torturing them, killing them if need be. The dogs of Power are paid to do so; the laws are made to protect all the crimes of state terrorism, all the crimes of capitalism. Capitalism of all stripes, feeds itself from such situations while populations remains inert, terrified or asleep, ignoring the extent to which their inaction reinforces the entirety of fascism that tries to establish itself everywhere.

We are against all borders, all forms of Power and subordination, against all forms of capitalism. We could appeal for solidarity with these anarchists or with all other anarchists who fight daily around the world for the destruction of this system, for freedom, but we believe that the only way to defend their freedom and their lives is that we all take care over our freedom and our lives. It is about fighting courageously and with dignity against this global tyranny, not making one step back in the face of the advancement of state terrorism. The struggle is multiform, let us advance!

The passion for freedom is stronger than all prisons!

Some anarchists

Lisbon: Intervention for a free public transport

On Wednesday, March 19th, a gathering under the motto “Open your eyes and combat the capitalist fraud! We want free public transport for everyone!” took place in the Campo Grande metro station in Lisbon.

The initial call made by the Lisbon Nucleus of AIT-SP (International Workers’ Association-Portuguese Section) was embraced by many people, as a result of the indignation caused by a joined campaign of the Carris/Lisbon Tramways Company and the Lisbon Metro that urge the passengers to snitch on any free riders, leading every day to the exclusion of more people from the right to mobility, just because they don’t have the money to pay the transport fees that are rising daily. The main slogan of the protest was a reversion of the one used by this campaign, that calls to “open your eyes and combat fraud”.

During the two hours of the gathering, the hundreds of fliers were not enough to distribute to so many hurried passersby. Even so, many were those who stopped and showed their support toward the intervention. The band Ritmos de Resistência (Rhythms of Resistance) joined the action, lifting up the spirit of those present and attracting the attention of more people to the protest. Finally, we all agreed that we wanted to multiply this kind of actions, in favor of a truly public transport, for everybody.

Our thanks to all those who participated in the intervention.


Portugal: Comrade António Ferreira de Jesus passed away

With great sadness we report that on Wednesday, November 6th, our comrade António Ferreira de Jesus passed away. A rebel, a libertarian and a fighter for decades inside prisons, António had recently reached his 73 years, and had only been out of jail for the last year and a half. He had been sick for a period of time, but it is still unclear of what he was suffering.

He died in the house where he lived, and not in the hospital, since he would not go somewhere that felt so much like prison.

For those who were close to him, it was clear that his health was directly affected by the decades of imprisonment, suffering the reprisals that a struggling prisoner faces, and being confronted with the difficulties of adapting to a “free” life, that came already too late.

His funeral will be held on Monday, November 11th, at 14:00 in the city of Portimão, Portugal.

For us, António will always remain an example of resistance and determination in the face of the harshest conditions imposed by the State.

May he now have true freedom.

Health and Anarchy!

António’s comrades