Setúbal, Portugal: 2nd Anniversary Program at À da Maxada (30.03-1.04.2018)

Friday 30.03.2018

10:00 Yoga/Tai-chi (bring your mat)
12:00 Juggling workshop*
13:00 Welding workshop (bring your mask if you have)
15:00 Tattoos session with Ouch Tattoo
16:00 Hoola hoop workshop* (bring hoola hoop if u have)
17:00 DJ workshop
19:00 Circus workshop*
19:00 Ciclo de Cinema Nu Sta Djunto
22:00 Performances
– Hephaistos dreams
– Trash Circus
* = kids-friendly activities

31.03.2018 Saturday

10:00 Yoga/Tai-chi (bring your mat)
12:30 Bio Gas workshop 1st session (bring you container with manure)
– introduction do biodigestion
– assembly of a biodigestor
– charging the biodigestor
– functioning conditions
– safety
14:00 Guitar workshop for beginners* (bring your guitar if you have)
16:00 Hoola hoop workshop* (bring hoola hoop if u have)
16:30 Henna Tattoos*
16:30 Fermentation and ginger beer making workshop (bring sugar, ginger, bottles, jars, sprouts)
17:30 Poetry slam*
19:00 Legal advice session
20:00 PIZZA TIME! (bring ingredients)
22:00 Concerts + after party
* = kids-friendly activities

TK (hip hop, Lourinhã)
Branco (hip hop, Setúbal)
Descubriendo a Mr.Mime (metal/screamo, Spain)
777Negative111 (experimental ambient drone noise, LX)
Dj BPM (grime, resonanceFM, IE)
Naomi (techno, LX)
DJ Kababel (NL)
Dj Crash_01 (Digital Junk/ATNT SS)
Dj Fucking Nice Name 44a di
Dj Amoxymma
Dj Babz 22.99
Dj Haagse Slijper

1.04.2018  Sunday

10:00 Yoga/Tai-chi (bring your mat)
15:00 Free Wi-Fi workshop (bring clean cd or usb stick)
16:00 Concerts:

Didge Vibe (LX)
265 Fusion Experience (jazz fusion, Setúbal)
Mafia Do Caril (hip-hop, Almada)
Ordinary Guest (melting pot ambiental, DJ set, PT)
EVAMUSS (experimental noise, Peru)
Zen Baboon (electro-organic-chillout-uplifting-downtempo, Setúbal)
Freddy Locks (reggae, LX)
Grilowsky (1-man-band)
Phantom (rap anti rap, LX)
Tutti Morti ( live techno set, LX)

NO PARKING!!! Leave your vehicle before the dirt road!!


Á da Maxada – Setúbal