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Kavala, Northern Greece: Counter-demo against inauguration of Nazi offices

On Saturday October 22nd 2016, the Golden Dawn inaugurated their new offices in Kavala in presence of Artemis Matthaiopoulos (one of the many Nazis accused in the trial concerning the murder of Pavlos Fyssas and other cases).

Around 40 antifascists held a counter-demonstration and approached the location of the new offices as much as possible. Four […]

Northern Greece: Fascists pulled out gun during antifascist action in Kavala



Saturday May 21 The Nazi thugs of the town turned up at the 10-day festival of the Technical Institute of Kavala, where they clearly showed their cowardly impulses; they smashed the car […]

London Antifa Solidarity Tour – Financial support of prosecuted comrade in Kavala, Greece

[Kavala, Greece] London Antifa Solidarity Tour / Talk + Social

Saturday December 5th 7pm – 11pm LARC 62 Fieldgate Street London E1 1ES

We will be asking for donations at the door.

London Anti-Fascists are organising a short tour with a comrade from Kavala, Greece to raise awareness and solidarity for their struggle against fascists and state repression.

Anti-fascists […]

Greece: SYRIZA’s offices and radio outlet occupied by anarchists in Kavala

In the morning of March 24th, comrades occupied the ‘102.8 FM Sto Kokkino’ radio station at the SYRIZA’s party offices in the city of Kavala, in solidarity with imprisoned fighters on hunger strike. SYRIZA MP Alexandra Tsanaka made threats against the squatters, stating there’s no reason to occupy the premises, “because no hunger striker has […]

Greece: Banner drop from the Kavala aqueduct, reading “Solidarity with N.Romanos”

Anarchists/anti-authoritarians from Kavala, 2/12/2014

Greece: Antifascist and anti-election action in Kavala

May 10th, 2014

A group of comrades carried out an antifascist and anti-election intervention, sharing out texts in an open-air market and the city centre of Kavala. Shortly afterwards, they became aware of the presence of Goldendawners nearby. Some 20 comrades approached the fascists, started to boo them, chanted antifascist slogans, and also gave them a […]

Kavala, Northern Greece: Antifascist demo on September 21

“Your democracy stinks fascism. Antifa means attack” —banner by the Autonomous Hangout of Kavala and Vyronos 3 squat.

On Saturday, September 21, anarchists and antiauthoritarians called for an antifascist demonstration in the city of Kavala against the programmed inauguration of Golden Dawn local offices on that same evening. Even though the Nazi event […]

Greece: Recent antifascist action

On April 26th, 2013 comrades held their third antifascist motorcycle demo in Kavala:

In the town of Igoumenitsa, neo-Nazis threaten regularly with carrying of weapons, and put up flags of their party to spread their poison in the local community. On May 8th, one such flag of the Chrissi Avgi/Golden Dawn was ripped off by some […]

Northern Greece: Antifascist motorcycle demo in the city of Kavala

On Friday, October 19th an antifascist motorcycle demonstration was completed successfully in Kavala at about 20.30pm. Comrades riding approximately 35 motorbikes carried out this action in solidarity with the arrestees of the Athens antifascist patrol that was attacked on September 30th.

The motorcycle demo passed through central streets and neighbourhoods, chanting antifascist […]

Kavala, northern Greece: Communiqué by anarchists/anti-authoritarians regarding the recent attack on the Autonomous Hangout

We would like to ‘thank’ those who planned and participated in the smashing of our place’s facade, be it the official police or parastatal ‘patriots’. In this way, they confirmed once again that we are annoying for the current regime of poverty, impoverishment and acceleration of fascism.

We have seen an attack such as breaking our […]

From Crete to Kavala, direct actions propagate the workers’ struggle

RISE UP: The message of the ‘Direct Democracy Everywhere’ collectivity in Kavala to the entire society on October 15th, day of global mobilization of citizens

Crete Island: The general assembly of the workers in the Peripheral Unit of Rethymnon decided to occupy the building of the sub region (former prefecture) on October 18th, […]

Fascist arson attack at the self-organized occupied territory Agros and 2 antifascist demos

“Agros, Struggle for Land and Freedom”

Announcement of Agros (Ilion, Athens):

For the third time in a year, a fascist arson attack took place against “Agros” (Agros means literally field).  The fascists broke the front entrance, probably early in the morning of December 1st and after they grouped furniture from […]