Greece: Recent antifascist action

On April 26th, 2013 comrades held their third antifascist motorcycle demo in Kavala:

In the town of Igoumenitsa, neo-Nazis threaten regularly with carrying of weapons, and put up flags of their party to spread their poison in the local community. On May 8th, one such flag of the Chrissi Avgi/Golden Dawn was ripped off by some antifascists who made sure to burn it, and also sent their combative greetings to antifascists in Agrinio.

On April 3rd, 2013 at midday in the centre of Agrinio two members of the Golden Dawn, Spyros Floroskoufis and Giorgos Koutroubas had attacked a 17-year-old antifascist using expandable baton and wooden board with nails.

On May 7th in the hospital of Agrinio some comrades came across Floroskoufis, thug of the Golden Dawn’s local branch, and they immediately attacked this fascist that has already perpetrated numerous racist and parastatal attacks in the region. At round 10 that night the Golden Dawn’s Member of Parliament Konstantinos Barbarousis with his gun in hand as well as Spyros Floroskoufis with at least four other thugs stormed restaurants, bars and cafés in the town in search of antifascists. Once they disturbed and terrified people that were in the shops at the time, they went on to the municipal park, where they began searching with flashlights into the darkness. It is said that for some time the fascists were accompanied by DIAS police motorcycles and a police jeep of the OPKE crime prevention units. All this happened even though it was known, in this rather small town, that already a spontaneous gathering of about 100 antifascists and youths was underway elsewhere, in Dimadi main square.

On May 8th, in response to the bullying of the Golden Dawn’s scum, nearly 150 antifascists held a nighttime demonstration through the main streets of Agrinio, holding a banner that read ‘Fascist Barbarousis is armed and terrorizes people’ and chanting militant slogans.