Fascist arson attack at the self-organized occupied territory Agros and 2 antifascist demos

“Agros, Struggle for Land and Freedom”

Announcement of Agros (Ilion, Athens):

For the third time in a year, a fascist arson attack took place against “Agros” (Agros means literally field).  The fascists broke the front entrance, probably early in the morning of December 1st and after they grouped furniture from the area they threw flammable liquid and set them on fire.  They did not forget to sign with the symbols of their culture on the outer space of the squat, like swastikas, Celtic crosses and slogans against the “unbathed anarchists”. The fire was extinguished some time later by the fire system of the building, while the damage is limited and easily repairable.

We declare to all that “Agros”, is and will be a steady space of resistance against the exploitation of earth and human life, will keep on diffusing projects of self-management and the reappropriation of stolen ground. We carry on in a self-organizing, anti-hierarchical, anti-commercial way, unremittingly against the existent. Naturally this bothers many.

As we have already said:

The seed of a world
which denies submission
is too deep to burn

On Saturday December 4th, starting at 10am we will repair in a collective way the area, and welcome the participation of all in solidarity, that strengthen the project with their presence.

* **

Two different antifascist demonstrations took place on Thursday 2nd of December at Peristeri (Athens) and the city of Kavala (northern Greece).

The dynamic spontaneous antifascist demo at Kavala came one day after the provocative appearance of a new neo-Nazi group in the city. The demo that started around 18.30 lasted for an hour. Along the antifascist slogans were also shouted slogans against the IMF, the state repression and in solidarity with the political prisoners.