From Crete to Kavala, direct actions propagate the workers’ struggle

RISE UP: The message of the ‘Direct Democracy Everywhere’ collectivity in Kavala to the entire society on October 15th, day of global mobilization of citizens

Crete Island: The general assembly of the workers in the Peripheral Unit of Rethymnon decided to occupy the building of the sub region (former prefecture) on October 18th, to coordinate their actions with employees in regions across the country.

Vyronas, Athens: Early in the morning of Thursday, October 18th, the branches of Eurobank, Agrotiki Bank, Proton Bank, Hellenic Postbank and Millenium Bank that are located in Kolokotroni Street, were ‘reformed’ by a group of anarchists who threw colours on facades, signboards and ATMs. In their claim of responsibility, the anarchist group points out: ‘… on the verge of a 48hour general strike we chose to attack the branches of local loan sharks, thus giving a simple and understandable response to the oppressors of our lives.’

Kavala, northern Greece: The premises of the Labour Centre are under occupation since the afternoon of October 18th. The occupiers have released an announcement in which they demand the immediate resignation of the leaderships of the two sold-out unions GSSE and ADEDY, and make an open call to all workers and unemployed to organize general assemblies ‘from below’. A general assembly of workers will be held on Wednesday after the end of the demo, while the building of the Labour Center will serve as a counter-information centre where also screenings and collective kitchens will be held during the two days of the general strike.