Greece: Antifascist and anti-election action in Kavala

May 10th, 2014

A group of comrades carried out an antifascist and anti-election intervention, sharing out texts in an open-air market and the city centre of Kavala. Shortly afterwards, they became aware of the presence of Goldendawners nearby. Some 20 comrades approached the fascists, started to boo them, chanted antifascist slogans, and also gave them a few slaps. The fascist scum literally hid themselves inside the police station (located only 50 meters away from the place where the confrontation occurred), where the cops harboured them. Later on, the Nazis tried to return to the Golden Dawn’s offices escorted by police forces, but the comrades blocked their way, so they had to slip into the police station once again, together with their voters in uniform. People have remained alert to the presence of fascists in neighbourhoods.

Neither in Kavala, nor anywhere. Bash the fash, everywhere.