Northern Greece: Fascists pulled out gun during antifascist action in Kavala



Saturday May 21 The Nazi thugs of the town turned up at the 10-day festival of the Technical Institute of Kavala, where they clearly showed their cowardly impulses; they smashed the car of the girlfriend of the one of the two targeted antifascist comrades who were attending the festival. They immediately disappeared, as they were unlucky to have been spotted during their brave act by many eye-witnesses, who happened to pass by the parking lot just then.

Sunday May 22 While the two targeted antifascists were attending the 10-day festival, four fascist scum were spotted by antifascists at the port of Kavala. Both the fascists and their vehicles took the lesson they deserved. As genuine cowards, being unable to cope with the price of their fascist actions, one of them shamelessly pulled out a gun while fleeing the scene and after shooting in the air, pointed his gun towards the antifascists, who instantly stopped. Of course, the sick fascist delirium didn’t end there, as they caught and severely beat one female antifascist, who did not hesitate to confront the cowards on her own. They put the gun on her head and were kicking her while she was lying unconscious on the ground. [She is doing well now.] As some antifascists rushed towards her to help, two of the four fascists (Triantafyllos Alexandridis and Andreas Rigoulis) were retreating -being betrayed by the other two fascists- and were shouting “from now on with guns”, while showing off the gun.

This is of course the result of the doubtless cooperation and similarity between the police and the right-wing scum and the full knowledge of the police regarding the fascists’ everyday walkabouts with knives, guns and anything else that stimulates their anorgasmic penis. Therefore, due to all these that interconnect the cops, the misanthropists and the rats, there was a heavy police presence in the town within the next hour. Cops in various parts of the town, from the Technical Institute to the port, made continuous checks on anything suspicious (possibly antifascist) was moving. Allowing of course their far-right hands (the fascists) to roam the streets freely and pompously, searching for antifascists, clearly taking over the para-state role of the cops.

The antifascists stood guard around the squat and then regrouped and launched a feisty protest with strong antifascist pulse directed towards the town-center, looking with rage for the Nazi bastards who had already been informed by the rat-cops for the presence of the anti-fascist bloc in the town-center, thus turning the hunt for fascists to a hide and seek. The march headed to the police department jeering by all means at the panicked cops, who desperately attempted to deny their responsibility for prompting and harboring the fascist gangs of the town. The march returned to the Vyronos 3 squat and the antifascists once again stood guard.

Within half an hour the fascist scum Triantafyllos Alexandridis and Andreas Rigoulis moved around the area of the squat with the car of the latter, which is declared as a vehicle for disabled for his father who is using a wheelchair; and which, without any hesitation his neo-Nazi son is constantly using for their fascist attacks.

[It needs to be pointed out that the above mentioned father (Rigoulis’ father), the day that Kasidiaris -Golden Dawn MP- had organized a hate speech in the Hotel Galaxy in Kavala, was next to the cops that were preventing the antifascist bloc to move towards the hotel which hosted the representatives of the neo-Nazi party, of the murderers of Pavlos Fyssas. That day, despite the fact that all the town’s fascists call themselves pure patriots and are trying at all costs to convince us that they have nothing to do with political parties, specifically with Golden Dawn, published online footage of the event show Triantafyllos Alexandridis, Andreas Rigoulis and Kostas Tonios (one of the key founding members of the newly formed far-right party L.E.P.E.N. and one of the 13 plaintiffs of the two targeted anti-fascists), were all there to hear the speech of the murderers’ henchman, skillfully trying to hide behind other participants so as not to be recorded by the cameras.]

As the Nazis moved around the guarded area of the squat, they got noticed by the antifascists who called them to approach. As expected, they arrived at a safe distance from the squat and the group that was guarding the place and then the coward filth Triantafyllos Alexandridis went out of the car and provoked the antifascists to go towards him. Of course, the antifascists instantly moved towards him, which resulted in him quickly getting into the car and rapidly fleeing, a skill in which they have real competence and experience.

Tuesday May 24 Antifascists carried out a feisty march in town’s centre. Around 50 antifascists distributed leaflets describing the events mentioned above and incessantly shouting antifascist slogans. The police department was in the route of the march, where the cops were once again jeered at. The cops held a cautious attitude, standing inside the entrance of the department, with their gear on. The march ended at the squat and leaflets were distributed to the neighboring blocks of flats, in order for the events and the reason of the march to be made known.

Wednesday May 25 Around 100 antifascists gathered at Faliro Park and informed the people that were there about the fascist attacks that took place in Kavala the last few days. Comrades hung a banner at a spot in the park where it could be visible from the main road, distributed leaflets and were chanting antifascist slogans. Early on, police forces roamed the town, with two riot squads at the Golden Dawn offices, the DIAS motorbikes at the Vironas neighborhood where the new Roupakiases (Roupakias is the Nazi Golden Dawn murderer of Pavlos Fyssas) of the town live and of course all the plainclothes cops of Kavala searching through the town centre, focusing on Faliro Park and the neighborhood around the squat.

Naturally, plainclothes cops could not be missing from the Park where the antifascists were gathered; these plainclothes cops, equally coward with their neo-Nazi minions, came at the park with their daughters and sons to nose around, while pushing their kids on the swings, 5 meters away from the gathered crowd. Out of respect for the children that are not responsible for the shamelessness of their cop-dads, comrades decided not to jeer at them.

After an hour the antifascists took the main road over the park and the march started, heading towards the neighbourhood where the two Nazis live (Triantafyllos Alexandridis and Andreas Rigoulis). Throughout the duration of the march, riot cops, motorbike cops (DIAS team) and plainclothes cops were following. In general, the whole police force of Kavala and anything they managed to bring over from neighboring towns was present.

The march was vibrant, antifascist and anti-cop slogans were chanted continuously and comrades were informing the neighborhood about the new Roupakiases they have in their area and the fact that the cops not only concealed the threat with a gun, but also that all this took place under their protection.

The cops followed the march up until it ended at Vyronos 3 squat, keeping less than 20 metres distance from the antifascists and provoking them with their ironic comments and smiles.

When the march arrived at the road just below the squat, the antifascists stopped and shut the road to the cops, making it clear to them that they should make a u-turn and leave. Especially when residents of the area started coming out on the balconies and were being informed of the events and the reason of the march, the cops left completely irritated. Such dissatisfaction on the part of the cops was evident every time the march stopped and informed the neighborhoods.


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