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London: Latest communique by Squatters and Homeless Autonomy (SHA)

Received November 14th:

Against Apolitical Squatting

Coming to Terms

In Camden, an eight-month squat is evicted by pigs and three are arrested under Section 144, the 2012 ban on residential squatting. A man in a SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SQUAT t-shirt waits for NELSN to forward a text. Two arrive from a council-estate squat […]

Berlin: A small response for yesterday…

In the late hours of June 24th, we smashed the windows on the ground floor of a new luxury building in Simplon Street, as a (much too) small response to the fucking eviction.

Those who are exploitable under capitalism may have a place in the capitalist city, but all others – whether homeless or refugees […]

Athens: Responsibility claim for attack at Sioufas & Associates Law Firm (legal debt collection agency)

We are at a juncture where the State and the bosses have launched an outright attack on the poor and oppressed. Impoverishing our lives and condemning us to destitution, Power aims to control every aspect of our everyday life. We are experiencing in our own skin the breakdown of public healthcare and education, layoffs […]

Wales: Cardiff militants act in solidarity with comrades in France

Several Cardiff militant activists came together on the 18th December to show solidarity with the call-out for international solidarity with Human Rights Day demonstrations in France and beyond North-West Europe on the 10th of December, and December demonstrations continuing at the ZAD (near Nantes, Loire-Atlantique) and in major French cities as part of […]

Yekaterinburg, Russia: Solidarity action with Delta squat, comrade Gustavo Quiroga and all other anarchists in Greece

Freedom for comrade Gustavo Quiroga González

On November 18th, comrades in Yekaterinburg carried out an action for the Food Not Bombs campaign that they dedicated to anarchists from Delta squat, in Thessaloniki, as a token of international solidarity.

Here follows a raw translation of brief excerpts from their communiqué: “When people commit […]

Bogotá, Colombia: Solidarity action with displaced squatters

No more urban speculation – No more ruined and empty houses

On Friday, October 5th, 2012, in a day of solidarity with displaced squatters in Bogotá, approximately 25 people gathered from 12.00 to 2.30pm in front of a squatted residential building at the corner of 47th street and 7th avenue, in order to publicly […]

Athens: Responsibility claim for arson on the headquarters of Trastor real estate investment company


We are witnessing the most extreme contradictions that are born and die in this shit-world. While the calculators of sorcerer’s apprentices of economic statistics are counting 23,000 dead in Syria, billions of people are watching besotted the London Olympic Games; the distance between the Olympic and the ‘practical’ […]

Rio de Janeiro: Genocide and Spectacle (pdf)

Genocide and Spectacle

An anarchist reflection on the current context in Rio de Janeiro, the operation Shock of Order, and the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil


Athens, May 17th: Strengthening reciprocal solidarity


On Thursday, May 17th, members of the translation counter-information network Contra Info, continuing an effort to strengthen international and reciprocal solidarity, raised banners on five different locations in the area of Exarchia, downtown Athens.

Beat the scabs up – Solidarity with comrade David Lamarte in Uruguay

At the […]

Athens: Update on the detained immigrant student after the eviction of Valtetsiou housing project

As we reported, on April 20th cops raided the squatted building οn 60, Valtetsiou Street in Exarchia (property of the state-run ‘Social Insurance Institute’–IKA). Three persons were arrested during this eviction. They were kept at a police station, brought before prosecutor (accused of illegal entry), and two of them were finally released. The third person, […]

Rio de Janeiro: A new anarchist organization has been created

“Freedom without socialism is privilege and injustice; socialism without freedom is slavery and brutality.“ Mikhail Bakunin

December 2011: After the third eviction of the residents’ collective of the Ocupação Sem-teto Guerreiro Urbano (Homeless Urban Fighter Occupation ), in the Santa Teresa neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, anarchist fighters started to gather and debate on the […]

Greece: 41-year-old anarchist remanded in custody, accused of arsons in the city of Trikala

On Tuesday, April 10th, at 8pm, a PA’s gathering will be held in Rigas Fereos Square, organized by the anarchist group ‘Pyrakanthos’ in solidarity with Evangelos K., who is remanded in custody accused of involvement in the incendiary devices’ case in Trikala. Already prior to his pretrial detention, the cops tortured him in detention rooms, […]

Belarus: Detentions and prosecutions against the initiative ‘Food Not Bombs’ in Minsk

From the first months of the initiative ‘Food Not Bombs’ in Minsk, the participants were faced with police attention. Initially, these ‘encounters’ were irregular and probably coincidental. But since the end of 2009 the police was deliberately attending food distribution. ABC Belarus collected references to these situations from open sources, describing only part of all […]

Brazil: Let the underwear of domination burn

A picture is worth a thousand words. Nonetheless, after seeing this disgusting sexist frivolity, designed by advertising agents for the lingerie and underwear brand ‘Duloren’, we chose not to remain quiet. The company is based in Brazil and has representatives in the US and Japan, but also sells its products through Telemarketing. Obviously, […]

Germany: First statement by a new squat in Cologne

On March 2nd, 2012, we squatted an abandoned building at Deutz-Mülheimer Street in Cologne, near the old industrial complex of the KHD group of companies, where we want to develop a collective; that is a group of people who wish to live and work together without leaders. The squat is a place for both […]

Brazil: Brief notes on an ongoing social war

On Monday, February 27th, the prosecuting authorities of Rio de Janeiro attempted to intimidate activists associated with the wider social movement against the increase in public transportation fares. Specifically, political activists were summoned to appear in the 76th police department of Rio de Janeiro, after circulating a video via Internet which propagated the ideas of […]

Athens: ‘I was looking for you in the night, and I was burning with fire’

thoughts on recent events in Athens from random personal blog

Last night, February 12th, in front of a bank that was burning with an eerie blue flame, an old man was standing with a national flag on his shoulder, while his closest relative was taking pictures of him. Perhaps he’ll hang the photo […]

Thessaloniki: Communiqué by Orfanotrofio squat

This is a first text written by the squatters –urgent diffusion asked Ownership transition of Orfanotrofio squat, from the Ministry of Health to the Holy Metropolis of Thessaloniki (head of the Greek Orthodox Church in the city)

On January 31st a decision made by the Ministry of Health was posted on the governmental website […]

Athens: Homeless people evicted from a municipal building

On Monday, February 6th, 2012, a very cold night under heavy rain, hail and strong wind, seven homeless people approached the municipal building of the closed gym in the neighbourhood of Rouf to spend the night. Among them was a pregnant woman who was not feeling well at all.

The City of Athens threw […]

Brazil: The ‘Land of the Drizzle’ mourns victims

Are you a random tourist, a businessperson or a sports fan? Have your local travel agencies ever mentioned that Brazil has it all? And has anyone suggested that you ought to check out Brazilian attractions? Should you pick eco tours in the Amazon rainforest of missing tribes, or street parades in the annual […]

Athens: Casting out the ‘human garbage’

Banner of immigrant street vendors: WE WILL NOT LIVE LIKE HUNTED ANIMALS

Here we highlight some of the most recent attacks against the most vulnerable parts of Greek society. These are only a few of the cases that occur daily in the city of Athens; the birthplace of ‘culture and democracy’, as the travel […]