Yekaterinburg, Russia: Solidarity action with Delta squat, comrade Gustavo Quiroga and all other anarchists in Greece

Freedom for comrade Gustavo Quiroga González

On November 18th, comrades in Yekaterinburg carried out an action for the Food Not Bombs campaign that they dedicated to anarchists from Delta squat, in Thessaloniki, as a token of international solidarity.

Here follows a raw translation of brief excerpts from their communiqué:

“When people commit suicide due to poverty in Greece, when homeless people die every winter, empty buildings in the centre of the second largest city of the country look like a farce. In a country devastated by the crisis, there will be no money to invest to the evicted building, so it will stand empty and decaying, guarded by police units who protect the premises from evil anarchists. At such times, it becomes clear that the junta never disappeared. The facade of Greek democracy collapsed, and we see a totalitarian dictatorship in it. (…)

We wish our mates in Greece, in the face of all existing difficulties, never to give up but rather to continue the fight against the Greek State, which is the only terrorist. We hope we’ll meet again, when the red-black flag will fly over a free Greece and Russia.”


In the early days of November 2012, anarchist immigrant Gustavo Quiroga (detained since the eviction of Delta squat, on 12/9) was moved to the Attica Aliens Division (deportation centre in Athens). On November 4th, he was deported to Colombia.

At least now the comrade is out of prison, and despite all that happened, he is doing relatively well. We send him all our strength and unconditional support… until we meet again.