Rio de Janeiro: A new anarchist organization has been created

Freedom without socialism is privilege and injustice; socialism without freedom is slavery and brutality.
Mikhail Bakunin

December 2011: After the third eviction of the residents’ collective of the Ocupação Sem-teto Guerreiro Urbano (Homeless Urban Fighter Occupation ), in the Santa Teresa neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, anarchist fighters started to gather and debate on the construction of a political organization, specifically anarchist, which would reunite the anarchist comrades who are active in the popular, student, and syndicalist movement. Baptized in steel and night, we have been living the last years faced with imprisonments, evictions, repression and cowards, thus we have decided to organize ourselves. A life counted in terms of death is not the life we want; we also refuse to shut our mouth whenever we hear beatings, shootings at the doors of houses, our people starving to death, the sound of bullets and cops. We never stop; they’ll have to cut off our hands or pluck out our eyes. Every comrade killed, every comrade in prison, every house demolished; this is the strength and fire with which we arm ourselves day ‘n’ night. We are on fire: hearts full of stones and life.

Constructing and defending an organization on a national and international level, reuniting the anarchist militancy that is present in the various fronts of the working class, is a necessity for us who defend a socialist revolution, based on direct action and the autonomous popular organization. Without this organization we are incapable to resist the State, defend our ideas, spread anarchism, just like life is spreading when the water wets the leaves. Elaborated as an anarchist organization’s platform, addressed to revolutionary militants who are active in the social movement, we seek to present a token of our concept of anarchism, of anarchist organization, because we believe it is essential, and we want to make a war machine out of it, capable to reinforce and foment the struggles against capitalism, the State and all forms of oppression.

For all those interested to know more about the new anarchist organization, Terra e Libertad (Land and Freedom), a new blog under construction can be reached here.