Athens: Responsibility claim for attack at Sioufas & Associates Law Firm (legal debt collection agency)

We are at a juncture where the State and the bosses have launched an outright attack on the poor and oppressed. Impoverishing our lives and condemning us to destitution, Power aims to control every aspect of our everyday life. We are experiencing in our own skin the breakdown of public healthcare and education, layoffs and wage cuts, tax-robbery raids and militarization of repression. In addition to this slippery slope, the presumed “sacred” capitalist right of home ownership has also been brought into question. But when capitalists speak of property, they refer to the ownership of the means of production, which according to them should be in the hands of a few. This is what they mean when they baptize one’s residence as an investment.

A significant cog in this concentration process of the “residential investment” in the hands of a few is every debt collection agency —and we don’t give a damn if they’re legal or illegal. These companies are extorting and terrorizing people, and they issue orders for payment forcing debtors to mortgage their homes. What follows are the auctions. The largest firm of this kind (in Greece) belongs to the family of Dimitris Sioufas, ex minister and former Greek Parliament speaker. Besides, how could the country’s political personnel be absent from this lucrative, parasitic business?

On Tuesday afternoon, December 10, 2013, we chose to attack the headquarters of the aforementioned firm, which is located on 7, Eikostis Pemptis Martiou street in the district of Tavros (Athens). Apart from its obvious political symbolism, our attack is also a praxis of dignity, of social and class solidarity; an act of resistance by, and for, all of us who experience everyday violence of the bosses; an action which is part of our total struggle against the State and the Capital.

We do not forget the thousands of our fellow human beings who bent under the weight of the statist and capitalist barbarity, and were driven to suicide. We do not forgive any of those who have contributed to this outcome.

We raise our fists in comradeship with those who continue to fight for Social Revolution inside and outside the prison cells of “democracy”.

Anarchist men – Anarchist women

PS1: It was a political choice to not come into conflict with the firm’s employees. We understand the coercive condition that may have driven them to this type of work, but we cannot be blind to the fact that they have assumed a specific role in the onslaught launched against our class. What they deserve is social scorn and isolation.

PS2: For us, houses belong to those who live there, covering their basic needs without any sense of ownership. To make ourselves clear, we are only interested to see the homes of small proprietors saved.