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Vienna, Austria: Poster – Fire into the hearts!

…a small, timeless poster for distributing yourself.

They restrict our free movement on the Earth’s surface by closing the borders. They restrict our free movement in the streets by steadily chasing the cops after us. And after all that we already had to suffer, they even expect us to be friendly and to negotiate with the State quietly for some crumbles?
Fucking Shit! If you have a statesman in front of you, you don’t shake his head, you spit in his face!

Solidarity with all the rebels!
Fire into the hearts!

Exarchia: Flyposting for anarchist Sean Swain, incarcerated in US prisons

Constantly inspired by Sean’s words and his stance against prisoncrats, constantly feeling the warmth of his rebellion, on November 21st 2016 we pasted posters in the neighborhood of Exarchia (downtown Athens) that read:

“And we attack, wherever we are, whatever our situation, until we get the world we deserve. We’re not going to vote them out or petition them out or protest them out or sue them out.”

Uncompromising complicity with indomitable anarchist Sean Swain, still held captive in Ohio prisons in the US


in Greek

[Greece] Solidarity with the anarchists accused of bank robberies in Aachen

Poster & flyer in Greek, spread in Athens & Patras.

with the anarchists accused of bank robberies in Germany

In July 2015 a Dutch comrade was arrested at the Greek-Bulgarian border. There was an international warrant against her coming from Germany, where she is suspected to have participated in a bank robbery in Aachen in 2013. After a short preventive release she finds herself now in the prison of Köln awaiting trial. In April 2016 another comrade got arrested in Barcelona, on the order of the same German investigation judge, on the suspicion of participation in another bank robbery in the city of Aachen in 2014. In June yet another comrade got arrested in Barcelona on suspicion of participation in this same bank robbery. Shortly after their arrest the two comrades were deported to Germany, a date for their trial is not yet set. The trial in which the Dutch comrade is accused will start on the 4th of November. The main ‘incriminating evidence’ in both robbery cases would consist of DNA samples found on movable objects in or near the targeted banks.

This trial, and the trials to come, will be but masquerades. Because we already know, and always have known, the judgment of the state concerning all those who actively oppose it and the kind of society it defends so eagerly. They will be called criminals, or if it suits better the times, terrorists… But it’s the state and its courts which are the terrorists. Terrorizing people always more and more in a reality which is becoming a true dictatorship of money and control. Continuously inventing more laws, pushing more technologies, gathering more tools to oppress anyone who revolts conscientiously against the daily misery, or those who are simply of no value to the system. Backed up by the indifference of many, they prosecute in the courts, bury alive in the prisons, kill at the borders or in the streets of the cities those who hold dear their dignity and decide to not be a slave of the daily routine.

We are in solidarity with the anarchists facing trials in Germany, and all those choosing paths of freedom instead of the submission and boredom which are forced upon us by this existent, its courts and its cops, its infrastructures of control, its moral and its perspectives.

Let’s put this solidarity in practice by attacking what makes it possible that history repeats itself over and over again. From the politicians, the judges and the media who maintain the prison we are living in today, to the architects which are designing the prisons of tomorrow from behind their desks, to the laboratories of technological ‘progress’ in which a control is being developed that goes beyond imagination for decades to come…

Solidarity – Freedom
Sabotage the prison society

Updates about the cases (in English, German, Spanish & Dutch): solidariteit.noblogs.org

Austria: Poster in solidarity with the US prison strike as contribution to a global Week of Action

The poster „Against Prison! Against Slavery!“ is a small contribution from anarchists in Austria to the global Week of Action from 15th to 22nd October.

We send our solidarity to all prison rebels!
Strength to the striking prisoners in the US and beyond!

Text from the poster:


Every institution that tries to turn us into oppressed or handcuffed slaves are our enemy: fascism, patriarchy, authority, borders, the state and the capital!

Against Prison! Against Slavery!

Prison was created by a social order based on domination and exploitation. The aim is to create a structure to segregate, repress and confine all undesirables. Until today the bosses make capital with forced labor in prisons, and control is increasing with little difficulty, while the politicians speak about liberty, equality and democracy.

Oppression, subtle and violent, is always inherent in a capitalist society. Acceptance of a miserable life among the exploited and oppressed makes capitalist production possible. An anti-nationalist consciousness, the rejection of democratic dictatorship and the fight against every polluted aspect of life is therefore vital.

The starting point for truly explosive struggles is taking position, attacking the exploitation machinery, exposing cannibalistic governments, destroying militarized borders, intensifying social conflicts and building fertile structures for anarchist and non-anarchist people with common enemies and common targets on a global scale.

Given that it is not a revolutionary tactic to spread fairy tales, we can’t just talk about getting away from it all. We must position ourselves along lines of various anarchist tendencies. The struggle we want to intensify includes revolutionary attacks and armed resistance. Above all we express our solidarity with anarchist and rebellious prisoners through attacks for the total destruction of prisons and the prison society!



in German

Komotini, Greece: Banner and flyposting in solidarity with Biblioteca KAOS in Brazil

Biblioteca KAOS is threatened with eviction on August 4th 2016. The anarchist squat Utopia A.D. hung a banner and put up posters in the city of Komotini, in a minimum display of solidarity with the companheirxs in Porto Alegre.

Solidarity with the anarchist squat Biblioteca KAOS in Brazil!
Conflict is the only answer!

Flyposting by Utopia A.D. in Komotini in solidarity with Biblioteca KAOS in Porto Alegre, that’s threatened with eviction; also ‘Fuck Nations Squat the World’ postering in solidarity with the heavily repressed squatters in Thessaloniki.

in Portuguese & German

Volos, Greece: June 11th flyposting

In the context of June 11th, international day of solidarity with anarchist prisoners, the Assembly of Anarchists for the Solidarity Inside and Outside the Walls pasted large posters across the city of Volos (central Greece).

Click images to read the slogans (in English & Greek).


Strength to the imprisoned members of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – No prosecution against relatives of political prisoners – Revolutionary action will walk over Asimina Yfanti [the judge who presides over the CCF escape case trial] and every judge – June 11th, International day of solidarity with anarchist prisoners

via Athens IMC

Euskal Herria: Postering in solidarity with Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar

These posters were pasted in various locations of the Basque Country in solidarity with anarchist prisoners Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, who are facing trial in Madrid from 8th to 10th March 2016.

Let’s put our minds, hearts and hands to work to give meaning to the word Solidarity.

Now more than ever: tear down the prisons, freedom for Mónica and Francisco!

Death to the State and long live Anarchy!

Philadelphia, USA: Solidarity to the ZAD of Notre-Dame-Des-Landes

Received February 27th:

Today, February 27, we put up posters in downtown Philadelphia in response to the call for a general mobilization against the airport project in Notre Dame Des Landes. The posters explain what the ZAD is and the struggle against the airport. We mostly put posters up on LAZ parking lots and structures. LAZ is owned by Vinci, the same company responsible for building the airport in Notre Dame Des Landes.

Against the Airport and its World!

[Greece & beyond] Poster pasted in several cities


To get to know each other, loot the displays of abundance, occupy schools, universities and city halls, spread the message of rebellion, place incendiary devices against fascists and bosses, blow up houses of politicians, throw Molotov cocktails at cops, tag the walls with slogans, sabotage the smooth flow of merchandise amid Christmas…
To paint on the ugly buildings of banks, police stations, multinationals, military camps, television studios, courts, churches, charitable corporate groups with ashes.

anarchists inside–outside the walls
for a Black December




Volos, Greece: Flyposting in solidarity with hunger striker Evi Statiri

The ‘Assembly of anarchists for the solidarity Inside and Outside the walls’ pasted posters on two central buildings of Volos (central Greece), reading:

When the Power fail to make subversive prisoners bow down to them, they target their close and supportive environment, seeking to punish what goes beyond the polarity between innocence and guilt: solidarity.

A couple more photos & Spanish here.

Melbourne, Australia: Graffiti & flyer action for the comrades in Chile

11.05.15: Graffiti & flyer action in the inner-city suburbs of Melbourne for the anarchist comrades facing repression inside the dungeons of the Chilean state. Slogans sprayed for Nataly, Juan and Guillermo – on hunger strike since April 13th-14th – and for Tamara Sol Vergara and Natalia Tato Collado. Flyers pasted about the case of Tamara Sol Vergara and the hunger strike of Nataly, Juan & Guillermo.

Subversive Tagging & Propaganda Cell

in French, Spanish, Greek, Italian

Basel, Switzerland: Solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike

Solidarity with the hunger striking prisoners in Greece – Fire to the prisons!
Solidarity with the hunger striking prisoners in Greece – For the revolt (A) against the State – Fire to the prisons!

As a small contribution to the International Day of Action for the Hunger strikers in Greek Prisons we put up this banner and pasted these posters.

Fire to the Prisons!

in German, Greek

Madrid: Solidarity with hunger strikers in Greece

On Sunday, March 8th 2015, we carried out a small act of counter-information in solidarity with the comrades on hunger strike.

We placed a banner in the central square of Tirso de Molina (Madrid) with the slogan: “SYRIZA maintains special prisons of isolation; solidarity with prisoners on hunger strike” along with some posters of the communiqué by the Network of Imprisoned Fighters (DAK) that have initiated hunger strike.

No government will give us freedom; only struggle will set us free.

Long live Anarchy!

Athens: Poster in Exarchia, in solidarity with Revolutionary Struggle members Pola Roupa and Nikos Maziotis

Come play with me.
I will hand my queen over to you.
(She was once my loved one
now I don’t have a loved one anymore.)
I will hand my rooks over to you
(now I don’t shoot at my friends anymore
they died a long time ago, before I ever did)
And this king was never mine
and what do I need all these pawns for?
(they go right ahead, blind, without dreams to speak of)
All of them, I’ll give all of my knights to you
I’ll just keep this fou of mine
who knows how to go to one colour only
jumping from one edge to the other
laughing at the many armors you have
taking over your lines all of a sudden
agitating your unyielding deployments.

And this game shall have no end.

Manolis Anagnostakis


Athens: Graffiti and flyposting in solidarity with prisoners of anarchist war worldwide

“Strength to comrade José Miguel Sánchez Jiménez, on hunger strike since the 27th of November 2013 – Fire to the prisons!” (José Miguel is incarcerated for nearly two decades in Chile)
“Freedom for Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, solidarity with Valeria Giacomoni, Gerardo Formoso and Rocío Yune, accused of attacks claimed by the Insurrectional Commando Mateo Morral” (in Spain)
“Solidarity with Marcelo Villarroel, Juan Aliste Vega and Freddy Fuentevilla, prosecuted for the ‘Security’ Case” (imprisoned in Chile)
“We stand beside the comrades Marcelo Villarroel, Juan Aliste Vega and Freddy Fuentevilla, who are remanded in Chile, accused in the ‘Caso Security’ (a bank robbery case, including charges for executing a cop) – Anarchists for the Dispersion of Chaos”
“Solidarity with anarchists Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai” (imprisoned in Italy)
“«You are chasing a ghost that you cannot lock up in the cramped boxes of your judicial codes. This is because it manifests itself at the instant in which the destructive tensions of those who animate it come together to act, at the moment when free women and men decide to experience anarchy concretely» —Nicola Gai. ~ We stand beside our anarchist comrades Nicola Gai and Alfredo Cospito, Olga Cell FAI/FRI members who assumed responsibility for the shooting of Roberto Adinolfi, chief executive of nuclear power firm. Lone wolves are not alone. For black anarchy and rage towards destruction – Anarchists for the Dispersion of Chaos”
“Prisoners to the streets!”

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Greece: Immediate release of anarchist Kostas Sakkas, on hunger strike since the 4th of June

“In Greece, Turkey, Brazil… struggle with body and soul until social liberation” (banner from the large demo in downtown Athens, on the 29th of June, in solidarity with the comrade)

Friday the 5th of July: Call for motorcycle demonstration to the General State Hospital of Nikaia, in Piraeus, where the hunger striker is still held on remand (awaiting response to his second motion for release)

Gathering at Propylaea (Panepistimiou Street, Athens), by 18.00
Solidarity rally at the General State Hospital of Nikaia by 19.30

Below are only few among gestures in Greece and Cyprus in solidarity with the anarchist prisoner.


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Santiago, $hile: Memory and combat

This Sunday, February 3rd, we came out on the street in force to broadcast onto one of the walls of the CSO (Squatted Social Centre) Sacco y Vanzetti so that we keep alive the memory and that no space will die in a bastardized judicial archive; memory as a weapon is realized from the streets and in each everyday action. This action is a response to the international call-out for a Black February and to recall that the past month of January we commemorated one more year of the construction of a space that pointed to Power and its lackeys.

We make a call-out so that this month we may support squatted and autonomous spaces in every corner of the world, and encourage comrades to continue to open up spaces where anarchy is germinated and propagated as well as the anti-authoritarian idea and practice.

Some Anarchist Individualities


An irreducible salute to comrades in prison or escape
within the social war of this world

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