[Greece] Solidarity with the anarchists accused of bank robberies in Aachen

Poster & flyer in Greek, spread in Athens & Patras.

with the anarchists accused of bank robberies in Germany

In July 2015 a Dutch comrade was arrested at the Greek-Bulgarian border. There was an international warrant against her coming from Germany, where she is suspected to have participated in a bank robbery in Aachen in 2013. After a short preventive release she finds herself now in the prison of Köln awaiting trial. In April 2016 another comrade got arrested in Barcelona, on the order of the same German investigation judge, on the suspicion of participation in another bank robbery in the city of Aachen in 2014. In June yet another comrade got arrested in Barcelona on suspicion of participation in this same bank robbery. Shortly after their arrest the two comrades were deported to Germany, a date for their trial is not yet set. The trial in which the Dutch comrade is accused will start on the 4th of November. The main ‘incriminating evidence’ in both robbery cases would consist of DNA samples found on movable objects in or near the targeted banks.

This trial, and the trials to come, will be but masquerades. Because we already know, and always have known, the judgment of the state concerning all those who actively oppose it and the kind of society it defends so eagerly. They will be called criminals, or if it suits better the times, terrorists… But it’s the state and its courts which are the terrorists. Terrorizing people always more and more in a reality which is becoming a true dictatorship of money and control. Continuously inventing more laws, pushing more technologies, gathering more tools to oppress anyone who revolts conscientiously against the daily misery, or those who are simply of no value to the system. Backed up by the indifference of many, they prosecute in the courts, bury alive in the prisons, kill at the borders or in the streets of the cities those who hold dear their dignity and decide to not be a slave of the daily routine.

We are in solidarity with the anarchists facing trials in Germany, and all those choosing paths of freedom instead of the submission and boredom which are forced upon us by this existent, its courts and its cops, its infrastructures of control, its moral and its perspectives.

Let’s put this solidarity in practice by attacking what makes it possible that history repeats itself over and over again. From the politicians, the judges and the media who maintain the prison we are living in today, to the architects which are designing the prisons of tomorrow from behind their desks, to the laboratories of technological ‘progress’ in which a control is being developed that goes beyond imagination for decades to come…

Solidarity – Freedom
Sabotage the prison society

Updates about the cases (in English, German, Spanish & Dutch): solidariteit.noblogs.org