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Darmstadt, Germany: Solidarity demo for anarchists and squatters in Greece

For many people in Greece the living conditions are dramatic, with high unemployment rate, massive austerity measures, cuts in pensions, forced evictions, along with the privatization of important infrastructure. The social and healthcare system has collapsed, while many people can no longer afford to buy food, let alone essential medicines.

Social centres – houses […]

Spain: Report on the protests on September 3rd in the Madrid Autonomous University

Story of a clear defiance played out before our eyes. Esperanza, why are you hiding? (How direct action and struggle is the only way forward.)

September 3rd. Inaugural ceremony of the academic year at the School of Medicine of the Madrid Autonomous University (UAM). The ceremony is annually attended by a who’s who […]

Greece: Struggle for survival and dignity in Corinth prisons

Lately (during the last three months) there has been an intense problem with food supply in Corinth prisons, where 84 inmates are obliged to live under circumstances incompatible with any notion of human dignity. Specifically (and according to information confirmed even by the prison administration), the inmates are literally malnourished ever since the nearby military […]

Turkey: Solidarity call from the collectivities DAF, LAF, 26A and PAYDA for the worldwide general strikes on 29-30-31 of March

The time is now!

Capitalism exists on the one hand by directly targeting people, going as far as to murder them, and on the other hand by making people’s everyday lives much harder. While unleashing this torture, especially in the field of social policies, the State’s pseudo-lawful authority can be felt on individuals.


Spain: General strike demonstrations on March 29th

against the aggression of the rich and their politicians: self-defense

Protests and demonstrations across Spain began in the early hours of Thursday, March 29th, in the first general strike since 2010. In almost all major cities pickets were held ahead of demos (an estimated 111 demos across the country), whose objectives was […]

Valencia, Spain: Direct actions for the student mobilizations, in response to repression

On Monday night, February 27th, various actions were carried out in the city of Valencia: – Burning of 2 ATMs located in the university campus – Discarding an ATM by using a cement block – Burning of a tram stop

We undertook these actions because of the situation we are experiencing in Valencia. Police repression […]

Kilkis, Northern Greece: Message from a member of the workers’ general assembly, from the occupied city’s hospital

Hello all,

Thank you so much for your interest and support.

The occupation of our hospital in Kilkis by its workers started on Monday, February 20th, at 8:30 local time. This occupation is not only about us, the physicians and the workers at the Kilkis Hospital. Neither is it only about the Greek […]

Kilkis, Northern Greece: Occupation and self-management of the city’s general hospital by the workers

According to a statement (4-2/2012) released by the workers’ general assembly in the General Hospital of Kilkis, the doctors, nurses and other staff declare that the long-lasting problems of the National Health System (ESY) in the country cannot be solved through limited claims of the health services sector. Thus, workers at the General Hospital respond […]

Romania: Thousands in angry protests against social service cuts

In the last days, protests were held in various cities of Romania against the health bill that has been submitted by the government. Extensive privatization of the entire health sector will be enforced with this new law. By Sunday, January 15th, 2012, the social protests climaxed. In Bucharest it came up to street clashes that […]

Greece: Mentally ill people are sent back to… loony bins! Workers gear up for anti-government protests.

‘When the patient is tied up, the psychiatrist is free to go. When the patient is released, the psychiatrist is at work’ —slogan on the wall of a former psychiatric hospital of Chania, on Crete Island

Since the bureaucrats of the Ministry for Health and Social Solidarity (!) worked so hard on […]