Greece: Struggle for survival and dignity in Corinth prisons

Lately (during the last three months) there has been an intense problem with food supply in Corinth prisons, where 84 inmates are obliged to live under circumstances incompatible with any notion of human dignity. Specifically (and according to information confirmed even by the prison administration), the inmates are literally malnourished ever since the nearby military camp stopped supplying food to the prisons. The problem, which grows worse each day, has been dealt with through “charity” so far, mostly by the prison staff but also through solidarity groups that have been made aware of the problem.

This constitutes a systematic, massive, moral, psychological and even physical devastation of people held in prison, where in the name of “justice” every concept of righteous claims and further basic respect of human dignity, even life itself is discredited and despised. It is therefore necessary to demonstrate factually our solidarity with prisoners’ struggle for survival and dignity.

Faced with the absurdity, arbitrariness and vindictiveness of state mechanisms that devastate human dignity inside the modern warehouses of social “waste” called Greek prisons, we deploy our solidarity as a minimum contribution to prisoners’ everyday struggle and their right to remain HUMANS.

Libertarian community “erea”, Corinth