Valencia, Spain: Direct actions for the student mobilizations, in response to repression

On Monday night, February 27th, various actions were carried out in the city of Valencia:
– Burning of 2 ATMs located in the university campus
– Discarding an ATM by using a cement block
– Burning of a tram stop

We undertook these actions because of the situation we are experiencing in Valencia. Police repression during the student demos, along with the increased social cuts, is indicating an increase of attacks launched by the State and the capitalist companies against the few rights that we previously had.

The high school students of the IES Lluís Vives have come out in a protest that overcomes the macro-demonstrations (or processions) of the syndicates and left parties. These protests, since they have been realized without asking for permission and in a combative way, have faced the true essence of the State and Capitalism when their masks are taken off; violence.

This is why our contribution to the struggle takes the form of sabotage and attack. The system is violent; this is why we are radicals.

It is our life which is at stake. For the spread of the revolt!