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[Athens Polytechnic, December 10th] Discussion with comrades from Berlin

From the struggle at Rigaer Strasse (Berlin)
to the mobilizations against the G20 (Hamburg)

This summer Berlin was the center of a showdown between the police and the remaining parts of what once was a squatting movement. The reason behind was the attempted eviction of the squatted parts of the housing project Rigaer94. Rigaer94 is located in the northern part of Friedrichshain, which has a long history of struggle against state influence. The three weeks of siege of the 94 immediately became a crystallization point for a joint counterattack by anarchists that culminated in the call for a Black July, expressing the ideas of the polymorphous anarchist struggle in action. Strengthened by the battle which led to a small victory by successfully defending the Rigaer94 against the eviction, the offensive carries on in the upcoming mobilization against the G20 summit in Hamburg in July 2017. There are already international calls for decentralized actions in order to create a dynamic that invites all the rebellious fighters that are able and willing to attack to Hamburg.

Comrades from Berlin will report about the struggle against gentrification in Berlin and the role of the Rigaer94, as well as about ongoing projects of anarchists.

Saturday December 10th at 19:00, Gini building
Athens Polytechnic School (entrance from Stournari St.), Exarchia

Comrades from Zaimi 11 Polymorphous Action Space of Anarchists
Themistokleous 58 Squat
& Contra Info translation counter-information network

[US prisons] Sean Swain: Greece and the Dignity of Rebellion

Below is a statement that longterm anarchist prisoner Sean Swain sent for the presentation by comrades from Bloomington ABC on November 23rd 2016 at Gini building of the Athens Polytechnic School in Exarchia, Athens. The comrade’s words were read out loud in English and Greek, and printouts of his text were shared during the discussion against prison society, organized by Themistokleous 58 Squat and Contra Info.

“Complicity with Prison Rebels in the US & the World” (banner hung in the auditorium where the event took place)

Greece and the Dignity of Rebellion

Before I give you the wrong impression that I’m placing undeserved blame on you, I think I should probably begin by revealing that I am a big fan of Greek anarchists. It seems like every single photographic image I see of rebels with bandanas covering their faces or donning black ski masks, every snapshot of police cars tipped onto their tops and blazing away, all come from Greece. In fact, I am such a fan that I consider it the biggest achievement of my life that I wrote a statement in support of Black December posted on 8 December last year, and 5 days later Greek rebels burned down a military building and quoted me. That is a benchmark in my life. I brag about it. I’m impossible to be around. I tell everyone who will listen to me that I wrote a statement and Greek anarchists quoted me after torching a military building.

It makes me want to write a thousand more statements in hopes that you will burn a thousand more buildings.

So, I say all that as context so what I say next won’t hurt your feelings…

Greece brought about swivilization. It all started in Greece. You Greeks refined this hierarchy program, developed democracy as its most appealing form, fashioned great works of art to decorate it—mostly depicting naked people, which really attracted the attention of the rest of the world—and you exported the program on great fleets of sailing vessels.

Fastforward, we now have a global slavery system where we all drag stones up the side of some rich asshole’s pyramid and the vast majority of us do not have the imagination to think that there could be anything better than democracy. We live in a world run by banksters and industrial sociopaths engaged in the mass destruction of everything living, including us.

We’re fucked.

So, it seems more than appropriate to me that, in the birthplace of swivilization, we now witness its assassination. In Greece, out of all the geographic spaces of the world, we now find the most determined, the most energized, the most radical resistance to swivilization, to this program that distorts and murders us in installments.

It started in Greece. It’s ending in Greece.

Please don’t think I say this in an effort to flatter you. I’m terrible at flattery. I’m great at talking myself into trouble. So, this isn’t flattery, but, I think, a fairly objective observation: The experiments in resistance that you have pushed forward, the strategies and tactics, the theories you have explored, all of this has become communal property for the rest of the world. Even now, as we just begin to find our own way, stumbling along, anarchists in the United States and other places in the world, divided as it is into artificial nation-states, we look to you. We see what you have done.

Not to make excuses for us in the United States, but part of our inaction, I think, is as a consequence of seeing what you have accomplished, how far you have pushed, and we think, whether correctly or otherwise, that such resistance isn’t possible here. We are paralyzed, I think, by a sense that we cannot do what you have done, that somehow the situation or the “conditions” in the United States are different, that the surveillance is too pervasive, the potential sanctions too overwhelming, the social climate too pacified. And so, we sit in front of our computers and log on to watch the footage of Greeks wild-eyed and screaming, chasing the bewildered pigs who run for their lives, the hierarch order trembling at the knees, and we dream.

You must be wondering, Where are the Americans?

We’re coming. I’m certain that we are.

Just this month, millions of Americans voted against the established order that has failed them for their lifetimes. By the millions, they cast ballots, ostensibly for the candidate who will “change” everything, who will “shake things up,” because that candidate seemed to be talking for them, expressing their frustrations.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt that most of them are stupid rather than evil, they unknowingly voted in the most virulent fascist sociopath since Hitler and Mussolini, a fascist of the highest order whose lip service to the forgotten majority will yield to policies of war-mongering and corporate give-aways and “austerity” for the people. Those voters will soon have “buyer’s remorse,” when the fascist in whom they pinned their hopes betrays them thoroughly.

And where will the Americans turn? Will they turn back to the corporate parties that they rejected by the tens of millions, the same parties with the same failed ideas? Will they find a new hero with promises of glory and greatness, speaking much like the hero who drove the knife into their back?

No. They will turn to the example set elsewhere, the example of rejecting the imposed order, the images and ideas exported not on fleets of sea vessels but transmitted electronically via satellite, demonstrating the true dignity of rebellion.

The Americans are coming.

In just a matter of months, this docile and pacified population will be transformed by rage and fury, and will find voice in flames and blood. They will follow into a battle against this common enemy, going where many of you have already gone, and you will see faces covered in bandanas, concealed under ski masks, and you will see the police cars turned and burning, maybe even see the pillars of smoke rising as you look to the western horizon.

The Americans are coming. And when we do, we will be walking in the footprints left by Greek rebels who went before us.

On that day, the day of victory over our common enemy, we will all be Greek.

And we will all be free.

This is Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain from Warren Correctional in Lebanon, Ohio, in the Fascist States of America. If you’re listening, you ARE the resistance.

Greek translation

[Athens Polytechnic, November 23rd] Against Prison Society: Discussion with comrades from Bloomington ABC

Discussion about the struggle against prison society in the US
with comrades from Bloomington Anarchist Black Cross (Indiana)

Wednesday November 23rd at 20:00, Gini building
Athens Polytechnic School (entrance from Stournari St.), Exarchia

Themistokleous 58 Squat
& Contra Info translation counter-information network

Greece: Solidarity with prison rebels against slavery & white supremacy in America and beyond

On August 4th 2016, an info event was held at Themistokleous 58 squat in Exarchia (Athens), with the participation of Contra Info translation counter-info network and ABC Solidarity Cell, where a comrade from Portland ABC discussed details about the US wide mobilization against prison slavery and white supremacy on the 45th anniversary of the Attica prison rebellion (September 9th–13th 1971). Check out an interview on Radiofragmata web radio, as well as the recordings of the presentation during that event, here. (You can also hear another conversation, with the same comrade from Portland ABC, aired September 4th 2016 on The Final Straw.)

On August 25th, anarchist communist Tasos Theofilou, currently incarcerated in Koridallos prison (Athens), released a text explaining what September 9th mobilization in the US is all about. Excerpt from his writing: “Since 2010 there have been a number of mobilizations in US prisons, from hunger strikes and work stoppages to rebellions, for either elimination of solitary confinement or betterment of prison conditions, or the improvement of working conditions and remuneration.”

On September 5th, a meeting took place at the Polytechnic School in Exarchia, called for by the Solidarity Assembly for Political Prisoners & Imprisoned and Prosecuted Fighters. A new Athens-based assembly was formed to support the US prison strike. It was decided to release a poster in Greek and English, hold a PA’s gathering outside Koridallos prisons, and make a call for two days of solidarity action across Greece, between 16th and 17th September.

On September 8th, ABC Solidarity Cell published a statement regarding “US Prisons – The Dark Side of Slavery in American Society”. Excerpt from their text: “We are willing to manifest our solidarity in every possible way with US prison inmates throughout the duration of their struggle. In this direction, we call every collective, every cell of Anarchist Black Cross internationally, but also whoever wishes to support in their own way, to coordinate our forces on an International Solidarity Day that will be a point of reference for the international solidarity movement to supporting this struggle and will provide an opportunity for further intensification of our actions in the coming period. We propose this day to be October 1st. We consider the prospects, stakes and legacies that this particular struggle in US prisons may create to be an open challenge for every fighter who wants to contribute to waging an internationalized and coordinated struggle inside and outside prisons against modern slavery and the economic dictatorship of multinationals. Solidarity and strength to the struggle of prisoners in US prisons! Struggle is the only prospect of living with dignity! Fire to the prisons!”

On September 9th, the Urban Guerrilla Cell of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire FAI/FRI, namely Christos Tsakalos, Gerasimos Tsakalos, Giorgos Polidoros and Olga Ekonomidou, anarchists incarcerated in Koridallos prisons, released a revolutionary statement titled “Gentlemen, the Dragon Will Fly Out” in support of the US prison mobilization as of September 9th, and in memory of Jonathan P. Jackson, George L. Jackson, and Attica prison rebels. Excerpt from their writing: “In every part of the Earth, prisons are a monument of people’s enslavement. Prisons are the most concentrated form of tyranny; the face of Power, without any makeup; the punitive nature of democracy; the vengeful sense of its justice. Every attack, every act of rebellion, every mobilization that disturbs the operation of prisons is a kick in the guts of oppression. It challenges its omnipotence, within its own walls. Certainly, the September 9th mobilization against slavery in US prisons may not be the anarchist utopia of freedom we wish for, but it can be a pebble in the pond that creates small ripples in the water. And oftentimes these ripples precede the outbreak of an enormous tide…”

On September 9th, some anarchist prisoners in the 4th wing of Koridallos men’s prison published a collective writing in support of the US prison strike. Excerpt from their text: “We know how hard it is to fight capitalism there where it’s most powerful, in the US; we also know that depriving it of a part of its profits is the only thing that can inflict substantial damage. That’s why this prisoner strike is so important. That’s why we send our solidarity and greetings to the rebellious dignity of prisoners in the US.” (Full text translation here.)

On Friday evening September 9th, the newly formed Assembly of Solidarity with the Struggle of Prisoners against Slavery, alongside other anarchist supporters from Athens, held a noise demo in the proximity of Koridallos prisons to spread the word about the mobilization in US prisons, but also in solidarity with all inmates in Koridallos women’s facility, who are protesting the deplorable prison conditions since August 26th. During the action comrades unfurled banners reading: “Solidarity with the struggle of US prison inmates against slavery” and “From Koridallos to Lucasville, fight against prison slavery”.

On Friday night September 9th, ABC Solidarity Cell hung a banner at the gate of the Polytechnic School, on Patission Street (downtown Athens), reading: “Solidarity with the struggle of prisoners in the US as of September 9th – We are not made by history; we create history”.

In Agrinio (western Greece), comrades of Apertus squat expressed their solidarity with the US prison mobilization, as well as with inmates at Koridallos women’s prison: “(…) resistance to the barbarity of incarceration is an integral part of social and class struggles taking place everywhere; against the restructuring, tightening of security, and privatization of prisons; the road to freedom passes over the debris of every prison.” (Full text translation here.)

Now is the time for uncompromising complicity with prison rebels in the US, Mexico, and all over the world!

Exarchia, Aug. 4th: Against Prison Slavery info event, with a comrade from Portland ABC, at Themistokleous 58 squat


On September 9th 1971, prisoners took over and shut down Attica, New York State’s most notorious hellhole.
On September 9th 2016, prisoners in struggle will launch work stoppages and other actions to shut down prisons all across the U.S., to push for a final end to prison slavery.

That the fires of solidarity spread across the world!

Presentation & discussion about the prisoner strike with a comrade from Portland ABC (USA)

Thursday August 4th at 20:00 at the terrace of the anarchist squat on 58, Themistokleous Street, Exarchia, Athens

Themistokleous 58 squat | Anarchist Black Cross [Greece] Anarchist solidarity cell | Contra Info translation counter-information network

Exarchia: Info event with a comrade from London – Athens Polytechnic School 07/07

London: Resistance against Immigration Raids
& Perspectives of Rebellion

DISCUSSION | Thursday July 7th at 20:00, Gini building
Athens Polytechnic School (entrance from Stournari St.), Exarchia

Themistokleous 58 squat
& anarchist counter-info sites Rabble LDN and Contra info

[Communication] Contra Info has a new pgp key

For cryptographic privacy and authentication with encrypted data

We now have a pgp key to use for encrypted communication, for those of you who may wish to use it or require it.

Click here to download it in .asc text format (armored).

Obviously, we still receive unencrypted emails at contrainfo[at]espiv.net. You can also submit texts anonymously by using our comments section
(select: Leave a comment; fill in the blank field; then press: Post Comment).

Solidarity with our crypto comrades!
Contra Info

in French and German

Athens: Solidarity with the C.O.S.A squat in Portugal, threatened with eviction

The C.O.S.A squat in the city of Setúbal, which had its 15th anniversary this month, has received an eviction threat. (See statement by Some Rebellious Voices in Portuguese, Greek, Italian and Spanish.)

During the night of October 20th 2015, and as a first response to this bad news, we hung a solidarity banner at the Athens Polytechnic School, on Patission Street in the centre of Athens, reading: Solidarity with the C.O.S.A squat in Setúbal, Portugal, threatened with eviction – Strength, comrades (A)

We do not forget that the companheirxs at C.O.S.A have shown their support in our efforts to disseminate cases of anarchist prisoners in Greece, nor do we forget that one of the common goals we share in our borderless struggles is the abolition of the ridiculosity called property.

All our love to the brothers and sisters that continue to resist in Setúbal. Hands off anarchist infrastructure in Portugal and everywhere in the world!


Initiative from the translation counter-information network Contra Info

International coordinated actions in solidarity with Evi Statiri (on hunger strike since 14/9)

Between the 12th and 17th of September 2015, some participants in the network of Contra Info carried out a series of actions in solidarity with Evi Statiri, prisoner in struggle in Greece, who has undergone hunger strike since September 14th, demanding an end to the preventive detention that was imposed on her six months ago.

Evi Statiri is incarcerated as a result of the vengeful mania that the repressive apparatuses of Greek democracy unleashed, after the failed escape plan of the imprisoned comrades of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire in early 2015, targeting relatives and friends of members of the organisation. When the Power fail to make subversive prisoners bow down to them, they lay their hands on their close and supportive environment, seeking to sow fear and punish what does not fit into their heavy bibles of legislature, what transcends the prison walls, what goes beyond the polarity between innocence and guilt: solidarity.

Following the decision of Evi Statiri to choose hunger strike as a means of struggle, we’re calling out to comrades worldwide to strengthen this cry for freedom through multifaceted anarchist action. So that it resonates in the streets: EVI STATIRI OUT ONTO THE STREETS!

Below are a few photos from actions that took place in the territories controlled by the states of Bolivia, France, Greece, Portugal, Chile and Spain. We look forward to receiving your contributions at contrainfo[at]espiv.net

A banner was hung in La Paz (Bolivia), reading: “From Bolivia we salute you, compañera Evi Statiri, abducted by the Greek state”; flyers were also distributed: “From Bolivia to Greece, freedom for Evi Statiri – Your struggle from inside the prison is a sign of indomitable ferocity in the face of the Power and repression”

Leaflets and flyposting in Toulouse (France): “Solidarity with Evi Statiri, political prisoner in Greece – Evi Statiri is detained on remand at Koridallos prison, in Greece, since the 2nd of March 2015, arrested for being the life companion of Gerasimos Tsakalos, imprisoned member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (international anarchist revolutionary organisation). After being refused her liberation once again, she commences a hunger strike on the 14th of September. Fire to the borders – Fire to the prisons”

Banners at the Athens Polytechnic School, Exarchia (Greece): “Neither innocent, nor guilty – Solidarity with Evi Statiri” / “Evi Statiri, hold strong – We are all family of the Cells of Fire – Death to the judges!”

A banner was placed in one of Lisbon’s most central and tourist locations (Portugal): “Freedom for Evi Statiri”; leaflets signed by Some Anarchists were also handed out, providing an update on Evi’s situation: “Internationalist and anarchist solidarity with Evi Statiri – After 6 months in preventive detention, an act of pure vengeance and arbitrariness of the Power, Evi Statiri initiated a hunger strike on September 14th 2015, in the dungeons of Greek democracy, until her unconditional release. (…) Freedom for those who are in prison cells – Immediate release of Evi Statiri – Lifting of the restrictive measures against Athena Tsakalou!” (PDF in Portuguese)

Banner in Santiago (Chile): “«Fear may rule, but it cannot reign in the hearts and minds of free human beings» – Evi Statiri out onto the streets!”

Slogans were spray-painted in the streets of Iruña/Pamplona, Navarre (Spain) — Evi askatu! (“Free Evi!” in Basque) and more…

“Until the total destruction of all the prisons – Evi free”
“Freedom for Evi Statiri”
“Freedom for Evi Statiri, compañera in Greece”
“Solidarity with Evi Statiri”

Spanish, Greek

Europe: Solidarity gestures with Diego Ríos and Tamara Sol Farías Vergara

Some participants in the network of Contra Info decided to coordinate our strengths to make visible the cases of two anarchist comrades, who were recently retaliated by the executioners of the Chilean state: Diego Ríos, who was arrested on February 7th, after five and a half years on the run, and is currently held in preventive detention charged with illegal possession of explosive materials found in the summer of 2009 – and Tamara Sol Farías Vergara, who, after a year on remand, was sentenced on February 4th to a little over seven years in prison for the shooting of a BancoEstado security guard in Santiago in January 2014.

Between the 24th and 26th of February 2015, we carried out the following propaganda actions in the territories controlled by the states of Greece, Portugal, Spain and France:

– A banner was placed in Exarchia Square, downtown Athens, which reads: “Strength to Diego Ríos, anarchist prisoner in Chile (A) Always on a war footing.”

– Another banner was hung on the side of the Athens Polytechnic School, on Stournari Street, which reads: “From Athens to Santiago, freedom for Tamara Sol (A).”

– Fliers (1, 2) were thrown in the city of Lisbon with the following slogans: “Active solidarity with Diego Ríos, anarchist prisoner in Chile / The path to freedom is born of the ruins of the prison society // Freedom for Tamara Sol, anarchist prisoner in Chile / Revenge for our dead, revenge for our prisoners // Strength to Diego Ríos, anarchist captured by the Chilean state / Fire to the borders, fire to the prisons // Complicity with Tamara Sol, anarchist kidnapped by the Chilean state / Death to the state and long live anarchy.”

– Stencils were painted on the walls of Oeiras, Lisbon District, reading: “Solidarity Tamara & Diego (A).”

– A banner drop was made on a bridge at one of the exit roads of Barcelona, which reads: “Strength to Diego and Tamara! Prison will not halt our desire for freedom.”

– Two banners were hung in central Marseille (unfortunately we didn’t manage to take pictures). The first one reads: “Solidarity with anarchists in prison or in clandestinity”, and the other: “Freedom Diego Ríos & Tamara Sol (A).”

With these symbolic gestures crossing the borders we show our support with Diego and Tamara Sol, while we seek to strengthen internationalist solidarity with our incarcerated sisters and brothers. We do not forget the rest of combative prisoners, in Chile and the whole world.

Onward, compas – take courage and fight until we destroy all the walls of Power!

[Bilbao] Prisoners to the streets! Streets for the insurrection!

Video for the upcoming event in solidarity with anarchist prisoners in Greece

Sunday, November 16th, at 17:00 @anarchist squat Izar Beltz, Irala, Bilbao

Radio spots in Castilian and Basque by comrades from Biblioteca Durruti of Altsasu (Nafarroa)

Spread the word!

Bilbao: Activity in solidarity with anarchist prisoners in Greece

Discussion event in solidarity with anarchist prisoners in Greece

Sunday, November 16th, 2014
at 17:00 in the Ateneo Izar Beltz

In collaboration with Contra Info

15, Andres Isasi Street, Irala, Bilbao
(exactly at the secondary exit door of Renfe’s Ametzola station)

To Whom It May Concern

In August 2014, Radioazione.org [“RadioAzione | controinformazione anarchica in diretta”] translated and transmitted in Italian one of the latest letters of comrade Pola Roupa (Revolutionary Struggle member who is currently on the run, always with a huge bounty on her head). The source of their translation – titled “Grecia: Scritto di Pola Roupa dalla latitanza sull’arresto di Maziotis” on radioazione.org/2014/08/grecia-scritto-di-pola-roupa-dalla-latitanza-sullarresto-di-maziotis – is omitted precisely because it is the English translation effort made by Contra Info that, in this case, also happens to bear the responsibility for the text’s first dissemination to non-Greek speakers: “Greece: Open letter of Revolutionary Struggle member Pola Roupa from clandestinity”. In fact, to never use material spread by Contra Info makes it all the easier to never mention any effort produced within our multi-language translation and counter-information project. However, to use/consume Contra Info’s work repeatedly being determined to silence its existence altogether, is a filthy practice by (not only) RadioAzione – who once again did not miss out on signing their own translation effort: on this occasion as “Tradotto da [Translated by] Erika”.

Non-Italian speakers may have no time to waste to really know about the crap transmitted online against comrade Pola Roupa (who, among other things, is indirectly characterized as fascist-minded in RadioAzione’s introductory note to that Italian translation). Below is a rough translation of their blurb:

« Note of Radioazione: What follows is the last writing, in chronological terms, of Pola Roupa that comes in the aftermath of the arrest of anarchist comrade Maziotis, and it is the last writing of Pola Roupa herself that appears on this site.
The reason is obvious.
This site does not want to divulge concepts that not only aren’t affine, but cannot be shared even in the tiniest part.
The “Courts of the people” or the “jails of the people” are concepts that should not belong to an anarchist, and reek of Marxist-Leninist theories, whose history differs from that of fascists only in colour.
This is also a point of reflection for the anarchists that go hand in hand with the reds and define themselves as antifascists.
To return to the main topic, the labour is labour, well paid or poorly paid it is slavery, it is the submission of human by human, the elimination of one’s own dignity.
Obviously in an existent like this one, in which we live, all those who do not have the courage to expropriate a bank are “compelled” to work, but still our main objective should always be that of arriving at the total destruction of labour and not the improvement of wages.
Similarly, our objective is to raze all courts and all prisons to the ground covering with their rubble those who have maintained the survival of these structures of death for centuries, and if one day the courts or the prisons will be of the people, our objective will always be the same.
Now the text; it was decided to publish it to make one understand even better why nothing from Pola Roupa will ever be published again; and since nothing of the same tenor has ever been said, or written, solidarity and complicity will continue to be given to the comrades Nikos Maziotis and Kostas Gournas:

Needless to say that RadioAzione’s arrogance of releasing a fugitive’s letter only to denounce the views expressed by her, does not offer anything whatsoever to counter-information but rather distorts any notion of anarchic solidarity. Instead of not bothering to work on a text that they obviously dislike so much and finally zipping up their mouths, these idiots once again assumed the role of ultimate judges of blog posts relevant to purposes of counter-information, going as far as to make “solidarity and complicity” distinctions between self-admitted members of the same urban guerrilla group: the Revolutionary Struggle.

We can only imagine that RadioAzione don’t mind the fact that a great many of the trial updates from Greece, eagerly transcribed and transmitted also by them, actually come from original coverage by eksegersi.gr (after all, the latter communists/reds are hardly ever mentioned as source on various webpages; so, you might ask, how can the poor RadioAzione be aware of the lengths of their hypocrisy?). Incidentally, they decided to take down this blog post radioazione.org/2014/08/grecia-intervista-di-soccorso-rosso-internazionale-a-kostas-gournas – RHI-SRI interview with Kostas Gournas, imprisoned member of the Revolutionary Struggle, which was retrieved from ccrsri.wordpress.com/2014/06/22/intervista-a-kostas-gournas-4 (and, by the way, is full of serious translation mistakes). But how would they actually define self-admitted 17N member Dimitris Koufontinas, prisoner in Greece (see “Atene [Grecia]: Lettera di K. Gournas e D. Koufodinas” on radioazione.org/2014/04/atene-grecia-lettera-di-k-gournas-e-d-koufodinas, a text which originally derives from the Press, and is also published on kufontinas.blogspot.com/2014/03/blog-post_28.html): as a good consumption item corresponding to their notion of “controinformazione anarchica in diretta”?

Full support to our comrades in clandestinity!
Freedom for all imprisoned comrades!

Warsaw: Contra Info at Resist Festival

Members of Contra Info translation counter-information network have been invited to participate in the second day of the 4th edition of Resist Festival in Warsaw. On Saturday, June 14th, from 17pm, we make a brief contribution in solidarity with anti-repression struggles in Greece and the rebellion in face of repression in Brazil of the FIFA World Cup; an info talk about prisoners’ fight against the establishment of maximum security units within prisons, the situation of migrants detained in concentration camps for months on end, and the rise of fascism in Greece… all the way to current social war in Brazil.

Solidarity with the rebels at war against the State/Capital.
Demolish national borders.

Visit the blog of RESIST FEST IV 13-15.06.2014! Stay tuned.

[Spanish prisons] Short interview by Contra Info with anarchist prisoner Claudio Lavazza

Contra Info interview with Claudio Lavazza, a compa who has been imprisoned in the cells of the Spanish State since 1996; the interview was presented in the event in solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoners that took place on January 11, 2014, at La Gatonera, a squatted social centre in Madrid.

In your quest for total freedom, you opted to attack the world of Power with all means available to you. What were the primary motives that pushed you to follow this path of armed rebellion?

The motives that led me to undertake a path of rebellion were a collection of circumstances beginning with the attempted coup d’état in Italy; the strategy of tension (terrorist attacks with explosives in public spaces) that was employed by the extreme right with the assistance of the secret services; attacks on the part of political parties of the Constitutional arch, and predominantly the Christian Democracy party, who were particularly active in pointing to the revolutionary left and the anarchists as being responsible for the grave attacks. Finally, I was pushed by the injustices and maltreatment of the working class by the authorities — the same ones who applauded the fascist government of Benito Mussolini and Italy’s entry into the second world war on the side of the German Nazis.

In your book “Autobiography of an Implacable” (original title: “Autobiografía de un irreductible”; Italian title: “Pestifera la mia vita”), you tell of how in 1981 you participated in the assault on the Frosinone prison (in Italy’s Lazio region), with the goal of freeing a compa who was imprisoned there. Today, more than thirty years afterwards, de facto solidarity with prisoners of the social war rarely reaches this point. How can the prospect of immediate liberation of our brothers and sisters be put on the table again?

Starting to think about the immediate liberation of our imprisoned brothers and sisters is just as much a fundamental objective in today’s social war as it was in the past… But here, while the system has made progress in infrastructure and means of repression, we have stayed in prehistory, without advancing our military and technological preparation to confront the imposing super-prisons. These constructions, far away from towns and cities, are nearly impossible to attack in the way that we did in 1981 in Italy, when we eventually freed two prisoners. When we speak of attacks on the system, although we don’t fancy terms like military and technological preparation, it’s evident that we are talking about war and confrontation. To succeed, it’s necessary to be up to speed with the technological advances imposed by the system of repression. I don’t mean that it’s impossible to attack structures like the super-prisons, but as we are today, it’s an unrealizable dream to free the men and women prisoners within them.

In your long trajectory of polymorphous struggle, we assume that you were involved in various types of organization that waged counterattacks against the establishment. What experiences did you take with you in terms of real self-organization in combat, without leaders or followers?

My experiences with self-organization in combat, without leaders or followers, matured little by little during 16 years underground. No one is born a master, and we all have to learn from others — from those who are more prepared and experienced. Among anarchists, we have a few simple principles that allow us to advance rapidly with self-organization in combat: Once the group is formed, everyone has tasks which everyone must respect. For example, if I’m an expert in attack tactics, the others will have to listen to me, but without seeing me as a leader and without feeling like they are being directed. Obviously everyone has things to say about the situation, but if those words are the fruit of a lack of capacity or experience, they will have to listen to me in order for us to pull off the mission. Just the same, I have to listen to the experts in any other task, if they show that they are more able than I am. This is to say, I will be a teacher according to the circumstances of a given moment, and a student when someone more prepared than myself takes responsibility for the group. This, in my experience, is the way to create self-organization.

Is anarchy illegalist per se? If it is, how can insurrectionary individualities converge in rivers to drown the laws and norms that keep us tied to misery?

Anarchy is illegalist by its very nature, because it exists in the margins of legalities imposed by the system. We the anarchists have our laws and ways of being, which are always condemned by state laws and ways of being. The simple fact of rejecting the rules imposed by wage labor, looking for a way to live by robbing the rich, is considered illegal by the system, but for us it is just and necessary, and thus legal from our point of view. In the same way, any attitude that does not participate in the maintenance of capitalist power may be considered part of this river of rebellion you refer to, which will one day extinguish the laws and norms that keep us tied to misery.

If the date for the revolution is every day, it becomes necessary to take direct action toward the destruction of all that oppresses us, just as much as acting for the creation of a new world. How can these two subversive tasks be married without falling into dry and alienating militancy or defeatist reformism?

The creation of a new world, and the necessity of everyday revolutionary work by carrying out subversive tasks, cannot fall into dry, alienating militarization or into defeatist reformism. We must be careful with this in order to avoid running the risk of burnout, which causes comrades to abandon the cause. This is where our creativity is manifested in the new stimuli and ideas. The revolution and our path toward it must not fall to alienation… we have to give space to breathe, to avoid falling into a routine. The timing and standards of our actions belong to us, and neither Power nor the sad social state are more important than our needs as free persons.

In 1996, you fell prisoner in Siete Puertas, after failing to flee after expropriating from the central office of Banco Santander in Córdoba. What were the reactions of anarchist circles (with and without quotes) at the time, in the Spanish State as well as elsewhere?

The town where I fell prisoner is called Bujalance. Sietepuertas is the name of the cafe where the civil guards caught me. That cafe doesn’t exist anymore; a bank branch took its place. Within anarchist circles in Spain, there were some harsh critiques, as well as others in favor of the expropriation from Santander bank in Córdoba (one of the richest banks in the city). From outside of the Spanish State, we received moving solidarity and support from Italy. I remember that when I was in solitary in the Córdoba prison, beaten and wounded, a telegram from my country of origin arrived that made me cry from the warmth and comradeship it brought. Later, with time, letters and postcards arrived, from Spain and other countries in the European and international community, many of which brought with them the same intensity and care.

You went on the offensive beyond state borders, slipping by the authorities of several countries for years. How do you view the anti-patriotic and internationalist struggle of anarchists around the world in this present moment?

The anti-patriotic and internationalist struggles of anarchists around the world are present and constant, resulting in harsh responses from the police and courts, which have a terrible fear of them. You all outside will have more information that testify to the intensity of these struggles. What I would like to see, before I disappear, is some other triumph. For me as well as you all, this would be the most beautiful present we could receive… Let’s hope it comes soon.

Finding yourself in the dungeons of the Spanish democracy, you have carried out difficult struggles to end solitary confinement and abolish the special FIES regime (an internal segregation regime within Spanish prisons). How would you evaluate those moments today?

Being held in the dungeons of the Spanish democracy, I have fought hard for the abolition of the FIES regime and solitary confinement, as well as the abolition of long sentences and hidden life sentences. Now I’m fighting for the abolition of torture and ill-treatment in prisons, a struggle which started in October 2011 with common actions and symbolic hunger strikes on the first day of each month, thus resulting in a support network of lawyers in solidarity, who assist legally the comrades in struggle that face retaliation by the prison system. I do not evaluate these moments of struggle as a past… but as something present, perhaps with less intensity and participation of the prisoners’ community than before. For me, being imprisoned means to be in a constant struggle. Being a prisoner is to be in struggle; prison is not a place where one can relax and forget about the reality that surrounds them.

Your case is one among anarchists convicted to long sentences worldwide. After so many years in prison, have there been changes in the environment of prison society and its population?

Many changes have taken place within prison society and its population since I entered for the first time, in 1980. The population has changed with the entrance of legal drugs administered daily by the administration, such as methadone and psychotropics. They have succeeded in isolating a good part of the imprisoned population, turning them into individualists. There is no longer that combative solidarity that used to exist, when if they touched one of us we would all rise up. Nowadays, and since many years ago, there exists a control over prisoners that is not just physical, but mental, which prevents one from finding a path adapted to their own personality. The drugs taken every day take the best out of you, leaving you with nothing but concern to keep taking them… the rest is secondary, and of lesser importance… this is their miserable struggle, and to try to convince them otherwise is a waste of time and energy in most cases. The ones who drug themselves are twice slaves to the system, once as a prisoner, and once as an addict. Luckily, in the prisons there is also a part — a small part — of the imprisoned population that is not part of this group, and it is with them that we can struggle to obtain changes here inside.

Following up on the theme of long sentences, how has your long stay in captivity influenced solidarity expressed toward you, as well as your friendships and personal relationships?

Solidarity expressed towards me has always made me proud, especially now that my autobiography has been published.

What is the current state of the legal proceedings against you, and what are your perspectives on the future, both near and further off?

Currently, my legal situation is still complicated. I have been imprisoned for 17 years, and my sentence in Spain is for 25 years. Once I finish it, I await a sentence in Italy of 27 years and 6 months, and another in France for 30 years (with one judgement still not complete, and that with a bit of luck could stop at 15 years). My goal is to rework the pending sentences into a total of 30 years, but it will be very hard to make a court recognize that. There is currently no article of penal legislation that says that after 30 uninterrupted years in prison they will have to let me go. I’ll have to fight it out all the way to the Human Rights Court for them to admit a limitation, or chains will be permanent for me.

What message would you like to send to those who struggle day and night, inside and outside of prison walls?

To those who struggle day and night, inside and outside of prison walls, I send this message… Stay strong and free, because the best way to struggle against the system and the prisons is to never go inside.

A big hug for everyone.

To write to the comrade:
Claudio Lavazza
C.P. Teixeiro (módulo 11)
Carretera Paradela s/n
15310 Teixeiro-Curtis (A Coruña)

Madrid: Solidarity event for long-term anarchist prisoners

On Saturday, January 11th, the squatted social centre La Gatonera, located on 9, Amistad Street in the district of Carabanchel, Madrid, hosts an info event in solidarity with anarchist prisoners facing long sentences worldwide.

We meet at 18:30 and begin counter-information talk, with the aim to publicize some of the cases of brothers and sisters who are incarcerated in the democratic dungeons of different States for many years already. Following a presentation of the cases of Claudio Lavazza and Gabriel Pombo Da Silva (prisoners in the Spanish State), Marco Camenisch (imprisoned in Switzerland), Thomas Meyer-Falk (captive in Germany), Marie Mason and Eric McDavid (imprisoned in the United States), and José Miguel Sánchez Jiménez (prisoner in Chile), we freely discuss ways to strengthen and extend solidarity ties, also through structures of counter-information and factual support, with prisoners of social war.

The evening includes solidarity cafeta, with vegan sandwiches to kill hunger.

We want to make this meeting an opportunity to break the silence in which they try to bury anarchist prisoners, to diffuse their words, and propagate the fight with all means possible against the prison society and those who sustain it.

By the way, this is a self-organized event so we hope we can count on your support, both in terms of physical presence and active participation, as well as free donation for imprisoned comrades.

Prisoners to the streets! Streets for the insurrection!

Contra Info

Athens: Solidarity banners for hostages of the Spanish State

Two banners were hanged in the streets of Athens by members of Contra Info as a small sign of counter-informative solidarity. One banner was raised at the entrance to the Polytechnic School of Athens, on Patission Street: “We speak wherever we want about whatever we want. Freedom for the Barcelona 5”; the other was placed at Avdi Square in Metaxourgeio reading: “Solidarity with Gimmy Puglisi and all the prosecuted for the events in Genoa in 2001.” In both cases comrades were kidnapped by the Spanish repressive forces in Barcelona, and are currently held in Madrid prisons. The 5 arrested in Sabadell are in pretrial detention under FIES3 isolation regime, whilst ex-fugitive Francesco Puglisi was sentenced to 14 years in prison last summer and will be extradited to Italy.

Recharge the weapons of solidarity and counter-information!
Solidarity with our imprisoned comrades!
Down with the walls of prisons!

From Santiago to Athens – ‘Beyond borders’ radio broadcast

Monday, June 17th, by 6pm (GMT+2) on Radiofragmata

A free talk with our comrades from Chile and Brazil about various different topics of interest to anarchists, glimpses of the situation in Latin America, Greece, etc. The recording was made by Contra Info on the 13th of May 2013 and the audio processing was completed thanks to the Radiofragmata internet radio in Athens.

Original discussion is mainly in Spanish but the transmission starts with Greek translation. The recording will soon be available in the Radiofragmata archive.

Lausanne: Short interview with the Loc(A)motive collective


Below is an interview with participants in the Loc(A)motive squat that was made possible on the occasion of counter-information gatherings in Lausanne. Since April 8th, Loc(A)motive is in danger of eviction, and the squatters are organizing a defense of the house. So, this would be the time to support them in any way you want.

Contra Info: What is the Loc(A)motive?
Loc(A)motive: It is a collective composed of people living in the occupied house of 1, Chasseron, in Lausanne, as well as people involved in the space’s activities. At the moment, 15 individuals are living in the house, and more or less 10 are also participating in different ways. The building is a former Spanish college, property of the Spanish State.

C: When did the squatting project begin?
L: On the 21st of September 2012.

C: Can you tell us more about the first days of this project?
L: The night we entered the building we were about thirty people, and the first thing we did was to barricade completely the house, in case the cops wanted to evict us. The same night, cops did arrive with 2-3 patrol cars after a neighbour called them. In fact, the cops just had a look and went away after a while.

C: Did the place remain barricaded for a long period of time?
L: Barricades stayed for almost two months. People in groups were continuously checking the area in case the police would come and try to make identifications on the squatters. We did so because normally, when the owner of a squatted house complains to the cops, they usually come and register the IDs in order to hand them over to a judge and initiate a trial. This was something we definitely wanted to avoid, also in order to gain some extra time. After one month, the police appeared again, but we refused to give them any personal data. They announced that we were obliged to attend a hearing, which we did not do at all. Then, after two weeks, we received a new summon for a hearing, which we ignored as well. The third notification we received explained that because we ignored the proceeding, the judge would come to the squat with the rest of the court members and the representatives of the so-called legal owner. After a long meeting we had in the house, we finally decided to accept to have a trial inside the Loc(A)motive. Continue reading Lausanne: Short interview with the Loc(A)motive collective

Germany: Two info+solidarity events with Contra Info in Berlin

Wednesday, May 8th, at 19pm in New Yorck 59 im Bethanien

Saturday, May 11th, at 20pm in K19 Café
The evening will be completed with an open mic session
(DIY jamming and singing) and a solidarity kitchen

In Greece more than twenty anarchists are currently locked up in prisons, and even more comrades are being investigated or charged with criminal offenses, facing state prosecution in their everyday lives. In the context of Contra Info Europe tour, we wish to give you an overview in English on various cases of anarchists incarcerated in Greek prisons and discuss together ways to extend and strengthen the practical solidarity with prisoners in struggle. Translation in German will also be available on request. All money raised will go to anarchist prisoners in Greece.

Free entry – Donations welcome

Madrid: Contra Info evening at CSO La Gatonera

Monday, 22 April, by 19.00 at La Gatonera

Event in solidarity with anarchist prisoners in Greece
with the participation of comrades from contrainfo.espiv.net
and the live intervention of imprisoned comrades
of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

including café and tapas bar —donations welcome

Within our solidarity info tour we meet at Magdalena anarchist space today, Friday the 19th! See you at La Gatonera squatted social centre on Monday the 22nd of April…

The passion for freedom is stronger than all prisons

Portugal: Two events with Contra Info in solidarity to anarchist prisoners in Greece

In the context of diffusion of factual solidarity with anarchist prisoners in the Greek dungeons, on Saturday, April 27th, 2013, we meet at the Centro de Cultura Libertária, an anarchist space in Cacilhas, Almada, by 4pm, where there will be discussion and benefit vegan kitchen.

On Monday, April 29th, by 9pm, we gather at the C.O.S.A squat in the city of Setúbal, where we will hold another benefit event.

For the destruction of all prisons
and the system that maintains them!