Europe: Solidarity gestures with Diego Ríos and Tamara Sol Farías Vergara

Some participants in the network of Contra Info decided to coordinate our strengths to make visible the cases of two anarchist comrades, who were recently retaliated by the executioners of the Chilean state: Diego Ríos, who was arrested on February 7th, after five and a half years on the run, and is currently held in preventive detention charged with illegal possession of explosive materials found in the summer of 2009 – and Tamara Sol Farías Vergara, who, after a year on remand, was sentenced on February 4th to a little over seven years in prison for the shooting of a BancoEstado security guard in Santiago in January 2014.

Between the 24th and 26th of February 2015, we carried out the following propaganda actions in the territories controlled by the states of Greece, Portugal, Spain and France:

– A banner was placed in Exarchia Square, downtown Athens, which reads: “Strength to Diego Ríos, anarchist prisoner in Chile (A) Always on a war footing.”

– Another banner was hung on the side of the Athens Polytechnic School, on Stournari Street, which reads: “From Athens to Santiago, freedom for Tamara Sol (A).”

– Fliers (1, 2) were thrown in the city of Lisbon with the following slogans: “Active solidarity with Diego Ríos, anarchist prisoner in Chile / The path to freedom is born of the ruins of the prison society // Freedom for Tamara Sol, anarchist prisoner in Chile / Revenge for our dead, revenge for our prisoners // Strength to Diego Ríos, anarchist captured by the Chilean state / Fire to the borders, fire to the prisons // Complicity with Tamara Sol, anarchist kidnapped by the Chilean state / Death to the state and long live anarchy.”

– Stencils were painted on the walls of Oeiras, Lisbon District, reading: “Solidarity Tamara & Diego (A).”

– A banner drop was made on a bridge at one of the exit roads of Barcelona, which reads: “Strength to Diego and Tamara! Prison will not halt our desire for freedom.”

– Two banners were hung in central Marseille (unfortunately we didn’t manage to take pictures). The first one reads: “Solidarity with anarchists in prison or in clandestinity”, and the other: “Freedom Diego Ríos & Tamara Sol (A).”

With these symbolic gestures crossing the borders we show our support with Diego and Tamara Sol, while we seek to strengthen internationalist solidarity with our incarcerated sisters and brothers. We do not forget the rest of combative prisoners, in Chile and the whole world.

Onward, compas – take courage and fight until we destroy all the walls of Power!