Athens: Solidarity with the C.O.S.A squat in Portugal, threatened with eviction

The C.O.S.A squat in the city of Setúbal, which had its 15th anniversary this month, has received an eviction threat. (See statement by Some Rebellious Voices in Portuguese, Greek, Italian and Spanish.)

During the night of October 20th 2015, and as a first response to this bad news, we hung a solidarity banner at the Athens Polytechnic School, on Patission Street in the centre of Athens, reading: Solidarity with the C.O.S.A squat in Setúbal, Portugal, threatened with eviction – Strength, comrades (A)

We do not forget that the companheirxs at C.O.S.A have shown their support in our efforts to disseminate cases of anarchist prisoners in Greece, nor do we forget that one of the common goals we share in our borderless struggles is the abolition of the ridiculosity called property.

All our love to the brothers and sisters that continue to resist in Setúbal. Hands off anarchist infrastructure in Portugal and everywhere in the world!


Initiative from the translation counter-information network Contra Info