Berlin, Germany: Courtdate in the eviction case against the groundfloor of Rigaer 94

“OUR IDEAS ARE NON-NEGOTIABLE” – Courtdate in the eviction case against the groundfloor of Rigaer 94

In Court

On the 14th of May 09:00 AM, the doors of the court will open up again to enforce German law.
The discussion will revolve around paragraphs that were created to protect and perpetuate the capitalist system,
paragraphs that value property the highest of all. On this date of course, judiciary, the senate and the owner will try anything to leave the courtroom with an eviction title. This letterbox company will try to enforce the claim, that stones put on top of each other are their property. Little later they will try to take our spaces violently, breaking in with hundreds of their uniformed bandogs.They will think themselves victorious.

When we oppose them in the courtroom we are not hoping for any kind of „justice“. Whoever believes that despite countless examples of counter evidence, the dignity and freedom of people plays any role at all in capitalism, only shuts their eyes, ignores reality and stagnates in submission to the authorities that oppress us violently everyday. It should be clear to all of us, that our ideas
can not be judged at the bar. Yes, its about our house, places to connect, an infrastructure, the „Kadterschmiede“ and the youth club. But what’s determining those places are our ideas, and those are about the whole picture. We don’t want a piece of the cake, we want the whole bakery. Its about adopting a strong stance on the question who can make decisions about other peoples lives, be it by property claims, with the baton in their hand or with law and order. For us it’s about the fight for a self-led life, living together in solidarity. The fight against ostracism and individualizations, against being forced to work and consume here in the capitalist City. Its about organizing the resistance against gentrification and state-control, to be a part of this resistance and to push the various struggles happening in this city.

A short retrospective..
During the three weeks when our house was besieged in the summer of 2016, after the eviction of the whole ground floor on the 22.06., we primarily felt the broad solidarity and the numerous actions empowering us, besides all the harassment and the violence from the police. Those weeks showed that the term „solidarity“ is not getting its strong meaning from pitty, but by intertwining our ideas and encouraging our own desire to carry the struggle to the outside. After we shared emotive moments of counterattack on the streets, it was finally also a court decision on the13.07.2016 to withdraw the cops from our house. One day later we took our rooms back and reopened the Kadterschmiede for you.

..into the next round
It’s going into the next round. On 14.05.2018, one day after the four days of chaos and discussion that will take place here in the Rigaerstraße and in other places in Berlin. Mark Robert Burton filed for ejectment, represented by the traffic lawyer Markus Bernau. Burton is the now third director of the dubios letterbox company Lafone Investment Limited since the purchase of the
house in 2014. If they will get a title of eviction, there can already be an attack on our house in the following weeks. Whether this attack will be initiated by the owner or by the cops is irrelevant. We wont leave an attack on autonomous structures unanswered, we won’t let maggots weasel into our house. These are not calm times and concerning this we cannot lie back or draw back. Let’s use the chaos and discussion days from the 10th to the 13th of may for an exchange on our perspectives, to learn from each other, break open rusted structures of the city and gather ourselves. Oppression and the capitalist order is everywhere in this city, but so is our resistance. And its churning everywhere in this city. A yearning for confrontation can be heard coming from all kinds of corners Let’s discuss possible answers but above all let’s discuss our daily antagonisms to the ruling paradigm. Because an answer is not only a reaction, a short moment, its ongoing and permanent.

Never give up! Never surrender!

Our groundfloor is an will stay squatted!

Love and Strength to our two imprisoned friends from march 29th !

Rigaer 94

Lafone vs. Rigaer94 – The Chronicles


•December 2014: Purchase of the House by Lavone Investment Limited, letterbox company based on the Virgin Island. Head of Association: John Dewhurst

22.06.2017 Eviction of the groundfloor by 300 cops, construction workers and securities, start of a three-weeks siege and noumerous direct actions at night and day

13.07.2016 Judgement by default from the regional court of Berlin, lawyer of Lafone, André Tessmer, doesn’t appear, rooms are given back to our association

02.02.2017 Confirmation of the judgement by default by the regional court of Berlin, Lafone is without leadership, because Dewhurst resigned already on the 08.07.2016, the lawyer Markus Bernau is missing the triable authorization

29.06.2017 Lafone unfit to plead because of sudden death of the busdriver and head of association Colin Francis John Guille from Sark Islands in may, trial is adjourned indefinetly

22.08.2017 Mark Robert Burton takes over the job of the director. He is also head of association and dummy for three more letterbox companies in the northern english ConsettBusiness Park. “

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