Berlin, Germany: The project ‘Tempest Multilingual, Anarchist Library’ has been brought to an end

In 2009 a group of anarchists from different countries joined together and came up with a proposal for a multi-lingual anarchist distro and library. Ideas turned into action and the project began. Its first home was in a house project in Friedrichshain, later moving to Reichenbergerstr. in Kreuzberg where the project remained until now. In the last 8 years there have been many positive experiences and of course some things that have not gone so well.

The desire of the original group, and also of those who joined the project later, was to encourage the discussion and dissemination of anarchist theory and praxis in various languages across the city of Berlin and beyond. The project placed its emphasis on an insurrectionist anarchist perspective.

In keeping with the founding group’s understanding of the project as a piece of impermanent infrastructure, and to prevent it from sliding away from its intended projectuality, the current administrative group has decided to end the project.

The room has been handed over to a new group who will begin their own new project. We welcome this and are already looking forward to the ideas and fresh wind that this will hopefully bring.

We look back over the last 8 years with joy and tears and would like to thank all those comrades who have participated in and supported the project.

See you all on the streets!

….we need a little time and space right now but hope to give a more detailed analysis of the past years in the coming months.