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Germany: An update from Hambach

In the early morning of November 15th, in the light of the full moon, an autonomous group welcomed forest workers with a heartwarming fire.

Flaming barricades were set up on the main road to the Hambach Forest to prevent the RWE-hired forest-killers from reaching their working-site.

The barricade attracted the attention of several security workers, cops, as […]

Pyhäjoki, Finland: Drive-by barricade – End of dialogue

Received April 13th:

Fennovoima-Rosatom tries to build a new nuclear power plant to Pyhäjoki, Finland. Nuclear energy is by every standards outdated technology, financially unprofitable, increases the centralization of energy production and produces hazardous nuclear waste for generations to come.

On top of it all, Fennovoima-Rosatom is destroying unique nature as we speak and messing up the […]

Iquique, Northern Chile: Barricades and clashes outside the UNAP campus on December 21st

Camila Sanhueza out onto the streets!

Against every authority, with the fallen comrades in our memory; freedom for all comrades kidnapped in the prisons.

For a Black December – Camila de Pompeya out onto the streets!

Note from Contra Info: On April 28th 2015, compañera Camila […]

Greece: Rage in the streets of central Athens

November 12th rioting:

Riots broke out in the streets of central Athens on November 12th 2015, day of general strike. Before the morning demonstration, hooded protesters chased a team of uniformed cops who were patrolling on foot near the Archeological Museum, in Patission Street, and beat up at least one of the pigs. Just after Omonoia […]

Santiago: Barricades outside the Liceo Darío Salas

On Monday, May 25th, at about 10am, there were barricades and clashes between youths and bastards of the police outside the Liceo Darío Salas, where a banner was placed in memory of anarchist comrade Mauricio Morales, fallen in action on May 22nd 2009 while he intended to attack the prison guards school.

Punky Mauri, the […]

Athens: Street barricades in solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike

Victory to the Struggle of the Imprisoned Hunger Strikers

Today, Thursday April 2nd, at about midday, we carried out a small action outside the faculty of ASOEE (Athens University of Economics and Business) in downtown Athens, as a minimum token of solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike. We blocked traffic on both directions of Patission […]

Santiago, Chile: Insurrectional solidarity with Nikos Romanos amid barricades at the intersection of Macul and Grecia

On Wednesday noon, November 26th, amid barricades and Molotov cocktails that gave life to a new day of anarchic violence and confrontation with the guardians of order on the junction known as “Cordón Macul”, one of the groups that participated in the action which has already been diffused expressed our solidarity with anarchist comrade Nikos […]

Greece: Responsibility claim for fiery barricades in Thessaloniki

In the coming days, the State is promoting the passage of a draft bill related to the creation of special detention conditions, the new ‘Type C Prisons’.

The bill provides for a series of reforms intended to impose further control and oppression on ‘dangerous’ prisoners.

The struggle against the imposition of these new living conditions has already […]

Santiago, Chile: Responsibility claim for street battle at the USACH on May 20, 2014

On May 22, 2009 anarchist comrade Mauricio Morales (Punky Mauri) died after the unexpected detonation of the explosive device he was carrying in the direction of the miserable prison guard school, of the $hilean gendarmerie, sinister institution dedicated to the training of repugnant beings that are willing to torture and humiliate others.

Five years since he […]

Thessaloniki: Flaming barricade for Kostas Sakkas, anarchist prisoner on hunger strike since June 4th

On Wednesday noon, June 26th, a group of comrades headed to Tritis Septemvriou Street in Thessaloniki, where we placed tires and blocked the traffic in both directions for a few minutes. As soon as the street barricade was engulfed in flames, we threw fliers regarding the hunger strike of anarchist Kostas Sakkas, and […]

İstanbul: Reportback from Beşiktaş and Taksim

The TV channel CNNtürk broadcasted a documentary about penguins at the same time that thousands of people were clashing out on the streets, so somebody made this video to mock them:

In the morning of June 3rd, after two days of heavy clashes in the district of Beşiktaş, police presence there was huge. Cops were deployed […]

Turkey: Raw news from the Taksim Gezi Park struggle and ongoing riots

Banner on Lesvos Island (opposite Turkish shores): ‘Solidarity with the rebels in Turkey’

On June 1st we were in Taksim at about 3pm. After clashes that started in the morning, police was forced to leave the area. The cops disappeared for some hours. For two hours there was no police presence in any area in downtown […]

Netherlands: A report on the eviction of Ubica squat

Utrecht, Holland: 24 May 2013, night time…

Suddenly they came storming out. They were ten or fifteen. Black clothes, hooded. They had a fire extinguisher, a ladder, paint and some tires with them. And gasoline. The great final act of the sad drama of the Fall of Ubica had started.

The tensions were high up to eleven […]

Vyronas, Athens: Burning barricades and attack against the municipal building in solidarity with Villa Amalias

The state dogs invaded the squats anew; we’ll set Athens on fire, that’s what we’ll do.

In the early morning hours of January 10th, we interrupted the traffic flow at the intersection of Karaoli and Dimitriou streets, in the district of Vyronas, we put garbage cans in the middle of the road […]

Exarchia, Athens 6.12.2012 (videos)


night of december 6th, 2012

Santiago, $hile: Barricades and clashes in solidarity with the Revolutionary Struggle comrades

On Thursday, November 22nd, at about 8am, a group of hooded acratists exited the Central University, which is next to the Almagro park in downtown Santiago, and set fire to barricades on San Ignacio street to interrupt traffic flow.

The irruption into the routine transfer of people from home to work, and vice versa, through this […]

$hile: Black September rebellion

September 11th was the day that, in 1973, the commander-in-chief of the Chilean army Augusto Pinochet took power over the democratically elected president Allende. Pinochet killed and tortured thousands in his dictatorial rule, until 1990.

On the same day, in 1998, anarchist Claudia López was shot dead by cops of the reinstated democracy while […]

Athens: Night street fight in the neighbourhood of Exarchia

At about midnight on Saturday, September 8th, a group of comrades who were in Exarchia heard that about 100 meters away from the neighbourhood’s square, on Stournari street and opposite the entrance of the Polytechnic School, clashes had started between two groups of people. We walked down there with others to see what was going […]

İstanbul: Everybody on Serhildan against State’s prohibition

The clashes between police and people who wanted to celebrate Newroz started at Pazartekke tram station in İstanbul. After the intervention of repressive forces, the resisters set up barricades. The other attack of the cops occurred in Zeytinburnu. Police attacked with tear gas the audience (where also Kurdish parlamenters were in). But police terror was […]

March 1st, 2012 —Day of NO TAV actions across Italy (and beyond)

NO TAV —Highway under evacuation (second round) 1-3/2012 00.42 GMT+1 The assembly ended. The next meeting was scheduled for 18.00pm in Bussoleno.

00.40 News came in the assembly about a NO TAV activist admitted to hospital with a broken leg.

00.27 According to eye-witnesses’ reports in the assembly, cars of NO TAV activists were damaged by Carabinieri.

00.09 […]

Italy, NO TAV: Too many coincidences…

February 28th has been an extraordinary day of tenacity and determination of the NO TAV movement, and inevitably some were bothered.

At around 23.15 (GMT+1) or shortly after, people at the gathering started running towards the houses opposite the road junction in Chianocco, because someone said that a car parked across the street, which runs alongside […]

Italy: NO TAV resisters continue the blockades, also in response to the fall of comrade Luca Abbà who is still hospitalized in critical condition

February 28th, 2012 _ 21.00 GMT+1 Luca’s health condition update from live radio: logically reserved prognosis; a comrade managed to stay with him for an hour; today they have woken him up a bit; he responded to limb mobility test; moderate optimism; more 2–3 days of alert _

28-2/2012 Antonio Manganelli, chief of Italian […]

Greece: Spread the revolt!

First, we should make it clear that it is impossible to express in words what we’ve experienced in the streets on February 12th. The street battles in Athens and other Greek cities reached a level of uprising, while the rage of people broke out simultaneously in many places, making the record of each and […]

Athens: ‘I was looking for you in the night, and I was burning with fire’

thoughts on recent events in Athens from random personal blog

Last night, February 12th, in front of a bank that was burning with an eerie blue flame, an old man was standing with a national flag on his shoulder, while his closest relative was taking pictures of him. Perhaps he’ll hang the photo above […]

The social struggle in Keratea-Lavreotiki

A brief chronicle (11 December–22 March)

Keratea is a town of 16,000 residents in Lavreotiki municipality, situated in southeastern Attica, 40km from Athens, near Lavrion. The site has an ancient history that has left many remains, an amphitheatre, parts of the ancient fortification, etc. As many parts of Attica, it has also a strong Arbanitic tradition, […]