Greece: Responsibility claim for fiery barricades in Thessaloniki

In the coming days, the State is promoting the passage of a draft bill related to the creation of special detention conditions, the new ‘Type C Prisons’.

The bill provides for a series of reforms intended to impose further control and oppression on ‘dangerous’ prisoners.

The struggle against the imposition of these new living conditions has already begun inside and outside the walls of prisons.

Since Monday, June 23rd thousands of inmates in various prisons of Greece have gone on a mass hunger strike to demand the repeal of this new legislative bill.

Polymorphous actions of solidarity stand as a crucial complement to this struggle.

This historical moment must not find us inconsistent but instead ready and determined to combat both this specific bill and each condition of incarceration and suppression that we have tolerated so far; standing against the State/Capital, much as we stand by the side of prisoners in struggle.

In the context of this struggle, on Wednesday evening, June 25th two groups of comrades acted in a coordinated manner and went out to Olympiados and Grigoriou Lambraki streets, in Thessaloniki, where we erected barricades to block the traffic, after we poured gasoline on tires and trash bins and torched them.

See you in the streets, until the total destruction of prisons.