Santiago, Chile: Responsibility claim for street battle at the USACH on May 20, 2014

On May 22, 2009 anarchist comrade Mauricio Morales (Punky Mauri) died after the unexpected detonation of the explosive device he was carrying in the direction of the miserable prison guard school, of the $hilean gendarmerie, sinister institution dedicated to the training of repugnant beings that are willing to torture and humiliate others.

Five years since he fell in combat, we vindicate his braveness in action. Let the citizens know we exist, the ones who oppose the rationalities imposed by an authoritarian system; who believe in horizontality and also in affinity; who do not forget the ones that died in actions against Power or at the hands of police; who strongly embrace the ones that resist with dignity behind bars, in the cold cages of prisons.

We are neither the first nor the last ones that decide to oppose domination; before us, there’s a long history of those who considered violent action as a way to destroy the prevailing order.

We believe it’s necessary to generate an instance where memory and action join together, when we remember those among us who have taken this way in order to grow qualitatively, and be able to raise the stakes in battle, having already reached a point of no return.

We also have a sense of clarity and the conviction that we are not the last ones fighting against those who attempt to dominate us, that there will be others who will leap over their bars, smash their glass windows, burn down their houses, and make their precious social peace tremble.

Let it be known that no one is forgotten, nothing is settled, nothing is over.

Comrade Mauricio Morales is present in every action, gesture and instance against authority and exploitation.