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Salzburg, Austria: Attacks on BIG, Hypo and the State Departement of Finances

received 9 /18/2019

In the night from Sunday to Monday, the BIG (Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft) was attacked with fire and paint. They are responsible for the construction of the prison in Puch.

We attacked the Hypobank with paint. It’s a symbol for the politics of corruption and speculation of ÖVP and FPÖ.
We smashed the windows of the State Departement of Finances and attacked it with stinking bombs, because we are attacking the state.

In Salzburg, on September 16th, because the austrian governement is carrying out an EU summitmeeting a few days later to implement more restrictive practices of surveillance and control, especially against migrants.

We don’t care for the demonstration against the summit, where participants will be filmed, surveilled and criminalized. We don’t play by the rules of the rulers.

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Graz, Austria: “Identitarians” taken to court

received 7/5/18

In Graz (Austria) a trial against the “Identitarian Movement Austria” is taking place during the month of July. Known throughout Europe for their media campaigns in the Alps and the Mediterranean, they were also responsible for several rascist incidents in Austria. The charges are as follows: hate speech, membership and founding of a criminal organisation, property damage and coercion. For a more detailed summary of the charges, visit prozess.report, who have compiled a neat dossier.

The “Identitarians” in Austria

The „Identitarian Movement Austria“, as the far-right group calls itself, was founded in Vienna after the example of the french „Bloc Identitaire“ in the year 2012 by members of far-right fraternities. The so-called Identitarians soon grew to be the actionist part of the far-right. Their campaigns were almost always indiscriminatingly covered by the media and found widespread publication on social media plattforms. On the outside the “Identitarians” present themselves as “young dedicated Conservatives”, who have nothing in common with the boneheaded neonazis of the 90s.

Often they even managed to spin their image as a “rightwing NGO”, which was eagerly accepted by the media and politicians and therefore helped legitimizing their racist propaganda. This image is in direct contradiction to their actions, though, which include martial arts meetings on a regular basis, baton trainings, violent attacks against counter protestors and their proven connections to militant neonazis.

The trial

On July the fourth the trial against the “Identitarian Movement Austria” has begun. The prosecution accuses them of several crimes, the most severe one being “founding a criminal organisation”(§278)”. This Paragraph is worthy of much criticism, because it was used in the past to criminalize animal-right activists and refugee-protests. But one should not fall into the trap of comparing those organsiations with the “Identitarians, in order to prevent the propagation of their framing as a “rightwing NGO”, which would ignore and belittle their neo-fascist ideology.

In case of a conviction the 17 accused face years in prison, with ten of them being accused as members and seven of them as “active sympathisers”. Critical coverage of the month-long trial is done – among others – by prozess.report  and Radio Helsinki – von unten both of which are providing information about the ongoing trial in a timely manner – live coverage has been prohibited by the court.

Why now?

The upcoming trial comes at an odd time. The demands of the “Identitarians”, ill-reputed in the past, are now being largely
fullfilled by the current conservative/far-right government. Mass detention centers, closed borders, racist cuts in the social- and
educationalsystem and other typical parts of a far right agenda are being implemented right now. In the electoral campaign 2017 the
positions of the now governing parties FPÖ and ÖVP differed marginally from the rabble-rousing of the Identitarians. After the election far-right fraternity members and former members of paramilitary neonazis groups in the 90s even found work in the FPÖ-lead ministries.

Under these circumstances the trial against the “Identitarians” are only a superficial solution, while the cut-throat rascist practices of
the austrian government remain untouched. An acquittal would even empower the far-right group, absolving them of their actions. A conviction would surely be a heavy blow to the Identitarians, limiting their political work. But in times where the EU is implementing the demands of the „Defend Europe“ campaign, by criminalizing rescue operators in the Mediterranean, this is no consolation.

No matter how the trial ends, merely shutting down some right wing groups cannot be the answer. That does not solve the underlying issue. The “Identitarians” and their propaganda are just a part of the of the rascist dominant discourse in a country that does not have an antifascist consensus.

Bold antirascist, antifascist and emancipatory sentiments need much more publicity, instead of them being permanently silenced. Who does not stand against the authoritarian and fascist tendencies right now, or at least solidarize with those who do, is contributing to the current murderous political climate.

Smash Fascism!

This text is also available on our webpage:

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Graz (Austria): Spontaneous demonstration against the power plant

On Monday (October 2nd) we went into the streets to show our anger against the construction of the water power plant at the Mur river. With a banner saying “Cut down the state, not the trees” around 20 people moved through the inner city of Graz in an uncontrollable way. Some hundreds of leaflets were handed out to passers-by, traffic was temporarily blocked and fireworks were used as well.

After an hour the demonstration dissolved, the banner was hung to a construction fence and before the cops arrived, everybody was already gone.

A short quote from the leaflet, that was handed out:

“The fight for the Mur river is only one aspect of the conflict about our neighbourhoods and finally of our lives. Every started attack against authority is a step out of immaturity. It shows, that nothing is impossible – no matter how hard they try to convince us of the opposite day after day.”

Let us sabotage the projects of authority, that bore and destroy our lives! With all the means, we prefer…

Down with authority!

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Graz, Austria: A new stage of struggle against the water power plant

Text about the ongoing fight against the water power plant (“Murkraftwerk”) in Graz, Austria. The original is German and it was published in the anarchist newspaper REVOLTE in Vienna in the septembre-issue.

A new stage of struggle against the water power plant in Graz (Austria) start of clearance season: 1st of October

The fight against the water power plant in Graz (“Murkraftwerk”) is highly visible since the beginning of this year. There were various
actions like squatting of trees and excavators, camps and direct action at the river bank against this object of prestige. It’s also a
discussion about so-called “green energy”. Thousands of trees got already cut down and thousands of others are supposed to follow in

The construction of the power plant and the attendant central storage channel (“Zentraler Speicherkanal”) are going to change the city of Graz drastically. Until now the inner city was consisting mainly of savaged river banks, where thousands of trees were giving cover for different groups of people: people doing sports or walking, animals, youngsters hanging out. They all should give way to the restructuring of the area, so that the needs of the financially strong middle class can be met.

One of these projects is for example the construction project “timber in town”, developed and realised through the company “Hohensinn
Architektur”, “Kovac Immobilien” and the help of the Technical University of Graz. New and expensive flats and workplaces should arise,
where since decades there are people with low income living in small cottages – at the Grünanger, which is known as “a place of social

This restructuring is happening in a violent way. Not only are getting people displaced by the common logics of economy, but also physically
things are getting dug over – a whole ecosystem is getting destroyed. And since months people who fight against this construction projects are
confronted with physical violence. The main actor is though the “KLS Security Company”, that got directly hired by the building promoter
“Energie Steiermark” and that employs a lot of former cops. The police is then looking away in the right moment, when there ex-colleagues want to finish off these damn activists. So for example during the occupation of a excavator on February 27th activists were dragged down on their hair head first. Also the securities try to attack the activists in a psychological manner, following them home at night.

These behaviours do not only try to enforce the violent territoral claims of a business location in a repressive way, also the cooperation
between the authorities is beeing proved and according to their interests being strengthened, because KLS and the police were working
also together during the illegal eviction of the second camp on July 3rd. The camp was on common ground and registered as a legal
manifestation. The police shows us again, that they are interpreting the so-called legal situation as they please. There was an appeal against
the eviction, which also included illegal video recordings (by police) as well as destruction and theft of infrastructure of the camp by

To proceed with the actions against the power plant in accordance with the rule of law would be quite limiting – and that’s not only when we
look at how the police goes well with despotism and the securites with physical violence. Resistance and contrary opinions are tolerated in
this liberal system as long as they are not a real danger to it. If the protest is getting to strong, it will be stopped violently.

The end of legalistic struggling

The attempts of Energie Steiermark in pacifying the conflict with their ad hoc “dialogue office” to speak about the power plant, but also the
many sponsorings of culturals festivals like “steirischer herbst” or “laStrada” are cheap tricks of self-appointed PR-assholes like Urs Harnik in order to fake the population in a state of democratic participation. The faked readiness to engage in dialogue is supposed to serve as means of breaking the resistance down into arranged channels and to manage it within the common political modus operandi.

The latest low point of these activists who believe in this kind of dialogue was reached just recently with another call to the authorities to stop the power plant; a letter to the pope in Rome, he should work it out. After all the institutions of the state rejected their help, now it’s time for them to beg the churchy ones for help. Even if it is indeed important work against the power plant that’s done by these legalistic groups concerning gathering of information, we clearly see that this part of resistance has come to its end. The illusion of a pluralistic fight in order to stop the construction by all means necessary has failed.

A new stage of the struggle

The first intense phase of struggle started with the start of construction on February 6th 2017 and for the investors and politics this meant building freeze and actions in order to show the ecological and capitalist false conclusions. There also were attempts to work with the national socialist past of the city, because the labour camp Liebenau was at the construction site, through which there was a “death march” during the nazi period.

Now in autumn the second phase of forest clearance is starting and with it also the next phase of struggle. The third protest camp on the
westbank next to the slaughterhouse will be a central place of resistance. Starting with October first, individuals and groups who are orientated towards action will meet there for planning actions and helding workshops. The first of October is at the same time the earliest
possible date for forest clearance.

The days of construction and workshops are meant to build the infrastructure of resistance and to discuss new forms of action in order to make them happen in the area. On the one hand it is a try to get international support to Graz in order to prevent the construction, on the other hand it is about something greater. In the collective fight we can develop new methods of resistance and intensify our relationships.

If there is people who won’t make it to Graz, we kindly want to remind you that there are involved companies and institutions to be found
everywhere: for example the construction company “PORR” (purchaser and contractor at the same time!) and the also involved “Verbund”. The ones fighting in Graz against the plant would certainly be glad, if solidarity in forms of actions would be shown…

Vienna: Banner drop against prisons at Votiv Church

Received on August 21

Last night there was a banner drop happening in the context of the international week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners, therefore two banners saying “BURN ALL PRISONS” and “FREEDOM FOR ALL PRISONERS” were hung at the Votiv Church.

Prisons have to leave, have to leave society, have to leave our lives and our heads! They swallow everbody who is fighting for freedom, they are instruments of the ruling class to get rid of everything that’s rebellious and disobeys. Therefore the fight against prisons is also a fight against authority in general.
The week of international solidarity didn’t start yet, but solidarity is nothing thats tied to a calender!

Freedom for the prisoners of the resistance against G20!
Freedom for the Aachen convicted of bank robbery!
Freedom for all prisoners!

Greetings of solidarity from Vienna


in German

Vienna: Anarchist Book Fair, June 2 – 4 2017

From June 2 until June 4 an anarchist book fair will take place in Vienna at Yppenplatz. This is an invitation for everyone who feels like creating together a weekend full of anarchist literature, propaganda/agitation and an exchange with lectures, workshops and bookstalls.

Our intention is to bring anarchist ideas into public. Therefore we decided to organize the book fair at a lively public space and not in some closed established anarchist space. We hope for good weather, still, we have organized bad weather alternatives and there are indoor spaces for presentations or workshops.

To us, anarchism is not something codified in books but something that needs vivid exchange and discussions. That is what we aim to facilitate through the book fair.

In these ways you can contribute: bookstalls, lectures, translations, book presentations, workshops, music, discussions, help on the ground,…

If you would like to contribute, no matter how, write us: a-bookfair-vienna@riseup.net

Behind the organization there is not a commercial publishing house but individuals who came together to organize the book fair.

Austria: Anarchist Black Cross solidarity event at ABC Solidarity Fest Vienna [20.-23. April 2017]

Solidarity event of “Anarchist Black Cross – Solidarity Cell” with imprisoned comrades of Koridallos prison (Athens) @ ABC FESTIVAL VIENNA (20. – 23. April 2017)

“As anarchists, we perceive the need of a multiform anarchist struggle, posing the issue of attack against state and vassalage that is imposed, with every means possible, here and now.”(from the self presentation text of the ABC Group)

In this event the comrades from “ABC – Solidarity Cell” will talk about the importance of solidarity to anarchist prisoners the solidarity endeavors and the connection of struggles inside and outside the walls. Further it will contain a deconstruction of the meaning of anarchist movement and the myth of the district of Exarchia.

“(…) we do not consider that the action of our anarchist comrades is finished after imprisonment or repression.”(from the self presentation text of the ABC Group)

During the event there will be a presence of three anarchist prisoner, via Live-Connection, Koridallos prison:

– Nikos Romanos
– Panagiotis Argyrou CCF-Metropolitan Violence cell/FAI-IRF
– Olga Oikonomidou CCF-Urban Guerrilla cell/FAI-IRF

They will talk about the following topics:

– The conditions in prisons and the situation of anarchist prisoners in Greece
– The importance of solidarity assemblies for the anarchist prisoners and the connection of struggles inside and outside the walls
– The choice and the importance of armed struggle, the responsibility claim on period of action and particular of participation in armed organisation, the importance and consignment of those choices
– The choice of jailbreaking
– The position of woman in armed struggle

It will be also possible to raise questions to the comrades in prison, so the communication will be communication in both directions.

Some words from anarchist prisoner Panagiotis Argyrou dedicated to the ABC Festival:

There are times when you feel a certain kind of strength inside you. This may be happening for different reasons each time ,but undoubtly it is always a very positive feeling . Such a kind of strength may feel a prisoner when he/she discovers that there are other individuals wanting a touch, a contact, a communication , a conversation with him/her. It is a very strong feeling , a unique one, the feeling of a great strenght filling you all over and this is something priceless. This feeling that you are not alone , that there are other comrades wanting to share moments, experiences or whatever, with you , is something so valuable that only freedom itself can compare with. So let me thank you very much for the opportunity you offer me to have some contact even if it is for so little. I wish future bring us more oppurtunities so that one day we can have the chance to have a live talk outside the walls. A big warm hug, Panagiotis Argyrou, member of CCF-FAI


ABC Solidarity Cell Website: abcsolidaritycell.espivblogs.net
E-Mail: abcsolidaritycell@riseup.net

Nikos Romanos State prison of Korydallos – Mens prison-ward A’, P.C. 18110, Korydallos, Athens

Panagiotis Argyrou State prison of Korydallos – Mens prison-ward A’, P.C. 18110, Korydallos, Athens

Olga Oikonomidou State prison of Korydallos – Womens prison, P.C. 18110, Korydallos, Athens

Other events @ the ABC Festival Vienna you can find here: abcfestvienna.noblogs.org


Wielandgasse 2-4
1100 Wien

Vienna, Austria: Poster – Fire into the hearts!

…a small, timeless poster for distributing yourself.

They restrict our free movement on the Earth’s surface by closing the borders. They restrict our free movement in the streets by steadily chasing the cops after us. And after all that we already had to suffer, they even expect us to be friendly and to negotiate with the State quietly for some crumbles?
Fucking Shit! If you have a statesman in front of you, you don’t shake his head, you spit in his face!

Solidarity with all the rebels!
Fire into the hearts!

Vienna, Austria: Solidarity with Thunfisch

We are sending greetings of solidarity from Vienna/Austria to Thunfisch, who was arrested on November 21st 2016 in relation to the protests in solidarity with R94 on July 7th. She is beeing held captive since November 29th in the women prison JVA Lichtenberg in Berlin.

On Saturday, 4th of February we gathered in order to show a gesture of solidarity. For this we made a picture with a banner, that says „Free Thun – Love R94 – Hate Cops“.

The action happened relating to an event for anarchist prisoners. It was an evening of information about repression and a party to support anarchists financially, that are having trials at the moment. With the label „Feierabendsoli“ it was already the second event like this for anarchist solidarity. The event also aimed at showing that there are other forms of actions in solidarity than simply visiting a benefit party.
Therefore we used this evening to support our comrade Thunfisch.

We send strength and power of endurance to her and to all our comrades in prison!

Fire to all prisons!
Freedom for all prisoners!


in German

Vienna: Solidarity and rage

In the last weeks, some efforts were made for expressing the solidarity and rage we feel with regard to the repression against those anarchists currently accused of bank expropriations in Germany.

More than ten thousand flyers were scattered in the metropolitan area, slogans were painted on walls, and we visited some of our favourite bank branches to rage a bit.

The trial against our comrades began recently in Aachen (Germany), and we want to show to those who are responsible that we won’t simply accept it if they make our comrades stand trial.

Whether they are “innocent” or “guilty” in the sense of charges, we don’t fucking care – these are categories made by the State and the Capital, not ours. We are pleased about every damaged bank, about every poster, about every bank expropriation!

Solidarity and attack against the world of banks and prisons!

source: linksunten.indymedia.org

Austria: Poster in solidarity with the US prison strike as contribution to a global Week of Action

The poster „Against Prison! Against Slavery!“ is a small contribution from anarchists in Austria to the global Week of Action from 15th to 22nd October.

We send our solidarity to all prison rebels!
Strength to the striking prisoners in the US and beyond!

Text from the poster:


Every institution that tries to turn us into oppressed or handcuffed slaves are our enemy: fascism, patriarchy, authority, borders, the state and the capital!

Against Prison! Against Slavery!

Prison was created by a social order based on domination and exploitation. The aim is to create a structure to segregate, repress and confine all undesirables. Until today the bosses make capital with forced labor in prisons, and control is increasing with little difficulty, while the politicians speak about liberty, equality and democracy.

Oppression, subtle and violent, is always inherent in a capitalist society. Acceptance of a miserable life among the exploited and oppressed makes capitalist production possible. An anti-nationalist consciousness, the rejection of democratic dictatorship and the fight against every polluted aspect of life is therefore vital.

The starting point for truly explosive struggles is taking position, attacking the exploitation machinery, exposing cannibalistic governments, destroying militarized borders, intensifying social conflicts and building fertile structures for anarchist and non-anarchist people with common enemies and common targets on a global scale.

Given that it is not a revolutionary tactic to spread fairy tales, we can’t just talk about getting away from it all. We must position ourselves along lines of various anarchist tendencies. The struggle we want to intensify includes revolutionary attacks and armed resistance. Above all we express our solidarity with anarchist and rebellious prisoners through attacks for the total destruction of prisons and the prison society!



in German

Vienna: Remember, Remember, the 6th of December

On December 6th, 2014, around 80 people participated in a solidarity gathering that took place in Vienna’s Karlsplatz in remembrance of Alexandros Grigoropoulos and for Nikos Romanos and the other revolutionary prisoners in Greece.

From the call:

Nikos Romanos witnessed the murder of 15-year-old Alexis Grigoropoulos by a Greek police officer. The killing of the young school student on the 6th of December 2008 sparked mass demonstrations in the centre of Athens and in other major cities.

“My friend was not just murdered, but was executed in cold blood,” said Romanos.

Six years later, the violence and perversion of the State continues. The Greek judiciary decided to imprison Nikos Romanos for a bank robbery that was intended to raise money for the movement.

On November 10th, 2014, Nikos decided to start a hunger strike with the aim of getting educational leave from prison in order to be able to study at university, like many other prisoners. With the hunger strike he puts his own body as a weapon against injustice. He is currently hospitalized and guarded by the servants of the State.

In parallel, the state prosecution hands over responsibility for the hunger strike to the physicians, suggesting they are obliged to administer medication and nutrition to the patient – this being a forced treatment and a violation of human dignity.

Currently, there are massive demonstrations in Greece, but also in other European countries. Today, December 6th, 2014, we want to demonstrate together for the release of Nikos Romanos.

Solidarity with the revolutionary prisoners in Greece and everywhere.

Freedom for Nikos Romanos!

Alexandros Grigoropoulos – Never forget, never forgive!

Viva l’Anarchia

Vienna: Paint bombing against SEG building

Free Josef (antifascist who’s in custody since 24.1.2014)

In the night between January 31st and February 1st, 2014 we embellished the SEG building located in 10, Spittelauer Lände street with paint bombs.

The SEG-“Urban Renewal and Condominium Association” is just one of many companies that are actively involved in the revaluation of formerly cheaper districts.

The SEG has chosen the revaluation of the Danube Canal and the urban railway arches as current field of activity. In this case, they speak of “picking out a good location and corresponding architecture.”

We find that their concrete block persistently disrupts the view to the Danube Canal, which is known for its graffiti and murals. That’s why we decided to somewhat adapt their white walls to the appearance of the city rail arches’ walls.

Solidarity greetings to the Pizzeria Anarchia collective, acutely threatened with eviction, and also to the comrade who is currently held on remand after the NoWKR protests.*

Against gentrification! Our city remains dirty!

Autonomous Devaluation Association

* Translators’ note: A mass anti-Nazi demonstration on January 24th against the annual Vienna “academic ball”, organized by the FPÖ far right party and attended by hundreds of members of right-wing student fraternities from Austria and Germany. Josef was arrested that night, and his pretrial detention period was recently extended. More info and updates about his case on soli2401.blogsport.eu.

Vienna: Police car set on fire

In the night of January 17th, 2014 we torched a police van of the PAZ (police detention centre) located in Hernalser Gürtel street in Vienna.

People subject to custody pending deportation are imprisoned in the PAZ, from where they are continuously deported from Austria.

With this small gesture we wanted to attack Austria’s racist construct and give a small response to the behavior (and the existence) of cops and other authorities.

Fire and flames to the deportation and repression authorities!

Autonomous Bonfire Commando in the district of Floridsdorf, Vienna

Austria & Germany: Actions in remembrance of Alexandros Grigoropoulos


In Leipzig, a cops’ station was attacked with stones and paints. The communiqué is as follows:

‘During the night from 6.12 to 7.12.12 we attacked with paints and stones the cops’ station which is located in Weißenfelser street in the district of Plagwitz, Leipzig. Thereby we want to remember Alexandros Grigoropoulos, who was murdered by cops on 6.12.08 in Exarchia, Athens.

We want to show that there are people in Leipzig who won’t forget any murder by cops nor any victim of repression by the State.

Libertad (A)’

Antifa Mainz unfurled their banner and held a picket in remembrance of Alexandros in front of the local old university, while leaflets were handed out to passersby in the shopping streets of Mainz, arousing some interest and spontaneous discussions.

On the same day comrades carried out another action in Mainz, with a banner raised to commemorate the state murder in Exarchia. The comrades’ communiqué reads among others: ‘Today, four years after the beginning of the uprising, demonstrations, riots and occupations took place once again, in remembrance of the death of Alexis. Also here, in Germany. Also in Mainz. We feel the same anger against the system as our comrades in Greece, Spain, Italy… and our thoughts and actions unite with them. With this action we make a small contribution of worldwide solidarity for the struggle of social revolts.’


In Hamburg, a solidarity banner was also raised: ‘Alexis; this was murder – Resistance in every place’.

Comrades from Vienna, Austria, put up a banner at the squat Pizzeria Anarchia, in order to send their own message:

To remember means to revolt.

summary in Greek