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Vienna: Banner drop against prisons at Votiv Church

Received on August 21

Last night there was a banner drop happening in the context of the international week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners, therefore two banners saying “BURN ALL PRISONS” and “FREEDOM FOR ALL PRISONERS” were hung at the Votiv Church.

Prisons have to leave, have to leave society, have to leave our lives and our heads! They swallow everbody who is fighting for freedom, they are instruments of the ruling class to get rid of everything that’s rebellious and disobeys. Therefore the fight against prisons is also a fight against authority in general.
The week of international solidarity didn’t start yet, but solidarity is nothing thats tied to a calender!

Freedom for the prisoners of the resistance against G20!
Freedom for the Aachen convicted of bank robbery!
Freedom for all prisoners!

Greetings of solidarity from Vienna

in German

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  • Anonymous

    Solidarity from Maine! Burn down the prisons, give amnesty to all non violent and political prisoners, and the rest who are willing to fight! Community based restorative justice processes are more effective, just and proactive. Brick by brick! It’s going down!

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