Vienna: Anarchist Book Fair, June 2 – 4 2017

From June 2 until June 4 an anarchist book fair will take place in Vienna at Yppenplatz. This is an invitation for everyone who feels like creating together a weekend full of anarchist literature, propaganda/agitation and an exchange with lectures, workshops and bookstalls.

Our intention is to bring anarchist ideas into public. Therefore we decided to organize the book fair at a lively public space and not in some closed established anarchist space. We hope for good weather, still, we have organized bad weather alternatives and there are indoor spaces for presentations or workshops.

To us, anarchism is not something codified in books but something that needs vivid exchange and discussions. That is what we aim to facilitate through the book fair.

In these ways you can contribute: bookstalls, lectures, translations, book presentations, workshops, music, discussions, help on the ground,…

If you would like to contribute, no matter how, write us:

Behind the organization there is not a commercial publishing house but individuals who came together to organize the book fair.