Athens: Open Nazi threat against comrade Giorgos Kalaitzidis

In the early hours of Sunday the 17th of November, as I returned home, I saw “Kalaitzidis : Grammos–Vitsi” spray-painted at the entrance along with the Celtic cross and the initials “X.A.” on it, which stand for Chrissi Avgi, the Golden Dawn neo-Nazi party [Grammos and Vitsi are two mountains in northern Greece where the Democratic Army of Greece (DSE) suffered heavy losses during battles in 1949, when the Greek Civil War was ended in military terms].

Apparently the Golden Dawn thugs who painted the menacing slogan did not find my place of residence simply on their own, but they were given my home address directly by someone from inside the police. Let me just mention here that a few hours later, in the morning of November 17th [date of the 40th anniversary of the Athens Polytechnic uprising], in the context of preventive detentions prior to the annual demonstration, men of the State Security detained me for the umpteenth time, and held me in the Athens police headquarters for seven hours. Let me also remind that in November 2012 the Social Centre VOX, a squatting project in Exarchia in which I participate, had organized an event toward the creation of antifascist politofilakés [civil-guards, or militias] in the neighbourhoods. On the day of that open assembly, the Golden Dawn MP Lagos [currently a prisoner on remand] had lodged a parliamentary question to the government regarding our event, and impeached authorities for “allowing it to happen.”

After the latest incident, with the aforementioned painted slogan on the wall of my house, it is clear that I have been targeted by the fascists. I therefore declare that, if anything should happen against me, directly responsible are the police authorities for handing over my home address to the neo-Nazis.

Giorgos Kalaitzidis