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Brazil: Against “Operation Erebo”

received 10/26/17

Police started the so called “Operation Erebo” aiming to prosecute anarchists in Porto Alegre city, south region of the territory under domain of bra$silian state. This operation is an attempt to arrest anarchists that supposedly took part in informal activities since 2013.

About this case, we don’t have nothing to say but the […]

Greece: Housing squats in Thessaloniki evicted

‘Solidarity with Squats – Squat the World’ (slogan spray-painted on Cephalonia Island, Greece, 28.07.2016)

On July 27th 2016, at the crack of dawn, Greek police forces raided and simultaneously evicted three housing squats in the city of Thessaloniki: Orfanotrofio housing squat for migrants (property owned by the Church), Hurriya community on Karolou Diehl […]

Athens: Anarchists entered the Greek Parliament courtyard

Banner action at the entrance to the Parliament in solidarity with the hunger strikers in Greek prisons:

On April 1st, anarchists entered the courtyard of the Greek parliament, threw fliers, chanted slogans and unfurled a banner reading: “Solidarity with the hunger strikers – Immediate fulfillment of their demands – Anarchist group Rubicon”.

Comrades were detained by anti-riot […]

Greece: Anti-prison protest outside Prime Minister’s house in Athens – Upcoming demos

On the evening of June 24th – 2nd day of mass hunger strike of over 3,900 prisoners across Greece — nearly 60 anarchists made an anti-prison intervention outside the house of Antonis Samaras, Prime Minister of Greece, in the northern suburb of Kifissia, Athens.

Comrades threw anti-repression leaflets in the streets and shouted slogans such as:

Listen […]

Athens: Responsibility claim for incendiary attack on police station in Exarchia

On Friday, December 13, 2013 we attacked the Exarchia police station [on Kallidromiou street in downtown Athens]. Approximately 40 comrades chased off the police guards, and reached the entrance of the police station, torching the front door, the guard booth, and police service vehicles. At the same time, another group of 30 comrades […]

Madrid, Spain: Prosecutions for antifascist direct action

On Thursday, November 28th, at 6am, plainclothes cops from the Information Brigade of the Spanish National Police launched a large-scale operation against activists from various different collectives, under the orders of Cristina Cifuentes, a politician of the ruling right-wing Partido Popular (People’s Party), and current central government delegate in Madrid. The police claimed to have […]

Athens: Open Nazi threat against comrade Giorgos Kalaitzidis

In the early hours of Sunday the 17th of November, as I returned home, I saw “Kalaitzidis : Grammos–Vitsi” spray-painted at the entrance along with the Celtic cross and the initials “X.A.” on it, which stand for Chrissi Avgi, the Golden Dawn neo-Nazi party [Grammos and Vitsi are two mountains in northern Greece where the […]

Mexico City: Demonstration in memory of the Tlatelolco massacre

Every October 2nd, Mexico City commemorates the massacre of students in diverse levels of education in the Plaza de las Tres Culturas (“Square of the Three Cultures”) of Tlatelolco neighbourhood, ten days before the 1968 Summer Olympics. This year’s march took place against the backdrop of several recent anarchist interventions in […]

Turkey: Police crackdown and mass detentions in İstanbul

In the early hours of July 16th, 2013 police raided 100 different places in İstanbul.

At around 5.30am, police stormed many houses simultaneously. According to initial reports, 12 members of Öğrenci Kolektifleri (Students’ Collective) and Liseli Genç Umut (Highschool Young Hope) were detained. 26 persons in the district of Sancaktepe were detained, including readers […]

Turkey: Brief update on repression

Last night, Sunday the 16th of June 2013, it was calm in the city of İzmir. People gathered in Alsancak, at Gündoğdu Square, but the repression forces didn’t react. This is probably the current police strategy. They attack with huge forces in İstanbul and Ankara, but ‘let the other cities be’ for the time being. […]

İstanbul, Turkey: Raw updates from the occupation at Taksim Gezi Park

Crowd of protesters at Istiklal street, Istanbul

Please contribute info from the streets.

The occupation of Taksim Gezi Park in İstanbul began on May 28th, 2013. Following the police raid in the park area on May 30th, hackers from the RedHack sabotaged the website of the Beyoglu police headquarters in response […]

Patras, Greece: Clashes with cops on May 17th – Antifascist demonstration on May 19th

On the evening of Friday, May 17th in Patras, large-scale clashes took place between anarchists and wild youth, on one side, and law enforcement on the other. It kicked off when cops surrounded the Olgas square, in the centre of the city, in order to break up a group of people who had gathered there, […]

Athens: Cops detained comrades during solidarity action with Athens IMC and 98FM radio station

In the morning of April 24th, as part of solidarity actions with counter-information media that were recently gagged by the Greek State with the aid of the rector of the National Technical University of Athens, Simos Simopoulos, a large banner was placed at Propylaea on Panepistimiou street in downtown Athens, that reads: “Raise your voice […]

Athens: Attempted reoccupation of Skaramaga squat ended up with mass detentions in the area of Exarchia and one comrade faced with misdemeanor charges

“I want my child to become a squatter”

A two-day event in solidarity with all squats, self-organized projects and self-managed structures of counter-information (targeted by repression ever since the first police raid on Villa Amalias squat on the 20th of December 2012) was called for the 15th and the 16th of February 2013 […]

Thessaloniki, Greece: Attack against bank branches

In the night of January 11th, we smashed the front windows of three bank branches: one of Eurobank, another of Alpha Bank in the area of Triandria, and a third one of the National Bank of Greece on Papanastassiou street. We threw leaflets in the locations with messages of solidarity with Villa Amalias […]

Athens: Comrades attacked the local offices of the Greek government’s main party in Kamatero

In the night of Wednesday, January 9th, the windows of the offices of Nea Dimokratia party (‘New Democracy’) were smashed and paint bombed in the area of Kamatero.

Ger your hands off the squats and self-organized spaces. Solidarity with the 92 captive comrades, who humiliated the plan which dictated that Villa Amalias must remain under police […]

Ioannina, Greece: Solidarity action for Villa Amalias and Skaramaga squats

HANDS OFF THE SQUATS! (banner at Skaramaga squat)

In the afternoon of January 9th, amid harsh repressive operations in Athens, nearly 100 comrades in Ioannina decided to give a first enraged response in the face of these events, and attacked the city’s courthouse with paint bombs in solidarity with both squats in Athens […]

Athens: Villa Amalias re-squatted and re-evicted; mass detentions

Early in the morning of Wednesday, January 9th, 2013 dozens of people re-squatted Villa Amalias.

Heavy anti-riot police forces that encircled the building threw repeatedly tear gas inside. At approximately 9.20am, anti-riot squadrons (MAT, YMET) along with the EKAM special suppressive antiterrorist unit were deployed in the area, smashed the building’s windows and raided it anew, […]

Berlin: Refugee hunger strike in front of Brandenburg Gate

On October 24th, 20 participants in the ongoing refugee strike in Germany decided to go on hunger strike and set up a second tent camp in front of Brandenburg Gate, in Berlin, which the police took down that night. The cops forbid any use of sleeping equipment as well. Below is footage from the evacuation.

Slogans […]

Refugee struggle in Germany: Racist abuse in Berlin police custody

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Athens: Eviction of the housing squat on Spyridonos Trikoupi street in Exarchia

On October 30th, at around 10am, anti-riot squadrons stormed the streets surrounding Exarchia square and violently evicted the housing squat on Spyridonos Trikoupi street. According to the initial information, approximately ten people were taken to the Exarchia police station, while the ‘legal’ owners of the building have not (yet) filed a lawsuit against […]

Athens: Anti-repression leaflet by the open popular assembly in Peristeri

“If we don’t resist in every neighbourhood, our cities will become modern prisons”

October 20th


On Wednesday, September 26th, day of general strike, thousands of people protested against the upcoming harsh anti-labour measures, which will bring further impoverishment in our lives.

From early in the morning, heavy police […]

Corinth, Greece: Urgent call for antifascist demonstration (23/8)

After the transfer of nearly four hundred migrants in a military camp of Corinth (about 80 kilometres southwest of Athens) literally in the middle of the night, antiracist/antifascist citizens released the following call for immediate protest and resistance: “The Antiracist Initiative of Corinth denounces the conversion of Corinth military camp literally overnight into a Nazi-inspired […]

Greece: Antifascist intervention/demonstration in downtown Athens


Antifascist actions have been held in numerous Greek cities ever since the massive police crackdown against immigrants/refugees started, in early August, and especially after a man was stabbed to death by apparent nationalists in the centre of Athens (12/8).

On Tuesday, August 21st, at […]

Greece: 6,400 migrants detained by police in largest ever pogrom operation in the centre of Athens

In the past few days, police have been conducting their largest ever pogrom operation in the centre of Athens. According to the released information, 1,500 people were detained by police in the first two days of the operation (August 2-3) and another 4,900 in its third day alone (August 4). The operation has been taking […]