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Athens: Open Nazi threat against comrade Giorgos Kalaitzidis

In the early hours of Sunday the 17th of November, as I returned home, I saw “Kalaitzidis : Grammos–Vitsi” spray-painted at the entrance along with the Celtic cross and the initials “X.A.” on it, which stand for Chrissi Avgi, the Golden Dawn neo-Nazi party [Grammos and Vitsi are two mountains in northern Greece where the […]

Athens: Text by the 15 arrestees of the 30/9 antifascist motorcycle demonstration

October 18th, 2012

“Today, the State declared civil war. Those who are not killed by fascists’ knives are sent to prison through judicial decisions of the junta.

We call fighters and anyone who feels that DIGNITY, SOLIDARITY, EQUALITY and FREEDOM are not empty words, but a life stance, to realize the historical moment in […]

Igoumenitsa, Greece: Direct attack on gold-buying store

During the 1941–44 Nazi occupation in Greece, mavragorites or black marketeers—fascists’ minions, snitches and kowtowers—were taking advantage of the people amid an artificial crisis of food shortage, and they sold cooking oil, rice, etc. in small quantities to whomever was wretched from hunger, taking away everything that the latter had, a […]

Exarchia, Athens: Text by anarchist Yannis Dimitrakis (3/8)

On August 2nd, nearly 45 cops from various police units stormed Exarchia square, detained anarchist Yannis Dimitrakis from a café on Tsamadou Street where he was having his coffee, and then transferred him to Athens police headquarters. After several hours, the comrade was released. Here is a text he wrote the next day […]