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Croatia: Nazis attacked the Infoshop Iskra in the city of Zadar – Third attack so far

In the night between Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th of November 2013, Nazis sabotaged the Infoshop Iskra (“Spark”) in Zadar. Oppressors smashed the glass windows and mottled the walls with fascist graffiti (“Vukovar”, “Škabrnja”) as well as Ustaša symbols, same as swastikas.

This attack is not a big surprise considering it is the third sabotage on this space in the last two years, and that actually few hours separate us from the anniversary of the fall of Vukovar, when the mind of Croatian nationalists/fascists is at the peak of aggressive irrationality. The first two attacks occurred in August and November 2011, the third one this night, and we hope that a fourth will never happen!

Infoshop Iskra is an initiative for a reading room and library of anarchist and libertarian literature, located in the book club “Knjigozemska” at the address R.K. Jeretova 5 in Zadar. A “Take or Leave” corner and a bicycles repair workshop have also found their place in the same space. The collective itself actively agitates and acts in the field of radical social change built on libertarian grounds.

Source: ReciKLAONICA squat

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