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Athens: Latest announcement from the squatted social centre VOX

The discussion event ‘Armed Struggle, Revolutionary Movement and Social Revolution’ with phone-call intervention from anarchist prisoner Nikos Maziotis, member of the Revolutionary Struggle, will finally take place on Wednesday the 5th of November 2014, at 5pm, in the Athens Polytechnic School, Exarchia.

Athens: Shots fired at the facade of the squatted social centre VOX on June 3rd, 2014

‘Residents/workers/collectives united we resist mafias and drugs. Thursday, June 5th at 18:30: demonstration in the neighbourhood; popular assembly in the square. Meeting point: corner of Spyridonos Trikoupi and Stournari streets. –Committee of Exarchia residents’ initiative’

In the early hours of Tuesday, June 3rd, at about 02:30, unknown people fired at least 5 shots […]

Athens: Self-presentation video of the Exarchia Self-organized Health Structure, inside the squatted social centre VOX


Exarchia Self-organized Health Structure (ADYE) —psychologist, general practitioner/radiologist, special tutor–child psychologist, gynecologist, speech therapist

The Exarchia Self-organized Health Structure is an undertaking created through a general assembly of residents, social projects and collectives that live and act in the district of Exarchia.

It’s addressed to the local community of Exarchia, doctors, psychologists, nurses, pharmacists, but also to […]

Athens: Open Nazi threat against comrade Giorgos Kalaitzidis

In the early hours of Sunday the 17th of November, as I returned home, I saw “Kalaitzidis : Grammos–Vitsi” spray-painted at the entrance along with the Celtic cross and the initials “X.A.” on it, which stand for Chrissi Avgi, the Golden Dawn neo-Nazi party [Grammos and Vitsi are two mountains in northern Greece where the […]

Exarchia, Athens: Fundraising kit for medical expenses of the demonstrator who suffered severe eye injury on September 18, 2013

Inside the squatted social centre VOX, which is situated on the corner of Arachovis and Themistocleous streets at Exarchia Square, there is now a fundraising kit for the comrade who was shot by a cop with tear gas canister straight in his eye, during the evening march in response to the murder of […]

Exarchia, Athens: Benefit event for imprisoned comrades

Rebetiko revelry of financial aid to imprisoned fighters

Live music, food and drinks Sunday, June 9th by 13.00, at the squatted social centre VOX, Exarchia

‘We support the prisoners in struggle morally, politically, materially’ Athens assembly of the Solidarity Fund for imprisoned and persecuted fighters



Greece: Immediate lifting of the ban against Stella Antoniou which prevents her from leaving the country

Our comrade and member of the squatted social centre VOX, anarchist Stella Antoniou, who is accused of alleged participation in an armed organization and currently stands trial, is facing a serious health problem for which there is no specialized hospital in Greece. In April 2013, she has scheduled an appointment at a hospital in Switzerland […]

Athens: ‘Thirty years of squats: The social and political projectuality of squatting, yesterday, today, tomorrow’

On Thursday evening, February 7th, an event-discussion took place in the occupied social centre VOX in Exarchia with participants in squatting projects of the past and the present in Athens, such as Valtetsiou (1981), Charilaou Trikoupi (1985), Lelas Karagianni 37 (since 1988), Villa Amalias (1990), Fylis and Ferron (1991), Alkamenous (1993), Ano-Kato Patission (since 1996), […]

Athens: Police steel plates that were used to seal off the re-Occupied Social Centre VOX were sold… at a good price for the benefit of political prisoners

The VOX building during the (ultimately failed) eviction…

The Occupied Social Centre VOX, one of the two buildings that were evicted by police in Exarchia on April 20th, was re-occupied the next day by anarchists, neighbours and other people in solidarity, who tore down the steel plates sealing off its entrances.

On April 26th […]

Athens: Update on the detained immigrant student after the eviction of Valtetsiou housing project

As we reported, on April 20th cops raided the squatted building οn 60, Valtetsiou Street in Exarchia (property of the state-run ‘Social Insurance Institute’–IKA). Three persons were arrested during this eviction. They were kept at a police station, brought before prosecutor (accused of illegal entry), and two of them were finally released. The third person, […]

Athens: Police raid on the Occupied Social Centre VOX in Exarchia

In the first days of 2012, people involved in the anarchist/anti-authoritarian milieu occupied the VOX building (property of the state-run ‘Social Insurance Institute’–IKA) in Exarchia square, in an effort to turn it into an open social centre. ‘ΒΟΞ’ was the name of a former open-air cinema in the same building, at the corner […]