Barcelona: 2013 Expo/Auction for supporting prisoners in struggle

The exhibition/auction for supporting prisoners is an initiative with which we intend to aid all those behind bars through our paintings, drawings or other forms of expression, as much as we wish the extermination of any type of prison.

We are not artists, nor do we like to commodify our ideas. This is an activity that in this case seeks economic benefit to support prisoners. Similarly, we do not forget that nowadays there are a lot of persons who are incarcerated and being tortured.

We greet the prisoners of the 2004 rebellion which took place in the Cuatro Caminos prison in Barcelona, known as ‘motín de 4 Camins’, bearing in mind that trial begins this May for the prison guards that applied cruel torture and ill-treatment on all of those who resisted on the inside against further humiliation and received heavy sentences (accused of being ‘the ringleaders’ of the rebellion, etc.) ever since.

We greet Gabriel Pombo Da Silva, anarchist comrade who was recently transferred from the German prisons to the cages of the Spanish State.

Xosé Tarrío González, indomitable comrade and lover of freedom that never ceased to rebel against all authority until his very last day, is ever present in us.

These are only a few cases of persons incarcerated, but we know that many more are currently locked up, we know that there are people resisting on the inside, and their voices are being silenced. Strength to all of you that continue to struggle in the dark prison cells, and remember: you are not alone!

How does the auction work?

The exhibition will last for a month at the Expropriated Bank in Gracia, Barcelona.

May 3rd, at 7pm: Opening of the exhibition with snacks and music
You will find a notebook on your visit, where you can write down your bid for the artwork you choose, a name, an economic contribution and a way to contact you. You can bid individually, but we also encourage various different collectives to participate.

May 17th, at 7pm: The bidding continues
Info-meeting about the specifics of the trial against the torturers of the Quatre Camins prison mutiny; distribution of material concerning prisoners, communiqués, other texts, and letters from prison.

May 31st, at 8pm: Day of auction.
You may take your painting home!