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[Worldwide] Against Prison Slavery roundup

Roundup of actions across the world on It’s Going Down (continuously updated).

Also watch “Attica Is All Of Us” video from Freedom Archives; via Support Prisoner Resistance.

[USA] Posters for a hot September

Rebellion simmers in the streets and behind the prison walls. This poster series is a small contribution to the current momentum – may insurgents find each other and link up, even if they’re fighting on apparently disparate fronts!

The below files are ready to print and agitate.

Here’s to a hot September!

Freedom: color […]

Belgian prisons in revolt, the State sends the army inside

Uprising in the prison of Merksplas, Antwerp

A small chronology of the riots spreading the Belgian prisons, where guards are on strike for more than two weeks now…

On Monday 25th of April, the prison guards of all prisons in the French speaking parts of Belgium went on strike, in total 21 prisons. The […]

Alabama, USA: It Ain’t Over Yet — by anarchist prisoner Michael Kimble

Friday, March 11, 2016 – Monday, March 14, 2016

What began as a confrontation between prisoners from different regions of Alabama – namely, B’ham and Montgomery, with B’ham being the largest – escalated into two short riots against the pigs. After the prisoners squashed the beef among themselves without any violence, two pigs ran into C-dorm, […]

USA: Call for actions in solidarity with prison rebels in Alabama

“Things here are tense but festive. The C.O. and warden was stabbed…It has nothing to do with overcrowding, but with the practice of locking folks up for profit, control and subjugation. Fires were set, we got control of two cubicles, bust windows. The riot team came, shot gas, locked down, searched the dorms. Five have […]

Greece: Call for solidarity gathering at the courthouse in Amfissa

Almost seven years after the Malandrino prison riot, some of the rebellious prisoners stand trial in the town of Amfissa. The poster reads: When spring began at Malandrino prison…

Thousands of prisoners flourished on rooftops, in dark corridors and fetid wings almost in every prison across Greece’s territory. A spark was enough for them to shake […]

Athens: Anarchist solidarity initiative with prisoner Spyros Stratoulis, on hunger strike since 11/11

Banner drop in the town of Agrinio: “Against the vindictiveness of Power – Hunger strike (since 11/11) for life and dignity – Freedom for S.Stratoulis”

Comrade Spyros Stratoulis was incarcerated in Greek prisons at the age of 17, and has been held for nearly 22 years in a peculiar hostage situation. He has […]

Bolivian prisons rise up

“When a prison riot starts, even those who accept the rules of society are roused by the noble temptation of freedom; when the ceilings of the prisons are pulled off by fire or rebels, we throw their hands off our shoulders and identify the enemy.”

Editor’s note: In their zeal, these words have no […]

Athens: Action in solidarity with the repressed rioters of Quatre Camins prison

On Sunday evening, May 12th, in the context of a week of decentralized actions against torture and impunity (13–19 May 2013), we hung a banner at the gate of the Athens Polytechnic School, on Patission street downtown. The banner reads: “The trial against the torturers of Quatre Camins (Barcelona) began on May 6th. Solidarity with […]

Catalonia: Events in regards to the trial against the torturers of Quatre Camins

Friday, April 19 in Casal Okupat Atzur (Arquimedes street, 89 Terrassa) 7pm, Talk: Trial against 13 jailers because of tortures after the riot at Quatre Camins (the Cuatro Caminos prison in Barcelona) Exposing the FIES Regime: letters, poems, drawing, complaints… from inside

Thursday, April 25 at La Reina de África (Bolivar street, […]

Barcelona: 2013 Expo/Auction for supporting prisoners in struggle

The exhibition/auction for supporting prisoners is an initiative with which we intend to aid all those behind bars through our paintings, drawings or other forms of expression, as much as we wish the extermination of any type of prison.

We are not artists, nor do we like to commodify our ideas. This is an activity that […]

Greece: Text of Tasos Theofilou from Domokos prison

The following text was written only 24 hours before the magic escape from the prison in Trikala on the 22nd of March 2013.*

Probably it has some interest to comment on the last two attempted escapes from maximum security prisons in Greece: the one with a helicopter from Trikala prison, and the other with […]

Spain: On the case of the prisoner in struggle Noelia Cotelo Riveiro

Noelia Cotelo Riveiro is a young woman from A Coruña, Galicia (northwestern Spain). Her sentence to serve was set at a year and a half, after stealing a car to buy some drugs. Inside the prison, the situation became complicated, and she has defended herself from the jailers. Now, five years […]

Turin, Italy: Struggle for dignity in the CIE immigration detention centre

On April 21st, tension broke out once again at the CIE (Centre of Identification and Expulsion) on Brunelleschi Street in Turin. At dawn, a migrant requested to be repatriated immediately, as soon as he learned that his father had died, thus he demanded to go back home. The authorities’ negative response triggered a hunger strike, […]

$hile: Text about the four murdered inmates in Chillan prisons, after the 2010 earthquake

As you may already be aware, after the earthquake on the early hours of February 27th, 2010, the walls of the extermination centre called Chillan prisons were torn down due the wild nature’s violent blow. In this context, and as a natural response to the fortunate prison’s collapse, 269 inmates escaped, […]

About recent events inside Greek prisons (November 2010) and those who took positions on the issue


11 January: Three detainees present their view on prisoners’ abstention from meals and hunger strikes during November 2010 The recent abstention of prison food and the hunger strike of thousands of prisoners who are stacked like animals in Greek prisons today, highlighted as much as possible the problems and our claims – […]

No prosecution of the revolted in Greek prisons

On April 2007, an uprising in Koridallos prison was held in solidarity to the detainees in Malandrino prisons, who had revolted after the anarchist Yannis Dimitrakis was beaten up [inside the same hellhole]. The revolt in Koridallos prison wings was suppressed by police squads. On 14 January [2011], 23 prisoners stand trial for ‘disobedience, sedition […]

Uprising in Greek prisons (2007)

The following post is part of the ‘Recent Past, Present Day‘ counter-information bulletin

What occasioned the uprising in prisons all over Greece was the fact that the anarchist Yannis Dimitrakis was beaten up in the prison of Malandrino on Monday 23rd April 2007. Detainees initially protested about the incident, but the guards confronted them violently and […]