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Berlin: We are all terrorists – solidarity with anarchist prisoners in Russia

received on 15.02.18

From Rigaer Street, we send signs of solidarity and rage to anarchist prisoners in Russia, responding to the call from Russia for International Days of Solidarity with Russian Anarchist Political Prisoners.

These days we heard from the arrests of antifascists and anarchists in Russia. Already before, in the months of October and November 2017, […]

Russia: Support anarchist and antifa prisoners in St.Petersburg and Penza!

received on 31.01.18

Fundraising for lawyers working on cases about police raids and arrests of anarchists and antifascists in St. Petersburg and Penza, Russia has begun. At the moment two persons in St. Petersburg and five in Penza are arrested, more are connected to the case as witnesses. Raids and repressions are likely to continue. Arrested […]

Athens: Migrants go on trial for participation in 2013 Amygdaleza detention centre riot

Poster En/Fr – Solidarity Calls 1, 2

Portugal: António Ferreira de Jesus – In remembrance of an indomitable

Click image to read pdf.

Text in Portuguese (December 2013). Archive material here.

Chilean prisons: Having the revolt on the brain!

Letter of comrade José Miguel Sánchez Jiménez for the info event which took place on January 11, 2014 in the squat La Gatonera, in solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoners

Brothers and sisters in struggle in Madrid, Spain. Present.

Thinking of the distance that these words will make until they reach you, bringing with them a cry of […]

Attica, Greece: Revolt in Amygdaleza concentration camp – A brief chronicle

Click image to read the text of “no lager initiative” (August 2013) Greek original here.

Madrid: Demonstration in memory of Ramón Barrios

The poster reads:

Demonstration in memory of Ramón Barrios and for all the kids who lose their lives in youth detention centres.

July 7th, 2013 at 6pm. From Ciudad de Los Ángeles to Agata Square. Metro: Ciudad de los Ángeles (line 3).

It’s been 2 years since the death of Ramón […]

Barcelona: ALF liberate 29 rabbits

Responsibility claim by the Animal Liberation Front–Kodama Cell in Spanish and English

Athens: Action in solidarity with the repressed rioters of Quatre Camins prison

On Sunday evening, May 12th, in the context of a week of decentralized actions against torture and impunity (13–19 May 2013), we hung a banner at the gate of the Athens Polytechnic School, on Patission street downtown. The banner reads: “The trial against the torturers of Quatre Camins (Barcelona) began on May 6th. Solidarity with […]

Catalonia: Events in regards to the trial against the torturers of Quatre Camins

Friday, April 19 in Casal Okupat Atzur (Arquimedes street, 89 Terrassa) 7pm, Talk: Trial against 13 jailers because of tortures after the riot at Quatre Camins (the Cuatro Caminos prison in Barcelona) Exposing the FIES Regime: letters, poems, drawing, complaints… from inside

Thursday, April 25 at La Reina de África (Bolivar street, […]

Spanish prisons: Update on Noelia Cotelo Riveiro, 25.4.2013

Noelia is currently in the Albolote prison (Granada), after spending a couple of days in the Soto del Real prison (Madrid).

Officials of the prison institution did not know how to do their job or they simply did not care once again, because a television set went missing during Noelia’s transfer. We […]

Barcelona: 2013 Expo/Auction for supporting prisoners in struggle

The exhibition/auction for supporting prisoners is an initiative with which we intend to aid all those behind bars through our paintings, drawings or other forms of expression, as much as we wish the extermination of any type of prison.

We are not artists, nor do we like to commodify our ideas. This is an activity that […]

Spain – April 17th: Day of solidarity with prisoner in struggle Noelia Cotelo Riveiro

Day of solidarity with Noelia Cotelo, who has been held in solitary confinement, tortured, dispersed in the prison of Ávila. Sexually assaulted while handcuffed to the bed, attacked in the shower by ten male jailers, beaten up all over her body, beaten up in the genital area with her legs open by force, and suffering […]

Brieva prison, Spain: Brief updates on imprisoned Noelia Cotelo Riveiro

According to the Support Group of Salamanca, who visited the prisoner together with her mother, Noelia stopped the hunger strike on Saturday, January 26th. Nevertheless, medical malpractice continues. She is still very thin but content to hear that people are expressing their solidarity outside the walls (e.g. protest mobilizations are scheduled in Madrid). Noelia was […]

Spain: On the case of the prisoner in struggle Noelia Cotelo Riveiro

Noelia Cotelo Riveiro is a young woman from A Coruña, Galicia (northwestern Spain). Her sentence to serve was set at a year and a half, after stealing a car to buy some drugs. Inside the prison, the situation became complicated, and she has defended herself from the jailers. Now, five years […]