Austria & Germany: Actions in remembrance of Alexandros Grigoropoulos


In Leipzig, a cops’ station was attacked with stones and paints. The communiqué is as follows:

‘During the night from 6.12 to 7.12.12 we attacked with paints and stones the cops’ station which is located in Weißenfelser street in the district of Plagwitz, Leipzig. Thereby we want to remember Alexandros Grigoropoulos, who was murdered by cops on 6.12.08 in Exarchia, Athens.

We want to show that there are people in Leipzig who won’t forget any murder by cops nor any victim of repression by the State.

Libertad (A)’

Antifa Mainz unfurled their banner and held a picket in remembrance of Alexandros in front of the local old university, while leaflets were handed out to passersby in the shopping streets of Mainz, arousing some interest and spontaneous discussions.

On the same day comrades carried out another action in Mainz, with a banner raised to commemorate the state murder in Exarchia. The comrades’ communiqué reads among others: ‘Today, four years after the beginning of the uprising, demonstrations, riots and occupations took place once again, in remembrance of the death of Alexis. Also here, in Germany. Also in Mainz. We feel the same anger against the system as our comrades in Greece, Spain, Italy… and our thoughts and actions unite with them. With this action we make a small contribution of worldwide solidarity for the struggle of social revolts.’


In Hamburg, a solidarity banner was also raised: ‘Alexis; this was murder – Resistance in every place’.

Comrades from Vienna, Austria, put up a banner at the squat Pizzeria Anarchia, in order to send their own message:

To remember means to revolt.

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