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[Greek prisons] Nikos Romanos: “Requiem for a Journey of No Return”

in PDF

Below, anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos gives his account of what preceded the assassination of Alexandros Grigoropoulos on December 6th 2008.

Received November 30th 2015:

Requiem for a Journey of No Return

Today, I will begin to speak about what should be imprinted as an authentic testimony of the soul to revolutionary memory. My own soul’s testimony concerning […]

Athens, December 6th: More footage from Exarchia

[Greece / Cyprus] December 6th demonstrations and riots

December 6th demonstrations marking the seventh anniversary of the killing of Alexandros Grigoropoulos were held in various Greek cities, such as Thessaloniki, Komotini, Ioannina, Karditsa, Lamia, Volos, Larissa, Trikala, Agrinio, Patras, Kalamata, Heraklion & Rethymno (Crete Island), Mytilini (Lesvos Island), and central Athens, but also in Limassol, Cyprus.

The main banner in Trikala read: “Onward for […]

Komotini, Greece: Black December event organised by Utopia A.D. squat

Event-Discussion for a Black December

Saturday, November 28th 2015, at 5.30pm at the Old Law School building (History foyer) in Komotini

Discussion topics: polymorphy, coordination, autonomy of anarchy, the legacy of December ’08

Documentary projection

Communication with an imprisoned comrade via phone call

Anarchist Hangout Utopia A.D.


Crete: Black December initiative of comrades from Rethymno

A Black December initiative of comrades from Rethymno, on the island of Crete, responded to the Black December proposal by anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos and CCF imprisoned anarchist Panagiotis Argirou. Furthermore, wanting to revive the memories and practices of December ’08, they have invited individualities and collectives from the island to communicate with each other […]

[Greek prisons] For a new combat position of anarchist insurgency – For a Black December

I hate the individual who bends his body under the weight of an unknown power, of some X, of a god.

I hate, I say, all those who, surrendering to others, out of fear, out of resignation, a part of their power as a man, are not only crushed themselves but crush […]

Athens: Responsibility claim for sabotage against 14 bank ATMs on the 6th of December

December 21st, 2012

“When praxis meets theory…”

Four years later, murders, tortures, imprisonments and prosecutions of fighters are continued at the hands of the State.

State repression unfolds itself in all its glory, from the daily 8pm news bulletins to the streets where cops prevail.

Fascism is alive and being fed by the daggers of neo-Nazis but also behind […]

Greek prisons: Anarchist Andrzej Mazurek, who had been the last prisoner of the December 2008 revolt, was extradited to Poland

Solidarity text by fellow prisoners in Greece

On December 7th, 2012 the last piece of criminal prosecution reserved by the Greek State against the anarchist Andrzej Mazurek was unfolded. Andrzej was arrested in December 2008 for his involvement in the revolt. After four years of incarceration in the Greek prisons, the Greek […]

Athens: Violent police assault on the 6th of December

On December 9th, another assassination attempt by cops in downtown Athens was reported:

On Thursday, December 6th, 2012, shortly before the commemorative evening demonstration for the killing of Alexis Grigoropoulos, an extremely violent police assault took place at Propylaea, on Panepistimiou street.

At around 19.00pm, during the protest gathering, first the cops of […]

Austria & Germany: Actions in remembrance of Alexandros Grigoropoulos


In Leipzig, a cops’ station was attacked with stones and paints. The communiqué is as follows:

‘During the night from 6.12 to 7.12.12 we attacked with paints and stones the cops’ station which is located in Weißenfelser street in the district of Plagwitz, Leipzig. Thereby we want to remember Alexandros Grigoropoulos, […]

Exarchia, Athens 6.12.2012 (videos)


night of december 6th, 2012

Greece: Text released during the December 2008 riots by a female school student

“We walk the path of December again” – banner from the school student demo in the city of Arta, Greece, December 6th, 2012

Communiqué to my parents

I know I owe you a lot. You gave birth to me, you fed and watered me, and you took care of my upbringing. You even loved […]

Greece: Strong clashes in the city of Agrinio in remembrance of Alexis Grigoropoulos (1993-2008)

In Agrinio, approximately 350 school students held a commemorative demonstration for Alexis Grigoropoulos, who was shot dead by cops on December 6th, 2008.

When the anti-repression march reached the city hall, the youths stormed the DIAS police motorcycle team that guarded the building. Firebombs and stones were thrown at the terrified police […]

[Greece] Four years after the murder of Alexis Grigoropoulos


Callout by rioters for Thursday, December 6th, by 18.00pm in Greece and everywhereTake to the streets of rebellion. December was a question. It’s time for an answer.


Larissa prisons, Greece: Andrzej Mazurek’s request for conditional release rejected

After the appeal hearing of June 11th, 2012, Andrzej’s prison term was reduced to 8.5 years. Since he had completed already 2/5 of his sentence, he was entitled to release. Nevertheless, in early July 2012 – thanks to comrades from the Redakcja Portalu Baader-Meinhof (, Poland) and the Fund of Solidarity and Financial […]

Galicia, Spain: Solidarity from Pontevedra in answer to the 10 propaganda days against repression

Institutional Racism. Solidarity with Migrants in Greece.

Spread the Revolt.

Institutional Racism. Solidarity with Migrants in Greece.

Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners.

Strength to the Mapuche Struggle in Chile.

“Those who want to understand will understand. Now is the time to break the invisible cells that […]

Cyprus: “Would you like to work with us? Then, you have to pay us 25 euros in advance!”

We learn from the commercial website of Cyta Hellas that, “Cyprus Telecommunications Authority, otherwise known as Cyta, was founded in 2007 in Greece as a subsidiary of the National Telecommunications Organization of Cyprus, with the aim of implementing its strategy for the expansion of its activities abroad.”

And how, indeed, could the well-known company not expand […]

June 11th in Athens: News on the appeals court of anarchist André Mazurek, prisoner of the December ’08 uprising

Today marks the second anniversary of the international day of solidarity with Marie Mason, Eric McDavid and other long-term anarchist prisoners.

On the same day in Athens, a solidarity gathering was called for the appeal trial of comrade Andrzej Mazurek, who was convicted on frame-up charges amid the December ’08 riots. He was incarcerated in Larissa […]

Greece: Freedom for anarchist André Mazurek, 3.5 years imprisoned after a frame-up trial

André was one of the thousands of rebellious participants in the December ’08 uprising. The date of his appeal trial is approaching.

Monday, 11th of June 2012, Court of Appeals, Loukareos Street, Athens Call for morning gathering in solidarity with André, last prisoner of the December ’08 uprising

Here Andrzej himself presents a number of circumstances that […]

Greece: Update on the case of anarchist André Mazurek, prisoner of the December ’08 uprising

Three years later…

Three years after his arrest, the anarchist André Mazurek [of Polish origin] continues to be held in the prisons of the Greek State. The comrade was arrested on December 9th, 2008, in Canningos Square [downtown Athens] during the clashes that followed the murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos by the cops-assassins Korkoneas and Saraliotis.

In a […]

R.O. December 6th: Communiqué for the bomb attack against the ministry of Press in January 2010

On December 21st, 2008, the ‘Revolutionary Organization December 6th’ had fired bullets against Kougias (a well-known lawyer who defended Korkoneas, the cop murderer of Alexis Grigoropoulos) as well as against Pretenteris (a major sold-out TV presenter, one of the most arrogant and filthiest ‘journalists’ of the Greek corporate media). The same urban guerrilla group also […]

Our Lives of Burning Vision: About the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire & more

Actforfreedomnow – Boubouras present a 68-page publication about the most recent situations and events connected with the revolutionary organization Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and their 17 January International Solidarity Call for an International Revolutionary Front / Informal Anarchist Federation (Global).

PLEASE SPREAD – REPLICATE – RE-POST Free PDF – Paper copies available in single copies […]

Larissa (central Greece): 2 trials of young people and actions

trial of 11 minors accused with the anti-terrorism law

On December 9th the trial of 11 underage students, accused with the anti-terrorism law for setting up a criminal association because they participated in the uprising of December 2008, takes place in Larissa.

On November 27th, a nationwide demonstration against anti-terrorist law took place in Larissa. […]

New Zine on the Greek Anarchist Movement

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From the introduction:

Like many US anarchists, my first interactions with the Greek anarchist movement occurred primarily through hastily translated communiques reporting spectacular attacks on banks and police stations, riots, and student occupations. Increasingly filtered through American insurrectionary discourse, what these reports often lacked in historical background or political context they made up […]

State repression

Immediately after the uprising of December 2008, the state attempted to restore its wounded prestige and re-establish a funereal social peace, fearing riots and unrests that could erupt in anticipation of the economic recession.