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Volos, Greece: Nocturnal protest march in direct solidarity with Delta squat and people in struggle

In the city of Volos on late Wednesday night, 12/9, we held a spontaneous meeting after hearing the news of Delta squat’s eviction in Thessaloniki. Our discussion was followed by a protest march, starting from Aghiou Nikolaou square at 01.10am, where nearly 80 people took to the streets and passed nearby the police station and the overcrowded local coffee-bars. We went on to Dimitriados central street, walked down the seaside promenade and ended the march at the Palia square.

Many slogans were chanted in defense of squatting, practices of solidarity and the anarchist struggle, and against the State, cops and fascists. There were no police forces present, except for a secret police car and its ‘content’.

Squats, radical strikes, riots, guerilla struggle and every other form and choice of fighting towards the destruction of this system and the building of a society based on solidarity and equality, have our factual support, regardless of any existing disagreements.

No one who struggles, no one who is being prosecuted or imprisoned must stay alone facing this violent attack of the totalitarian capitalism and its republic. To create solidary relationships among the oppressed and exploited, as well as consistent and aggressive structures that will deprive authority and its supporters from their living space, is a one-way street.

Hands off squats! Hands off struggles and fighters!

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