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Barcelona: McDonald’s spray-painted in solidarity with US prison strike

In the early hours of September 9th, some anarchists of Barcelona went to McDonald’s on Travessera de Gràcia Street to show our solidarity with the imprisoned comrades on strike in the United States.

A small action with which we intend to manifest that solidarity between the oppressed knows no borders or nations.

We also took advantage of this occasion to point to this multinational as responsible for the assassination and exploitation of countless human and nonhuman beings, making it clear that we won’t allow them to continue their criminal work without encountering resistance from the oppressed.

Against every authority!
Death to the State and its false opponents.

Spanish | Greek

Karditsa, Greece: Action for the international week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners

Freedom for anarchists all over the planet
The States are the only terrorists… Solidarity with comrades in prison
Until the demolition of the last prison… Solidarity with our imprisoned sisters and brothers!
Hey, beware! The mind is their target…
From Greece to Chile, blast and fire to every prison

Some days ago, we spray-painted slogans in the centre of Karditsa and blocked ATMs in response to the international call for a week of actions in solidarity with imprisoned anarchists.

We don’t forget our imprisoned sisters and brothers throughout the world!
No imprisoned anarchist left alone!
The passion for freedom is stronger than all prisons!
Strength to fugitive comrades!


(September 2nd 2016)

Volos, Greece: Introducing the anarcha-feminist group Femanifesta

On December 6th 2015, during the demonstration in the city of Volos, the anarcha-feminist group Femanifesta unfolded a banner reading “Discipline is over – Life becomes magical”, threw flyers, and chanted mainly but not only feminist slogans.

In this nation, where all men were born levendes [“stouthearted”], feminism is the stones we hurl back
Rapes, sexism and patriarchy – One day equality won’t be a utopia

Source: Mpalothia

Athens, Greece: Protest action at Koridallos men’s and women’s prisons

The State murders prisoners – Ilir Kareli
(A) We don’t forget, we don’t forgive (N)
Fire to the hellholes, bombs on the courts – A.C.A.B.
The blood is still flowing seeking revenge
If not now, when?

On Monday, March 31st, 2014, men incarcerated in the A wing as well as women inmates of Koridallos prisons refused to return to the cells after the end of time on prison yards, staying outside for one hour (from 11am to 12pm) as a sign of mourning and rage over the recent death of their fellow prisoner Ilia (Ilir) Kareli.

In the A wing of Koridallos men’s prison, slogans were painted on walls of the yard while inmates shouted slogans such as “And now one slogan that unites us all: cops, pigs, murderers,” “The blood is still flowing seeking revenge,” “Fire and arson to all the prison cells.”

Footage from these moments:


In the women’s prison, inmates chanted slogans against cops, prisons, Golden Dawn thugs, like: “Fire and arson to all the prison cells,” “Fascist scum, soon you will be hanged at gallows”, “Rage and consciousness, negation and violence bring chaos and anarchy,” “The States are the only terrorists; solidarity with armed guerrillas,” “Fire and blast at this brothel.”

Below is the text of men and women prisoners from Koridallos which was sent to the ministry.

Prisoners’ announcement to the ministry of Justice:

Only a few days after the brutal assassination of our co-prisoner Ilia Kareli, and while his blood from the beatings of his torturers is still fresh, nobody from the ministry of Justice has done anything regarding this killing. That’s why today the 31st of March we men/women prisoners in Koridallos will stay outside in the yards until noon, for one hour after lock up time, as a sign of protest.

We demand that the ministry apologize publicly to the murdered prisoner’s family, and find and punish the uniformed murderers that killed Ilia Kareli. We owe it to our dead fellow inmate, to ourselves and the dozens of prisoners who were tortured and lost their lives in the correctional galleys. We will either fight for our rights, or we will die slowly inside the prisons.

Men/women prisoners of Koridallos

PS: The mobilization against the fascist bill of the ministry of Justice for type C prisons continues until victory.

Bolivia: Painted slogans in solidarity with anarchist prisoner Tamara Sol Farías Vergara

Your vengeance is our vengeance. Freedom for Sol Vergara.
Sol, your impulse is our breath.
Strength, solidarity and action. For a combative memory. Sol, you are not alone.
Sol’s action is part of our war.
Sol, your vengeance bonds us together in struggle.

While citizens are preparing themselves for the carnival festivities, our thoughts are crossing the distance, breaking the borders that separate us…

With this small night walk, we want to value your courage and impulse, an impulse that marks the history of our struggle, nourishes and strengthens us. For, with only a single cry of vengeance, you proved that no warrior will ever be forgotten; because it is impossible to keep silent before your courage, so with this small gesture of solidarity we let the walls do the talking…

Keeping the memory of comrade Sebastián Oversluij alive, because dead is the one who is forgotten. We know that a life in combat is still nourishing and will keep nourishing our struggle!

For a combative memory, for anarchy!
Long live Sol Vergara! Long live Sebastián Oversluij!

source: contrainformate

İstanbul: Painted slogans in Turkish and Greek on the walls of Şişli by anarchists

A group of anarchists painted slogans on walls and billboards around Mecidiyeköy–Şişli area, in İstanbul, about the murder of Pavlos Fyssas in Greece, antifascism, anarchy, rebellion, animal massacre in Romania, animal liberation, and the Gezi uprising.

With this action, which reflects on the ongoing struggle in Athens, İstanbul and every other city in the world, it is reminded that the fight against fascism, against the State and the Capital, should be intensified and expanded.

source/more photos: sosyal savas (social war)

Turkey: Fans of three major football teams marched as İstanbul United


On June 8th, in İstanbul, Çarşı group gathered at approximately 7pm in the district of Beşiktaş and marched to Taksim Square.

They have also hanged this banner from the Atatürk Cultural Centre, in Taksim (Optik, pictured on the banner, is a man that formed Çarşı and gave Beşiktaş sport club’s supporters a political perspective). Çarşı group have been very brave and effective during the clashes, and have enormous support from people. Continue reading Turkey: Fans of three major football teams marched as İstanbul United

Dortmund, Germany: Solidarity action with the revolt in Turkey

On the 4th of June an unauthorized anarchist rally took place at the Katharinentreppen, just opposite the main railway station of Dortmund, and a spontaneous demonstration followed on the city’s central commercial street, Westenhellweg.

Around 80 participants were gathered at the rally, which began at 7pm according to schedule. Three militant speeches were read out: the first was the text of a flyer that was given out to hundreds of passers-by during the demo; the second speech did not only mention the riots and police violence in Turkey, but made reference also to the repression during the Blockupy-protests in Frankfurt (a few days ago); the last contribution dealt generally with riots and indicated the possibilities of anarchist activity, making it also clear that violence primarily emanates from the domination and not the rioters. We consciously decided to carry out this action without a loudspeaker truck, in order to be more flexible in case of police attack, and to generate a different combative spirit.

It is also encouraging for us that only one Turkish national flag as well as two flags of the Pirate Party appeared during the gathering, but were not carried during the spontaneous demonstration. After the reading of speeches, the participants decided to take their solidarity to the streets of downtown Dortmund, and a loud demonstration of nearly 70 people, unauthorized and without police presence, reached the Reinolidkirche.

Fliers were passed out and slogans were chanted, such as ‘İsyan, Devrim, Anarşi (Revolt, Revolution, Anarchy)’, ‘Amore, Anarchia, Autonomia (Love, Anarchy, Autonomy)’, ‘Istanbul, das war Mord; Wiederstand an jedem Ort (Istanbul: that was murder; resistance everywhere)’, ‘No Justice, No Peace, Fight the Police,’ and ‘Taksim ist überall, Taksim ist hier (Taksim is everywhere, Taksim is here)’.

Even for a while, the march breached the capitalist normality in the commercialized city centre of Dortmund, and several people showed positive reaction to the demo, which ended at the Reinoldikirche. As the comrades dispersed, police car lights could be seen from a distance down the Westenhellweg. In the following minutes tens of patrol cars drove through the city centre, looking for suspicious people. To our knowledge, only a few persons were stopped by police for ID checks hundreds of meters away, in the park north of the railway station.

We consider this rally and demonstration a big success. In Dortmund especially — where everything viewed even remotely as ‘radical-left’ is being suppressed by all means — we managed to ‘do our own thing’; with self-determination and no cops around. It’s been a long time since an anarchist/radical-left demo took place so unmolested. We hope that we have set a signal, not just of solidarity with the struggling people in Turkey but also locally in Dortmund. We are aware that this success was only made possible due to total failure of the police. However, we are optimistic that there can be a self-confident culture of demonstrations in the future, and that the anarchist movement in the Ruhr region will gain more strength.

For more self-determined actions! Be unpredictable for the repression organs!
Freedom to all prisoners in Turkey! Keep the revolt going!
İsyan, Devrim, Anarşi! Revolt, Revolution, Anarchy!

Anarchists from the Ruhr region

Source / in Turkish

İstanbul: Reportback from Beşiktaş and Taksim

The TV channel CNNtürk broadcasted a documentary about penguins at the same time that thousands of people were clashing out on the streets, so somebody made this video to mock them:


In the morning of June 3rd, after two days of heavy clashes in the district of Beşiktaş, police presence there was huge. Cops were deployed in Abbasağa Park and Dolmabahçe in huge numbers, and around the Beşiktaş Square in smaller groups.

In the afternoon, high school students were gathered in the entrance of Çarşı, all dressed in black in order to show their solidarity with Gezi Park resisters. They were chanting slogans, while police kept away from them. At about 9pm, people in all of the surrounding neighbourhoods appeared on windows of the houses and made noise with their metal pots and spoons, or whatever they were able to find to join the noise protest. This went on for maybe half an hour.

Thousands of people assembled in Taksim again, in the 6th day of the occupation of Taksim Gezi Park. Police forces were located on Dolmabahçe Gazhane Road, east of İnönü Stadium. Resisters on İnönü Road (Gümüşsuyu) built new barricades all the way down to the stadium. There were 7 to 8 barricades along that road. Clashes on this avenue continued for hours, starting in the evening and lasting till late at night. Repression squads were using tear gas of course, but this time it was heavier and denser, because even people far away from the area where the tear gas bombs fell were badly affected. Continue reading İstanbul: Reportback from Beşiktaş and Taksim

Turkey: Raw news from the Taksim Gezi Park struggle and ongoing riots

Banner on Lesvos Island (opposite Turkish shores): ‘Solidarity with the rebels in Turkey’

On June 1st we were in Taksim at about 3pm. After clashes that started in the morning, police was forced to leave the area. The cops disappeared for some hours. For two hours there was no police presence in any area in downtown İstanbul (European side). People occupied the Taksim Square and Gezi Park. The number of people was huge. All of the park, square and roads that lead to this area were full of people. All the construction barriers that were closing the west side of the park were destroyed by protesters. Some of the police barriers were removed and were thrown down to the road that goes to the newly constructed underground tunnel. Others were used in the barricades built by protesters. The police hut in the south of the park looking down the square was set on fire and the anti-riot vehicle left there by police was destroyed, too. One police car in the same place was turned over and destroyed as well. People were filled with joy and they were taking souvenir photos in front of the destroyed vehicles and building. North of the Park is Hyatt Regency hotel and at the entrance garden of the hotel there was a police car thrown into the pool. Four public buses were left at the crossroad that is near and were also damaged.



At around 6pm we learned from our comrades that clashes started to take place in Beşiktaş, where the office/house of Tayyip Erdogan is located. People were attacking from four directions: from the Beşiktaş Square (east), Dolmabahçe road (west), Akaretler (northwest) and Ortabahçe road (north). Police was stuck there with four anti-riot vehicles with water cannons and around 150 police officers at the entrance of Hayrettin İskelesi street. At all directions barricades were erected. After some hours police was able to push people, and repression forces expanded. New barricades were set on Mumcu Bakka street and Süleyman Seba road to prevent the police force from entering the Çarşı, which is the bazaar area of Beşiktaş where people hang out. Police used plastic bullets when the people’s attack intensified. Clashes continued till around 1.30am (2/6). Finally police used excessive amount of gas bombs to disperse the crowd, and people left the barricades and took shelter in the shops and bars around, or regrouped in inner streets of Beşiktaş.

Meanwhile resisters in Taksim built huge barricades on the roads and streets around the square and Gezi Park all night. Also, people torched construction vehicles. Buses, cars, construction materials, police barriers, thrash containers, etc. were used as barricades. Continue reading Turkey: Raw news from the Taksim Gezi Park struggle and ongoing riots

Turkey: Few slogans chanted in the streets of İstanbul – Ongoing street protests and police repression on June 1st

solidarity banner at Liontaria square in Heraklion, Crete (Greece)

faşizme karşı omuz omuza / stand shoulder-to-shoulder against fascism

hükümet istifa / government, resign

katil Erdoğan / murderer Erdoğan

Taksim bizim, İstanbul bizim / Taksim is ours, Istanbul is ours

direne direne kazanacağız / we will win by resisting

her yer Taksim, her yer direniş / everywhere is Taksim, resistance is everywhere

sık bakalım, sık bakalım, biber gazı sık bakalım, copunu bırak, kaskını çıkar, delikanlı kim bakalım / shoot it, shoot it, fire the tear gas, drop your baton, take your helmet off, then we see who’s the tough guy

hepiniz orospu çocuğusunuz / you’re all son of bitches [to the police]

orospu çocuğu Tayyip Erdoğan / son of a bitch Tayyip Erdoğan

solidarity banner in Thessaloniki (Greece): ‘Solidarity with the rebels in Turkey. Rebellion now and forever’

There is no official confirmation of the deaths as of yet.

In Istanbul, on 1/6, the cops left the Taksim Gezi Park for a while. Then people gathered to occupy the park again. Soon thereafter, the police stormed the area to remove the protesters.

Recent updates in Turkish : 1, 2, 3

Comrades’ message from the streets of Istanbul at 17:15 (local time): “We did it. Taksim square and Gezi Park occupied. Police pulls back; they’re leaving. People celebrate inside Gezi Park. One police car, with ‘sikik (fucked)’ written on it, was overturned and set on fire…”

Setúbal, Portugal: Reportback from MayDay

Nearly 120 persons participated in the anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist demonstration in the city of Setúbal. This was the 4th year in a row that comrades from various libertarian tendencies marched in the streets of Setúbal, in order to vindicate MayDay and promote the fight against the State/Capital.

In 2011, comrades actively resisted the detention of a demonstrator, what triggered a repression blow. Thugs in uniform went mad and started to shoot people with plastic pellets after the end of the demo. Cops also used their firearms, and shot bullets into the air. People continued to resist, even after the police shooting.

The 2012 demonstration was focused on showing that anarchists are not afraid to step forward and claim their beliefs in public, regardless of the police repression. It was also the first time that the Nazis of PNR were calling for a demo in the city. This is why self-defense was a priority issue that year. Comrades were ready to fight back, well-equipped with helmets, sticks-flags and improvised shields, while many protesters coming from other Portuguese cities attended that demo as well, in order to stand in solidarity with the anarchist space in Setúbal.

This year things were a bit different. Combative spirit was definitely present, but organization of self-defense groups was certainly missing. Nearly 25 comrades were carrying sticks-flags, so there was not enough force to defend the protest march in case the cops would attack, or to go first on the attack against the pigs and the symbols of Power.

Recall that on March 16th, 2013 Rúben Marques was assassinated by the police in the neibourhood of Bela Vista in Setúbal, after a motorcycle chase on traffic regulation violation. The cops that shot the 18-year-old youth with rubber bullets claim he was wearing no helmet. Clashes broke out after this police murder. Continue reading Setúbal, Portugal: Reportback from MayDay

Athens: Our voices can neither be repressed, nor silenced

Footage from the anti-repression demo on April 25th in downtown Athens, in solidarity with Athens IMC and 98FM radio station


A few slogans chanted during the protest march:

‘From Athens to Mexico, create thousands of indymedia sites so that repressors get wiser’

‘Indymedia is a voice from the streets; not one step back in the face of repression’

‘Pirate radios and self-organized spaces inside faculties; the academic asylum belongs to fighters’

‘This is how you do it right: take down the Greek flag and raise a protest banner’ (reference to the 24/4 action at Propylaea)

‘Cybersecurity is not feasible; proletarians/trolletarians have no IP’

‘10, 100, 1000 indymedia sites against a world filled with rotten media’

Belgrade: Action for free spaces and prisoners in struggle all around the world

Solidarity with squats and hostages in the clutches of the State!
Anarchy, you scumbags!
Anarchy, you scumbags!

On February 26th, 2013, in the context of the ‘Black February’ campaign, we hung a banner in solidarity with squats and liberated spaces, as well as with comrades kidnapped by the State.

Forces of Capital and the State, in all their licentiousness, same as their fascist dogs, are attacking spaces of subversion, germs of the new, self-organized free zones in which those kind of ideas and relationships are created and promoted that will overthrow the rule of slavery and demolish their rotten world. Obvious examples are the squats Villa Amalias, Skaramaga (both in Athens), Delta (in Thessaloniki) and others in Greece, or the ZAD in France.

We send our solidarity to all squats and liberated spaces that have been under attack of Capital and the State, to the prisoner Spyros Dravilas, the four anarchists arrested in Kozani, comrades who have been persecuted or are in the clutches of the State, and to all those who are fighting and resisting oppression.

No matter how hard they try, the spirit and fire of rebellion, the struggle for freedom will never be put out!

Action and statement in solidarity with anarchist Felicity Ryder

From deep within the belly of the beast we howl our solidarity with our wild sister & comrade, Felicity Ryder. Love, some comrades.

On a wet and cold night we ventured out with paint cans in our pockets and the fierce desire for a free world in our hearts. On this dark winter’s night, our burning hatred for this mechanized undead system, which seeks our total exploitation from the moment we emerge from out of the womb and into the hospital (our first institution) to the moment of our last breath, lit our way through the streets.

We know that the last 7 months must have been far from easy for you compañera, and we can only imagine that the challenges of clandestinity have required immense patience and strength from you.

However, even through the obscuring veil of clandestinity, you remain ever present in our minds, and we stand in irrepressible solidarity with you. As we stand in unbending solidarity with all comrades who fearlessly stand up, face to face with the enemy. So with much revolutionary love we send you our warmest greetings, as well as to all comrades who stand strong in their convictions under immense pressure. You are not alone, we stand beside you.

For all the snarling of this tired system; the various international operations of repression, the incarceration of our comrades, the mass attacks on liberated spaces, as well as the attempts to harass your comrades & family (as we have read), is part of a failed attempt to paralyze us with fear and panic. An attempt that will never succeed. Because our resistance and our passion for freedom is stronger than their prison cells. And it is stronger than their cowardly harassment and attacks on all those who dare to raise their head and stare it in the eye, in struggle and in defiance. Anarchists and anti-authoritarians are targeted, as all who resist are, because we pose a threat to their vapid, rancid system of exploitation. And we shall remain a rebellious threat against the existent deadening order.

So, with much love, affection and respect we salute your strength and resistance. Whatever may come, you have our solidarity as we continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with you in the struggle against tyranny, oppression and the cowardice of Power. For we recognize in you a wild desire for freedom that reflects our own struggles for liberation against a brutal and joyless system.

We stand firmly in solidarity with you compañera. We share this struggle with you and we send warm revolutionary hugs to you, wherever you may be.

Solidarity is our weapon against the enemy and the soil from which our liberation blossoms.

We send our rebel greetings also to all anarchist fighters both in and outside the cages, and to all comrades on the run.

Veria, Northern Greece: Solidarity with anarchists Romanos, Bourzoukos, Politis and Michailidis

Banners ahead of a demonstration on Saturday, February 23rd, by 12pm, at Orologiou square in the city of Veria, in solidarity with the 4 remanded anarchists, who are accused of double robbery in Velventos–Kozani

States are the only terrorists. Violence for the violence of Power. Solidarity with the 4 of Velventos. ANTIFA
What’s the robbery of a bank compared to the bank’s foundation… Resistance and solidarity. Demo, 23/2, Orologiou square, 12:00
No tolerance for the enemies of freedom. Solidarity march for the 4 anarchists, 23/2, Orologiou square, 12:00

sourcevideo by the Antifascist Assembly of Veria

Athens: Fliers for a Black February

In the context of the Black February solidarity campaign, and ahead of the general strike across Greece tomorrow (February 20th), we printed 800 fliers with four different slogans so as to promote an everyday struggle without borders and towards total liberation. Some of them were thrown in the centre of Athens, and there’s more to come…

Anarchist slogans’ fermentation group

Slogans read: ‘Homeless men and women, let’s walk the struggle’s path / Set fire to this wintertime’ – ‘Squat the houses, tear down the prisons / Get rid of the galley-society’ – ‘Arson on the machines, fire to the factories / For an indomitable life, for freedom’ – ‘International and insurrectionary fight / Against States and capitalism’

Florina, Northern Greece: Solidarity with the 4 remanded anarchists, accused in bank robbery case

On February 11th, 2013 we placed a banner in the city of Florina in solidarity with the 4 comrades accused in the Velventos–Kozani bank robbery case. Strength, comrades! You give strength back to us.

For as long as the war is raging, you will keep finding us unrepentant against Power. Long live anarchy!

Raised fist for the unrepentant anarchist combatants Romanos, Bourzoukos, Politis, Michailidis
Long live anarchy, you scumbags! (+door of local courts paint-bombed)
Strength to ‘the 4 of Kozani’
Cops, judges, politicians, you have no reason to sleep calm

February 12th, 2013: Text by anarchists Nikos Romanos, Dimitris Politis, Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos and Yannis Michailidis, here

Athens: Sabotage of CCTV cameras and ATMs

For the Black February

In the early hours of February 6th, we took a stroll down the streets of Athens city centre so as to paint anarchist slogans on the walls and do whatever else might come our way. Amid enthusiasm, we blinded 3 surveillance cameras of Agrotiki and National Bank branches and messed up their ATMs, too.

Freedom for the 4 hostages of Kozani case, for Freddy, Marcelo, Juan in Chile, and for Marco Camenisch: we must not leave him grow old inside the Swiss galleys!


Buenos Aires, Argentina: Solidarity mural for a Black February

Liberated spaces in the war against Power! We are germinating life from within your gray plague!

In Buenos Aires streets, we painted a mural in solidarity with the squats in Greece and the world, in the context of the call for a Black February.

This action is symbolic; we do not believe that by painting a wall we put the Greek government into checkmate for its attack on squatted spaces that defy Power. However, we do see in it the potential of what it could mean – that is, not to turn a deaf ear to a cry for international solidarity.

Admittedly, a squat in itself poses no threat to Power and its ethics. This is reflected by the thousands of squats that are used as ‘party centres’ – real discotheque-squats. The danger is posed by the approach and practices of those who give life to each space, of those who maintain it and resist day to day without fear before a future police-state onslaught. Various examples come to mind when we recall evictions in the specific context of police raids: Sacco y Vanzetti squat in Chile, Flor do Asfalto squat in Brazil, or the case of Nadir occupied space in Thessaloniki–Greece.

We welcome the good news about Gabriel Pombo Da Silva (transferred to a Madrid prison) and Mario López (released from prison under bail). Strength, comrades!

Direct action for Freddy, Marcelo and Juan (in preparation for the ‘security case’ oral trial, which now resumes) and for the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire prisoners and Theofilos Mavropoulos.

Even if the Press is silent, the walls scream.
Solidarity with squatted spaces and prisoners in war.

Not an inch back in the face of evictions;
9mms in the heads of cops.

in Spanish

Brighton, UK: Solidarity with squatters and anarchists worldwide

In the early hours of January 16th, 2013 we found a suitable canvas to express our rage and solidarity with the recent wave of attacks on anarchist/autonomous spaces in Greece.

On the pristine white wall of the Halifax bank on London Road (central Brighton) we painted “SOLIDARITY WITH SQUATS IN GREECE” in large green letters, accompanied by A.C.A.B, a large squatter symbol and circled A in black paint. This is only a small expression of our desire to strike back in what are difficult and oppressive times for all of us. (Unfortunately we do not have any pictures of our art.)

Solidarity with squatters and anarchists worldwide.

—Some anarchists.

Read also ‘Direct Action Chronology’ in Dark Nights #30!

Lesvos Island: Protest demo in Mytilini in solidarity with all squats and self-managed spaces, 12.1.2013

“Hands off the squats”
“Hands off the squats”
“All that you do is for the money”
“All that you do is for the money”
“Solidarity with all squats”
“Solidarity with all squats”
“Our mouths and microphones will not be shut – Solidarity with 98FM from 105FM (the free radio of Mytilini)”
“Our mouths and microphones will not be shut – Solidarity with 98FM from 105FM (the free radio of Mytilini)”
“Hands off the squats”
“Hands off the squats”
“Solidarity with all squats”
“Solidarity with all squats”


Athens: Assault against the mayor of Athens Giorgos Kaminis

On Friday the 4th of January 2013, at approximately 20.00pm, the pimp-mayor of Athens, the minion who loyally serves the police gang of the minister of Public Order Dendias, was spontaneously attacked by a group of mates when he was spotted at the Christmas venue in Technopolis municipal industrial museum, in the neighbourhood of Gazi. Kaminis received only a small dose of what he truly deserves. He was confronted verbally at the beginning, but then he was shoved a few times. The mates made it clear why the mayor will be hunted down —or, in their own words, when some say the slogan ‘Villa Amalias will become the tomb of Kaminis’ they actually mean it…


Montréal: New Year’s Eve anti-prison demo at Tanguay and Bordeaux prisons


Over 50 people gathered in Montréal to carry on the tradition of anti-prison noise demos at prisons on the New Year. The demo assembled at the designated meeting place and took to the streets behind a banner reading “Pour un monde sans patrons, ni flics, ni prisons” (for a world without bosses, nor cops, nor prisons) with a heavy police escort trying in vain to control traffic.

Some of the crowd distributed flyers explaining the action and detailing the recent legislative changes the government has designed to fill up the 22 new prisons they are building. Continue reading Montréal: New Year’s Eve anti-prison demo at Tanguay and Bordeaux prisons