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Greece: Termita squat in Volos signals solidarity with Vancouver Apartman squat in Athens, which is under threat of eviction


Sender: Termita squat

Recipients: Government, MPs, cops, judges, university rectors, snitches and other interested parties


Volos, Greece: June 11th flyposting

In the context of June 11th, international day of solidarity with anarchist prisoners, the Assembly of Anarchists for the Solidarity Inside and Outside the Walls pasted large posters across the city of Volos (central Greece).

Click images to read the slogans (in English & Greek).


Volos, Greece: Direct action in solidarity with anarchist prisoner Panos Aspiotis

In the early hours of Monday February 15th 2016, we burned 2 ATMs located at Defteras Noemvriou Street in Volos, as a minimum response to the torture inflicted on anarchist Panagiotis Aspiotis.

Cops, Judges, Hands off the Fighters



Volos, Greece: Introducing the anarcha-feminist group Femanifesta

On December 6th 2015, during the demonstration in the city of Volos, the anarcha-feminist group Femanifesta unfolded a banner reading “Discipline is over – Life becomes magical”, threw flyers, and chanted mainly but not only feminist slogans.

In this nation, where all men were born levendes [“stouthearted”], feminism is the stones we hurl […]

Volos, Greece: Flyposting in solidarity with hunger striker Evi Statiri

The ‘Assembly of anarchists for the solidarity Inside and Outside the walls’ pasted posters on two central buildings of Volos (central Greece), reading:

FREEDOM FOR EVI STATIRI WHO CONDUCTS HUNGER STRIKE SINCE SEPTEMBER 14TH When the Power fail to make subversive prisoners bow down to them, they target their close and supportive […]

Greece: Nea Anchialos operation resulted in the death of Spyros Dravilas and the capture of Grigoris Tsironis and Spyros Christodoulou

‘… as of now forever free’ Honour to Spyros Dravilas –Anarchists

On May 29th 2015, during an anti-terrorist operation of the Greek police in the area of Nea Anchialos in Magnesia (in close distance to the city of Volos), Spyros Dravilas fell dead inside a safe house under unverified circumstances. The police operation against […]

Volos, Greece: Night attack on police station

Last night, November 29th, thirty anarchists simply and nicely attacked the police station of Aghios Nikolaos district in Volos with stones and paint, shouting slogans in solidarity with anarchist hunger striker Nikos Romanos.

DIAS motocycle cops were lucky that they panicky left.

Solidarity is factual and aggressive.

They should no longer sleep peacefully.

Nikos, hold on until freedom.


Volos, Greece: Responsibility claim for attack on bank branch with molotovs and stones

In the early hours of June 6th, we launched an attack on a branch of Alpha Bank at the intersection of Athinon and Larissis streets. We chose this action as means of attack against the state advances for the creation of type C prison on the one hand, and as token of solidarity with imprisoned […]

Volos, Greece: Arson attack on an ATM

In the early hours of Monday morning, May 5th, 2014, we placed an incendiary device at the ATM of the National Bank branch which is located in Larissis Street. By doing this, we salute the mobilizations of prisoners against the construction of maximum security prisons, and those outside the prison walls who stand in solidarity […]

Volos, Greece: Responsibility claim for attack on the Thessalian Meat Market amid Easter

These days, when thousands of non-human animals are being murdered for the hedonistic and sadistic consumption of their dead flesh on the festive tables of godly slaves, we decided to celebrate in a different way. So, in the daybreak of the 19th of April 2014, we carried out an attack at the Thessalian Meat Market […]

Volos, Greece: Responsibility claim for arson attack on tax office

1,000 hours of theory equal 1 minute of action.

In the early morning hours of Friday, March 21st, 2014, we attacked the tax office of the Nea Ionia district in the city of Volos. We chose to torch the tax archives, and poured records with gasoline and lit them on fire. Our goal was to expand […]

Volos, Greece: New Year’s Eve at the local juvenile prison

Comrades gathered in front of the local juvenile prison in the city of Volos and spent New Year’s Eve close to the prisoners. Demonstrators shouted slogans amid fireworks; “The passion for freedom is stronger than all prisons”; “Fire and blast at this brothel”, and more.

Solidarity is our weapon!

Volos, Greece: Solidarity with the two anarchists from Thessaloniki that were recently remanded in Koridallos prison on terrorism charges

Freedom for the two comrades Andreas Tsavdaridis and Spyros Mandylas – Fire and arson to all prison cells

Solidarity with the two anarchist from Thessaloniki, Spyros Mandylas and Andreas Tsavdaridis, who are charged in relation to the project ‘Phoenix’

Solidarians intervened in the city of Volos with banners for Spyros Mandylas […]

Volos, Greece: Counter-information is a weapon

Solidarity to Athens Indymedia and 98FM

Contra Info banner-action at the University (Tholos) on the coastal street of Volos –Sunday, April 21st.

Corinth, Greece: Another person arrested and accused of participation in the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

According to a report by solidarians, on January 9th, 2013 a 29-year-old man was arrested in the city of Corinth for participation in the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. What the authorities displayed/discovered as incriminating evidence was an alleged fingerprint found in the house of Volos two years ago and, moreover, on a mobile […]

Greece: Responsibility claim for the trashing of the Golden Dawn’s local headquarters in the city of Volos (11.12.2012)


We claim responsibility for the smashing of the branch office of the parastatal company ‘Chrissi Avgi’ on Skenderani street at the dawn of Tuesday 11.12.2012.

The specific office-shop, based on and accountable to the state directorate, is the hole in which the fascists felt safe with frequent police presence. It is […]

Volos, Greece: Take to the streets and smash fascists!

In the evening of October 6th, an antifascist demo took place in the city of Volos (central Greece). By 18.00pm, approximately 300 protesters gathered at the square of Aghios Nikolaos, including comrades from the anarchist/libertarian space but also many local leftists. Shortly before the beginning of the march, some comrades kicked a neo-Nazi’s […]

Berlin: Call for solidarity with the antifascist fight in Greece

Events come thick and fast these days in Greece. While the attacks on immigrants, their houses and shops are still going on, the last months showed more and more antifascist activities like manifestations, leaflet distribution and direct answers. Last week, the state power showed once again on which side it stands.

In […]

Greece: Antifascist march in Volos

The poster reads:

IF YOU TOLERATE FASCISM TODAY IT WILL CAUSE YOU TO SUFFER TOMORROW On Saturday, September 29th, the local MP of the Golden Dawn P.Iliopoulos was spotted on Dimitriados street, in the city of Volos. A person started to argue verbally with him because of the MP’s fascist and bullying […]

Volos, Greece: Solidarity demo outside the local prison

In the afternoon of Sunday, September 30th, 2012, approximately 60 comrades gathered in front of the local juvenile prison, in Chiliadous neighbourhood. Carrying a banner that read “Solidarity to the prisoner struggle” and with their voices filling the air for about forty minutes, they expressed their solidarity to those behind bars.

They showed both […]

Volos, Greece: Nocturnal protest march in direct solidarity with Delta squat and people in struggle

In the city of Volos on late Wednesday night, 12/9, we held a spontaneous meeting after hearing the news of Delta squat’s eviction in Thessaloniki. Our discussion was followed by a protest march, starting from Aghiou Nikolaou square at 01.10am, where nearly 80 people took to the streets and passed nearby the police station and […]

Greece: Responsibility claim for sabotage of CCTV cameras in the city of Volos

During the past month, we destroyed 14 private surveillance cameras in the wider area of Volos.

CCTV cameras are the technological support of the security dogma. They are the practical implementation of the Orwellian ‘Big Brother’ society. They are intended to impose, either in an insidious and subtle way, or in an open and […]

Greece: Letter of CCF member Olga Ekonomidou (in solitary confinement of Diavata prisons)

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

In this moment I am writing these few lines from inside isolation; 30 days of solitary confinement is the price I pay for my refusal to sell out my dignity and obey the humiliation of a full body search, which would last 5 minutes.

I remain unrepentant in my decision. I won’t […]

Volos, Greece: Direct action against neo-Nazis of the ‘Golden Dawn’

On Sunday, April 8th, at about 14.00, a group of 25 neo-Nazis from ‘Chrissi Avgi/Golden Dawn’ attempted an intervention of pre-election propaganda in the area of Paralia (‘beach’) in Volos. Some estimated that most of the Nazi scum came from nearby towns, rather than the city of Volos itself.

As soon as the Nazi’s organized presence […]

Volos: Wild day and night on February 12th

People gathered outside the University (Tholos) by 5pm. More than 4,500 people started marching and chanting slogans. With a feeling of rage in the air, demonstrators attacked the local offices of the parliamentary party PASOK, smashing all windows. Also, the windows of two central supermarkets (Carrefour and Vassilopoulos) were smashed. The Eurobank on Iasonos […]