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Greece: Termita squat in Volos signals solidarity with Vancouver Apartman squat in Athens, which is under threat of eviction


Sender: Termita squat

Recipients: Government, MPs, cops, judges, university rectors, snitches and other interested parties



Volos, Greece: June 11th flyposting

In the context of June 11th, international day of solidarity with anarchist prisoners, the Assembly of Anarchists for the Solidarity Inside and Outside the Walls pasted large posters across the city of Volos (central Greece).

Click images to read the slogans (in English & Greek).


Strength to the imprisoned members of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – No prosecution against relatives of political prisoners – Revolutionary action will walk over Asimina Yfanti [the judge who presides over the CCF escape case trial] and every judge – June 11th, International day of solidarity with anarchist prisoners

via Athens IMC

Volos, Greece: Introducing the anarcha-feminist group Femanifesta

On December 6th 2015, during the demonstration in the city of Volos, the anarcha-feminist group Femanifesta unfolded a banner reading “Discipline is over – Life becomes magical”, threw flyers, and chanted mainly but not only feminist slogans.

In this nation, where all men were born levendes [“stouthearted”], feminism is the stones we hurl back
Rapes, sexism and patriarchy – One day equality won’t be a utopia

Source: Mpalothia

Volos, Greece: Flyposting in solidarity with hunger striker Evi Statiri

The ‘Assembly of anarchists for the solidarity Inside and Outside the walls’ pasted posters on two central buildings of Volos (central Greece), reading:

When the Power fail to make subversive prisoners bow down to them, they target their close and supportive environment, seeking to punish what goes beyond the polarity between innocence and guilt: solidarity.

A couple more photos & Spanish here.

Greece: Nea Anchialos operation resulted in the death of Spyros Dravilas and the capture of Grigoris Tsironis and Spyros Christodoulou

‘… as of now forever free’
Honour to Spyros Dravilas

On May 29th 2015, during an anti-terrorist operation of the Greek police in the area of Nea Anchialos in Magnesia (in close distance to the city of Volos), Spyros Dravilas fell dead inside a safe house under unverified circumstances. The police operation against dubbed ‘Distomo robbers’ resulted not only in the death of Spyros Dravilas (an illegalist and ex-prisoner in struggle), but also in the arrest of Grigoris Tsironis (an anarchist comrade, very active over the past two decades, who was on the run since 2006) and Spyros Christodoulou (an illegalist and unruly ex-prisoner).

The authorities released an autopsy report indicating that Dravilas fired a rifle inside his mouth. Obviously we cannot know what really happened, but so far it seems that his close ones and the two arrestees themselves have not refuted this version of the story.

In the year 2006, Spyros Dravilas had violated a furlough from Koridallos prison (he never returned to prison while on a leave). Rearrested in 2008, he was accused – and denied the charges levelled against him – of liberating two prisoners (Vassilis Palaiokostas, who remains a fugitive after another helicopter prison escape, and Alket Rizai, who was recaptured in 2009) by landing a helicopter for the first time at Koridallos prison yard in June 2006.

In 2009, Dravilas was sentenced to 17 years’ imprisonment and served time in Domokos prison. During the summer of 2013, it became known that Dravilas had violated his prison furlough and gone into clandestinity again.

In the aftermath of the Nea Anchialos anti-terrorist operation, the police/media have tried to portray the deceased Dravilas as perpetrator of an armed attack against the Domokos prison chief warden Serafeim Kallimanis, which took place on February 21st 2015 in the area of Kouvela in Stylida. It’s probably no coincidence that, amid media frenzy, the execution of that chief warden was claimed on May 31st via a communiqué by the ‘Militia Organization/Popular Justice’ (making no mention whatsoever of Dravilas).

Below are excerpts from a text issued on June 1st by comrades and friends of Spyros Dravilas and those captured in Nea Anchialos:

‘Grigoris has always been and remains a comrade. (…) Spyros Christodoulou has always been and remains an insubordinate proletarian, who has carved and still carves his own path in dignity under the most adverse conditions: imprisonment and clandestinity. Exactly like Spyros Dravilas… Of course, no one should ever think he feared possible retaliation by prison guards against him! No sleazy hand of screws could ever touch him without taking into account the price they’d have to pay. Why, then, did Spyros judge he had to turn the gun on himself? Because the always smiling Spyros, the youth who had always honoured his friendships and his promises, ensuring he would do so through his dynamism, the friend who bravely faced the risks that his life and freedom ran as an outlaw, knew what awaited him. He had tasted it from the age of 21, when he first came to know of the harsh reality of incarceration. Since then, having spent several years in prison, he became a runaway and fugitive from justice until the age of 34, when he consciously dismissed the long-term deprivation of his freedom. He refused, like very few people can, to see himself walking down those miserable corridors and into the prison cells of the correctional hellholes; he refused to surrender the remaining years of an insubmissive youth to the modern galleys. Honour forever to Spyros Dravilas! To us, Spyros is neither “the buzz-cut-guy” nor “the helicopter-flying-guy”, but Spyros “the kra”, the vagabond from the area of Tavros, the jovial and undaunted, the good-hearted friend… We don’t forget; we don’t forgive. Solidarity with the arrestees Grigoris Tsironis and Spyros Christodoulou. Fire to the galleys!’

Recall that, in January 2006, a bank robbery on Solonos Street in the city centre of Athens resulted in the heavy injury and captivity of anarchist Yannis Dimitrakis. His arrest was followed by delirious police/media propaganda about the alleged existence of a ‘robbers’ in black gang’. That year, anarchists Simos Seisidis, Marios Seisidis and Grigoris Tsironis were proclaimed wanted for the case. In 2009, a 600,000 euro bounty was placed on their heads. (Marios Seisidis remains fugitive to this day.)

Below is a statement released by comrade Grigoris Tsironis on June 2nd, while in custody in the Athens police headquarters (GADA):

‘A 9-year period of freedom in clandestinity has ended perhaps in the worst possible way: the death of brother Spyros Dravilas. I’d like to express my most heartfelt condolences to his family and wish them courage to bear this loss. Spyros, as of now forever free, will always live in my heart and in my thoughts. Those who are still being hunted as they walk the uncharted paths of freedom will likewise remain in my heart and on my mind. Lots of strength to you brothers and sisters…

Lastly, from inside a holding cell on the 12th floor of the Athens police headquarters, I send my greetings to the imprisoned comrades wishing them speedy freedom, till we meet again soon.

PS. I thank and I’m grateful to those who either knowingly or unknowingly have helped me and given me moments of joy, happiness and comradeship all these years.

Grigoris Tsironis’

On June 2nd, Grigoris Tsironis and Spyros Christodoulou were brought before investigating judge and prosecutor in the Athens courthouse at Evelpidon Street, where nearly 50 comrades were gathered in solidarity with the two arrestees. Upon entering the building, Tsironis and Christodoulou swore at reporters/journalists. After they exited the courtroom, anti-riot squads did not permit eye contact between supporters and the arrestees, who were taken out of the building from the backside. People in solidarity shouted slogans, and some minor skirmishes with the anti-riot cops ensued.

The arrestees were sent to pretrial detention. Both had their DNA samples forcibly taken by police. Their request for transfer to Koridallos prison was denied. Grigoris Tsironis is expected to be moved to Trikala prison and Spyros Christodoulou to Alikarnassos prison (Crete).

In the meantime, police have conducted further house raids in their search for bank robbery suspects.

Volos, Greece: Night attack on police station

Last night, November 29th, thirty anarchists simply and nicely attacked the police station of Aghios Nikolaos district in Volos with stones and paint, shouting slogans in solidarity with anarchist hunger striker Nikos Romanos.

DIAS motocycle cops were lucky that they panicky left.

Solidarity is factual and aggressive.

They should no longer sleep peacefully.

Nikos, hold on until freedom.

Volos, Greece: Responsibility claim for attack on bank branch with molotovs and stones

In the early hours of June 6th, we launched an attack on a branch of Alpha Bank at the intersection of Athinon and Larissis streets. We chose this action as means of attack against the state advances for the creation of type C prison on the one hand, and as token of solidarity with imprisoned fighters on the other.

If you want unwrinkled storefronts, you will keep caging yourselves behind security roller shutters.

We welcome any action that breaks with the inertia and aims to completely deconstruct the existent.

Polymorphous struggle until the destruction of every authoritarian structure

Fire and arson to all the prison cells


Volos, Greece: Arson attack on an ATM

In the early hours of Monday morning, May 5th, 2014, we placed an incendiary device at the ATM of the National Bank branch which is located in Larissis Street. By doing this, we salute the mobilizations of prisoners against the construction of maximum security prisons, and those outside the prison walls who stand in solidarity with inmates. We stand by the side of whoever resists the contemporary barbarity.

Volos, Greece: Responsibility claim for attack on the Thessalian Meat Market amid Easter

These days, when thousands of non-human animals are being murdered for the hedonistic and sadistic consumption of their dead flesh on the festive tables of godly slaves, we decided to celebrate in a different way. So, in the daybreak of the 19th of April 2014, we carried out an attack at the Thessalian Meat Market in the city of Volos, smashing its glass facade, and paint-bombing and causing damages to its cargo truck. The same store has been attacked also in the past, so it’s about time that certain people understood that if they continue to profit at the expense of non-human animals, we will stand in their way with even more drastic means.

Ever since the beginning of their existence, civilization and capitalism have used concepts and practices like property and incarceration in order to imprison, torture and slaughter billions of non-human animals to secure food, health, progress and prosperity of the human species, thus setting the foundation for anthropocentrism, under which the human being is superior to the rest of the species, all of whom are eligible for human-inflicted exploitation. Even though it is anthropocentric, domination does not leave humans out of the realm of enslavement (hierarchy, patriarchy, nations, wage slavery, societies of inequalities). With the onslaught of modern totalitarianism, for achieving a sterile prison-society, there’s a surge of both incarceration and exploitation of animals (livestock, vivisection, animal circuses, zoos, pet shops) but also of people whose ideas and practices are hampering the smooth operation of the system (prisons, concentration camps). For these reasons, we do not consider total liberation (animal, earth, human liberation) a separate fragment but rather an integral part of the wider anarchist struggle.

Until the demolition of every cage/prison, nothing will be free!

Solidarity with political prisoners

Strength to those who revolt inside or outside the walls


Volos, Greece: Responsibility claim for arson attack on tax office

1,000 hours of theory equal 1 minute of action.

In the early morning hours of Friday, March 21st, 2014, we attacked the tax office of the Nea Ionia district in the city of Volos. We chose to torch the tax archives, and poured records with gasoline and lit them on fire. Our goal was to expand the flames throughout the whole of the building, but due to lack of oxygen the fire didn’t spread. Next time we’ll be more cautious.

– The reasons why we chose to target the tax office are self-evident. Our only debt to the main predatory mechanism of the State is its destruction.

– Action replaces tears.

– We take action to overcome our fears.

– We will not wait for any condition to become ripe.

– We will not wait for any society to wake up.

– We will not wait for any “revolutionary” to revolutionize oneself.

We urge anyone who doesn’t want to live a slavish life, anyone who consciously opposes this aging world, to let go of the miseries and ideologized inactivity, and act aggressively.

Let us be the ones who start to determine the current event agenda.

Anarchists in action.

Volos, Greece: New Year’s Eve at the local juvenile prison

Comrades gathered in front of the local juvenile prison in the city of Volos and spent New Year’s Eve close to the prisoners. Demonstrators shouted slogans amid fireworks; “The passion for freedom is stronger than all prisons”; “Fire and blast at this brothel”, and more.

Solidarity is our weapon!

Volos, Greece: Solidarity with the two anarchists from Thessaloniki that were recently remanded in Koridallos prison on terrorism charges

Freedom for the two comrades Andreas Tsavdaridis and Spyros Mandylas – Fire and arson to all prison cells
Solidarity with the two anarchist from Thessaloniki, Spyros Mandylas and Andreas Tsavdaridis, who are charged in relation to the project ‘Phoenix’

Solidarians intervened in the city of Volos with banners for Spyros Mandylas and Andreas Tsavdaridis, anarchists from Thessaloniki that are both held in pretrial incarceration, accused for the Phoenix Project.

Andreas, Spyros: hold strong until freedom.

The more sheep will be bleating, the more wolves will be howling.


Corinth, Greece: Another person arrested and accused of participation in the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

According to a report by solidarians, on January 9th, 2013 a 29-year-old man was arrested in the city of Corinth for participation in the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. What the authorities displayed/discovered as incriminating evidence was an alleged fingerprint found in the house of Volos two years ago and, moreover, on a mobile object! The 29-year-old man will be examined by a special investigator on January 10th.


Greece: Responsibility claim for the trashing of the Golden Dawn’s local headquarters in the city of Volos (11.12.2012)


We claim responsibility for the smashing of the branch office of the parastatal company ‘Chrissi Avgi’ on Skenderani street at the dawn of Tuesday 11.12.2012.

The specific office-shop, based on and accountable to the state directorate, is the hole in which the fascists felt safe with frequent police presence. It is no longer necessary to analyze the causes of an attack against the Golden Dawn. They did and will still do the dirty work where the official State finds difficulties; at the same time, they are the henchmen of one part of the Greek racist society, to which they feed spectacle. Moreover, the fascists openly support those who factually assist them in all ways (e.g. the Golden Dawn suggested the tax exemption of shipping tycoons from the latest austerity package). Continue reading Greece: Responsibility claim for the trashing of the Golden Dawn’s local headquarters in the city of Volos (11.12.2012)

Volos, Greece: Take to the streets and smash fascists!

In the evening of October 6th, an antifascist demo took place in the city of Volos (central Greece). By 18.00pm, approximately 300 protesters gathered at the square of Aghios Nikolaos, including comrades from the anarchist/libertarian space but also many local leftists. Shortly before the beginning of the march, some comrades kicked a neo-Nazi’s ass. Soon thereafter, the number of participants reached 900 demonstrators.

At the very same time, the neo-Nazis of the Golden Dawn (Chrissi Avgi) had called for a ‘Pan-Thessalic rally against austerity measures’ in front of their informal local offices, located on Skenderani street. No more than a hundred thugs attended the miserable fascist meeting. Apparently, both the nationalists and the police were extremely worried that clashes would break out, so they had deployed heavy repressive forces across the city streets, such as four police buses and several anti-riot squadrons from nearby towns to protect the Golden Dawn members, as well as all of the DIAS motorcycle units and dozens of plainclothes cops from Volos.

Anti-riot squadrons surrounded Aghios Nikolaos square in order to cut off the antifascist demo, but the protesters did not get intimidated. The march started in a combative way and walked down Dimitriados street, where there were small-scale confrontations as soon as cops fired tear gas and stun grenades against demonstrators, in an attempt to disperse the crowd. The antifascists stayed together in one bloc and various bystanders chose to join the march, too. They continued on Iasonos street and ended the demo in the University (Tholos), where an assembly was held to determine future actions.

The big turnout, as well as the passion of antifascist protesters, apart from making fascists a lot more wary and scared of counter-attacks, demonstrated that people can accomplish far more than they ever thought possible when they organize themselves in a serious and decisive manner. Fascists and their poison have no place in Volos, or anywhere for that matter. Even if they will attempt to regroup and make their appearance on the streets, they will be faced with counter-protests, and hopefully next time they won’t be so well-protected by their fellow cops.

Following this demonstration, another antifascist action took place in downtown Volos on October 10th. Nearly 50 comrades took to the streets, carried out flyposting and distributed counter-informative leaflets. They chanted slogans on their way until they reached Skenderani street, wanting to ‘pay a visit’ to the fascist nest. They stayed outside the unofficial headquarters of Golden Dawn for about fifteen minutes, when the local police chief intervened together with DIAS motorized forces. Despite the ‘friendly talk’ of the police chief, the comrades remained in their position for five more minutes. Passersby expressed spontaneous support as the antifascists decided to leave, shouting out very loud the need to smash fascists and make nationalism vanish.

Not even a single millimeter of ground for the enemies of freedom!
Smash patriotism-nationalism-populism-fascism everywhere!

Berlin: Call for solidarity with the antifascist fight in Greece

Events come thick and fast these days in Greece. While the attacks on immigrants, their houses and shops are still going on, the last months showed more and more antifascist activities like manifestations, leaflet distribution and direct answers. Last week, the state power showed once again on which side it stands.

In Volos (29/9), during a gathering of Chrissi Avgi (Golden Dawn), an MP of the fascist party pulled his gun against protesting antifascists before the nose of the police, however at the precinct they were not willing to record the formal complaint of eye witnesses due to “lack of time”.

In the same weekend, there was an antifascist motorbike manifestation in Athens (30/9), to inform the public about the unbearable conditions for immigrants because of the state operation “Xenios Zeus” and to show presence in the streets of Athens. After it clashed with a group of neo-Nazis, police forces started to act brutal against antifascists, whereby some of them were seriously injured. 15 demonstrators got arrested. A solidarity gathering the day after to the court where the prisoners were held was attacked, too. 25 antifascists got arrested, 4 of them were released Friday afternoon. The 19 detained persons reported inhumane conditions and police brutality in custody. They met others that have been “forgotten” there for since 3 months. Costs of any arrest like that are high: only for the arraignment 15,000 euro must be paid. On Friday 5/10 the last 15 arrested persons were released on bail (3,000 euros each).

Besides the aggravation of the situation through Nazis and the police, the government shows once more on which side it stands. So the press office of the public order ministry let it be known (after an announcement of the “leftist” party Syriza), that the government will prompt more measures to enforce law and order. Furthermore they throw leftists in the same pot with the fascists and announced they would contain such antidemocratic tendencies. In reality one makes common cause with the Nazis: while priding themselves with obvious crimes in the media and getting away with it, antifascists are covered with repression.

At the same time, the racist state action “Xenios Zeus” is still going on, with 27,500 custodies of non-Greek persons and approx. 2,600 arrests of people who did not have the necessary papers by now. Everything points to an exacerbation of the situation for immigrants, antifascists and everyone who does not fit into the racist and fascist ideology. The interaction between neo-Νazis and police with the backing of the government and the enforcement of racist laws of deportation are alarming and must be interpreted as prefascist tendencies.

It is an unbearable situation for all forces that are resisting. Thereby, the other European governments certainly do not care about who is governing Greece – as long as the public order is maintained by ten thousands of cops, that guarantee a trouble-free procedure of monetary business. The constant resistance and the anti-repression activities bind capacities again and again. Moreover, sums of money for processes in the actual financial situation are hard to procure.

Solidarity with the antifascist fight in Greece!
United we stand!

Antifas, anarchists and anti-authoritarians in October 2012

Donations for the movement and the prisoners through ABC Berlin:

Kontoinhaber: SSB e.V.
Berliner Sparkasse
BLZ: 10050000
Konto: 6603098570

IBAN: DE40 1005 0000 6603 0985 70
Subject: “KNASTSOLIDARITÄT” antifa greece

German original

Greece: Antifascist march in Volos

The poster reads:

On Saturday, September 29th, the local MP of the Golden Dawn P.Iliopoulos was spotted on Dimitriados street, in the city of Volos. A person started to argue verbally with him because of the MP’s fascist and bullying tactics, but also because the same person has regularly been slandered through the Internet by the Golden Dawn.

Soon thereafter, at the corner of Dimitriados and Skenderani streets, where the local (unofficial) head office of the nationalist party are located, the aforementioned person argued verbally with seven members of the Golden Dawn –who had just got out of the building carrying steel batons and wooden stakes– and with the MP himself, who did not only carry a wooden stake but also displayed his gun to challenge and threat the unarmed antifascist.

Within only a few minutes, heavy police forces arrived at the scene and lined up in a cordon to protect the armed fascists. Then the cops violently detained six people and the antifascist, with the pretext of obtaining witnesses’ testimonies about the incident.

One more random citizen, that was also an eyewitness, went to the police department to file suit against the MP’s conduct. Nevertheless, he was ignored by the cops, who told him to come again some other time.

Τhe only thing that the mainstream media ‘news coverage’ and the cops’ account added to the case was the legitimacy of firearm possession. If the MP had fired his gun, they would probably care to add, as usual, an accidental discharge or an ostracized bullet.

Demonstration, Saturday, October 6th, 18.00pm, Aghios Nikolaos, Volos

Assembly against fascism

Keep safe on the street, stay alert. (The neo-Nazis circulated a call for a ‘Pan-Thessalic demo’ on the same day, at the same time, in Volos.)

Volos, Greece: Solidarity demo outside the local prison

In the afternoon of Sunday, September 30th, 2012, approximately 60 comrades gathered in front of the local juvenile prison, in Chiliadous neighbourhood. Carrying a banner that read “Solidarity to the prisoner struggle” and with their voices filling the air for about forty minutes, they expressed their solidarity to those behind bars.

They showed both the prisoners and their guardians that no one is alone against the State; that our struggle must continue until the demolition of every prison; until we are all free.

Solidarity is our weapon! Fire to the prisons!

Volos, Greece: Nocturnal protest march in direct solidarity with Delta squat and people in struggle

In the city of Volos on late Wednesday night, 12/9, we held a spontaneous meeting after hearing the news of Delta squat’s eviction in Thessaloniki. Our discussion was followed by a protest march, starting from Aghiou Nikolaou square at 01.10am, where nearly 80 people took to the streets and passed nearby the police station and the overcrowded local coffee-bars. We went on to Dimitriados central street, walked down the seaside promenade and ended the march at the Palia square.

Many slogans were chanted in defense of squatting, practices of solidarity and the anarchist struggle, and against the State, cops and fascists. There were no police forces present, except for a secret police car and its ‘content’.

Squats, radical strikes, riots, guerilla struggle and every other form and choice of fighting towards the destruction of this system and the building of a society based on solidarity and equality, have our factual support, regardless of any existing disagreements.

No one who struggles, no one who is being prosecuted or imprisoned must stay alone facing this violent attack of the totalitarian capitalism and its republic. To create solidary relationships among the oppressed and exploited, as well as consistent and aggressive structures that will deprive authority and its supporters from their living space, is a one-way street.

Hands off squats! Hands off struggles and fighters!

Greece: Responsibility claim for sabotage of CCTV cameras in the city of Volos

During the past month, we destroyed 14 private surveillance cameras in the wider area of Volos.

CCTV cameras are the technological support of the security dogma. They are the practical implementation of the Orwellian ‘Big Brother’ society. They are intended to impose, either in an insidious and subtle way, or in an open and audacious one, the acceptance of supervision and surveillance, of law and order. And if the public-state cameras consist a power display of a State, of a system which strives to expand like canker to every sphere and field of life, the private ones (in houses and stores) are the proof that up to a certain extent the State/system has made it happen. In other words, if it is detestable, but expected that CCTV cameras are one more tool of domination, it is slimy and subservient that they’re also used by its subjects. Tolerance and indulgences—especially in times like the ones we live—offer domination a breath of life, stealing life from those who fight against Power.

Neither society, nor the People are an icon to which we bend over while lighting a candle. When they, consciously or not, play the role of the State completing its work, they should be treated in an equivalent way. Individual or collective initiatives, efforts of aggressive action for the destruction of the prevailing Nothing, will constantly emerge and spread.

And if, due to these practices, some people get scared of losing the convenient—for them—slave chains, then it must be said that the reproduction of violent authoritative normality terrorizes each day many more —or at least tries to do so.

The consolidation of oppression is, to us, a reciprocal relationship reproduced between domination and society as a whole that is imbued with authoritative behaviours. The cowardice and inertia of the mass is needed for domination to maintain exploitation. The bosses have acquired slaves and submissives who kiss their arm while they beat them with it.

What we prompt is total attack on the existent. We recognize our enemy not only in the state apparatus but also in the existing society. The boundaries between them are quite indistinct. Power has pervaded in every part of society. Domination has encamped on consciences. We are opposing the whole plexus of relationships, attitudes and formal or informal institutions expressed in every field of everyday life that actively or passively perpetuate the existent. Our offensive targets normality, voluntary serfdom, sneaking and consciences in uniform; the masters but also their submissives, selfishness and personal step up in capitalism, inertia and indifference as life stance, racism and sexist mentalities and behaviours.

Nothing more disgusting and insidious than the reputable citizen who goes after a bank robber, nothing more detested than the voluntary snitch who will dial the known phone numbers of the anti-terrorist unit having been an ‘eyewitness’ of an armed attack or a bombing conducted by a revolutionary organization, or even a suspicious move. We are filled with rage against the small-time bosses that have the look of a thousand cardinals and, in the most arrogant way, demonstrate their power on their employees; rage and disgust for the ‘honoured working class hero’ that comes back from work and takes his frustration out on his wife and children; against any kind of Greek-hearted patriots who would chase after the ‘illegal’ immigrant street vendor; against every ‘legal’ immigrant who would seek their place in the Greek petite bourgeoisie, reproducing attitudes they had also endured in the past but now unleash against immigrants ‘without papers’.

We are filled with rage and disgust for the armies of voluntary serfs…

We, on our part, have chosen to be at the camp of Revolution; at the same camp to which our imprisoned comrades, members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, are committed. It’s been nearly a year since the last arrests of the organization’s members in Nea Ionia of Volos, when we had experienced the antiterrorist operation with the assistance of local subordinate pigs, and already prosecutors and interrogators set up a series of court cases against them. Democracy retaliates, deploying judges, cops, prosecutors, prison guards, journalists against them. Facing this mob, the CCF members maintain a dignified, unsparing and proud position.

This position of theirs fills us with courage and inexhaustible desire to continue the struggle. With hunger strikes, an attempted escape, constant denial of humiliating prison searches, by carrying on dialectically the internationalization of guerrilla warfare and solidarity through the Informal Anarchist Federation/ International Revolutionary Front (FAI-IRF) project, they declare that nothing is over, and everything continues, without stepping even 1mm back.

Comrades of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, we address to you a cordial greeting and our factual solidarity. Our solidarity to those prosecuted for the same case, to anarchist revolutionary Theofilos Mavropoulos and all who are prosecuted for their subversive action.

PS. As we write these lines, comrade and CCF member Olga Ekonomidou is being held in a solitary confinement cell with CCTV camera in Diavata prisons, after her disciplinary prison transfer and refusal to undergo the humiliating strip search.

Let’s demolish all prisons and the isolation regime enforced on our comrades.

Collaboration for sabotage and vandalism

Greece: Letter of CCF member Olga Ekonomidou (in solitary confinement of Diavata prisons)

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

In this moment I am writing these few lines from inside isolation; 30 days of solitary confinement is the price I pay for my refusal to sell out my dignity and obey the humiliation of a full body search, which would last 5 minutes.

I remain unrepentant in my decision. I won’t give away even a second of compromise to prison guards. I will not exchange my refusals and choices with the ‘warmth’ of a standard cell and the ‘liberty’ of yard time among the general prison population.

I’m not looking to become another normal statistic of an inmate who cringes before the prison service, who serves ‘quietly’ her sentence, who trips into hallucinations induced by wacko-pills, who forces herself as an ‘older rank’ on new-coming prisoners.

During my time in prison, I’ve seen the densely populated desert of the society of prisoners. Just like when I was free, now that I am within the walls I still remain a refuser of every society which is built by demolishing the ‘ego’, imitates its false idols by abolishing the authentic, survives by following its conventions. I refuse the lonely crowd that wears as face its feints because it bears no soul to become one’s self. I remain friend, comrade and human with all women and men who keep the fire burning inside them. With those women and men who choose the dangerous paths of wolves instead of sheep pastures.

When it comes to all of us, anarchists of praxis, imprisonment is never enough ‘punishment’. For this, disciplinary penalties, transfers and solitary confinements are due to come down.

Isolation is a prison within the prison. You remain 24 hours a day locked up in a cage with a bunk bed, an in-cell toilet and the vigilant eye of a closed-circuit camera (which I finally managed to cover with a sheet…).

Inside here, your only girlfriends are your thoughts and memories. Inside here, the days and hours are eliminated, lost, dying, pushing slowly each other…

But these 30 days of solitary confinement I was not left alone. I had some odd and charming visitors by my side that passed secretly and ‘smuggled’ their way into my cell, breaking the isolation.

There were the beautiful sound of gun shots by the Olga Cell FAI/IRF against the nuclear company’s scumbag Adinolfi (sisters and brothers, I THANK you for the smile you gifted me with), the unique noise from ANFO and dynamite explosions in Ecuador, in Bolivia (strength to the arrested comrades), in Peru, the pleasant news from the captive brothers of mine Eat and Billy in Indonesia (Eat, your words in your letter gave me courage and strength), the incendiary smokes by the new Conspiracy of Cells of Fire FAI/IRF-Greece (by your will and your actions, you show that nothing is over), the chanted slogans and voices of people in solidarity who held a gathering outside Diavata prisons, where I’m kept captive; there were all these gestures of substance, the texts, the posters, the sabotages (in Volos), the arsons, which have engraved on my mind and my heart a phrase with indelible colour: ‘SOLIDARITY between anarchists of praxis is not just words’…

Olga Ekonomidou
member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire-FAI/IRF of the first period

30 days of solitary confinement and I go on, but the she-wolf inside me doesn’t sleep, doesn’t give consent, doesn’t forgive…

Volos, Greece: Direct action against neo-Nazis of the ‘Golden Dawn’

On Sunday, April 8th, at about 14.00, a group of 25 neo-Nazis from ‘Chrissi Avgi/Golden Dawn’ attempted an intervention of pre-election propaganda in the area of Paralia (‘beach’) in Volos. Some estimated that most of the Nazi scum came from nearby towns, rather than the city of Volos itself.

As soon as the Nazi’s organized presence was reported, nearly 50 antifascists rushed to the area and confronted them. The reactions of many passersby were positive to this direct action, and several incited publicly the fight and the chase against the fascists.

After a few minutes, the goldendawners (among them was also at least one of their general election candidate for the regional unit of Magnisia) hid themselves in a nearby coffee shop in order to escape (the blows, but not their obvious humiliation).

Comrades gathered outside the café chanting antifascist slogans, but given the presence of a significant number of police who hurried to the place (4 DIAS police motorcycles, 5-6 cops of the port police and 3 patrol cars) they chose not to strike again.

The antifascists left dignified, while the coward patriots fled from the coffee shop assisted by their accomplices in uniform. Apparently (at least for the time being), the neo-Nazis have not proceeded with their vomiting propaganda and material distribution on any of the city’s streets.

Antifascist patrols continued during the afternoon, and comrades remain on full alert.

Volos: Wild day and night on February 12th

People gathered outside the University (Tholos) by 5pm. More than 4,500 people started marching and chanting slogans. With a feeling of rage in the air, demonstrators attacked the local offices of the parliamentary party PASOK, smashing all windows. Also, the windows of two central supermarkets (Carrefour and Vassilopoulos) were smashed. The Eurobank on Iasonos Street was smashed and then burnt to the ground. While the bank was burning, there were riots with more than 1,000 people fighting with the cops, and going after them many times.

Meanwhile, many hundreds occupied the local town hall and held a people’s assembly on the first floor. Also, hundreds of people attacked the tax bureau, completely destroying whatever was inside.

There was a fire from the basement of the town hall while lots of people were still inside discussing —obviously an effort of the authorities to sabotage this self-organized effort. While people were destroying the tax office and many others where inside the occupied town hall, in a ‘mysterious’ way smoke started coming out of the basement. Eye-witnesses said that they saw individuals — not part of any demonstrator block — going to the basement of the town hall and then leaving.

Cops from Larissa came in the city of Volos to assist the local pigs, hunting people who entered the University (Department of Architecture) for several hours. When people left the Department of Architecture, they met two police buses on their way. The cops went out and started chasing after the crowd, they detained one of the comrades — whom they released later — and made two others jump in the sea!

There were a total of 26 detentions, 6 of which were turned into arrests. All arrestees will appear before the prosecutor, with the first three (not the underage) standing trial on Thursday morning.