Athens: Antispeciesist protest against the fur and leather industry

Furs are dripping blood – Action Against Fur
Until every cage is destroyed – Antispeciesist Action (A)

Arson for each fur scumbag
Arson for each fur trader
This is the right thing to do: Choke the fur trade with . . .

On Saturday, November 26th, 2011, an antispeciesist demonstration took place against the fur industry downtown. Nearly 100 people attended the protest march which started from Syntagma Square, continued to the area of Monastiraki (a tourist destination) to return later at Syntagma via the main shopping Ermou Street.

The protest was organized by the Assembly for the Antispeciesist Action. During their combative demo, antispeciesists comrades wrote slogans against the Capital and also threw paint bombs on the facades of fur stores and similar atrocious businesses. Some of the slogans were: ‘Freedom to everyone in cages’ / ‘Arson and wildfire for every brothel’ (chanted outside fur stores).

Fur traders – Fascists – Murderers

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