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Milan, Italy : Sit-in in solidarity at the courthouse of Milan

In the event and in support of the International Week for Antispeciesist Action, we communicate the performance of a sit in, planned for the 30th of October, from 9 a.m., at the courthouse of Milan in solidarity with the comrades who, on that day, are going to be subjected to the second hearing regarding the occupation of the animal facility of the Department of Pharmacology of the State University of Milan, that occurred on the 20th of April of 2013, and that led to the liberation of 400 mice and a rabbit, in addition to the disclosure of the documentation, intended to bring down the wall of silence which still allows to excuse the exploitation of animals.

The cages are not just that four heavy walls that contain the animals, forced to suffocate between the narrow gears of the conveyor belt, prisons without light, labs closed between walls that have been stripped for years by lacerated nails, mutilated paws, but they are every room that has bars, even mental ones. Freedom is a moral duty that urges the individual to extend it to the multitudes, without limits or barriers, regarding the species, the skin, the color or the scent. As long as there is still one of us who is imprisoned don’t talk to us about rights. Our rights have the shape of the blade which denies them to others. Labs are full of beings who are massacred and stoned to death for our rights, to extend, up to a day, our chained lives, the lives of the “Us” who are shortsighted, and have the convictions of brotherhood and respect, a controlled and dosed kind of respect. Furthermore, scientific research through the suffering of non human animals carried out within the walls of universities, has many valences: considering individuals as tools, objects, goods which can be used as it wishes, makes university a place where speciesism is taught and instilled in students’ minds; very often research performed at the universities is carried out in collaboration with big pharmaceutical groups and grants from companies and private foundations like Telethon: where university should be the base of free and democratic knowledge, there this knowledge, along with students’ minds, is sold off and commodified.

We are complicit and in solidarity with the ones who are victims of a repressive system that criminalise liberators, legitimising those who make their weapon of control and social manipulation out of the prevarication of non human and human animals; and who are subject to imprisonment or reduced to a mere commercial item. For total liberation, against any form of slavery and exploitation of Earth by humans, of animals by humans, and of humans by other humans, as long as there is submission there will be rebellion: in memory of Barry Horne, Jill Phipps, Clement Meric, Remì Freise and of all the victims of fascism, capitalism and speciesism.

The sit in is independent, self-determined and self-organised with a grass-root approach, free from any symbol of parties and associations, based on the principles of antifascism and, therefore, antispeciesism.

Hierarchical and discriminatory attitudes are not going to be tolerated, consequently those who don’t respect the values of an initiative which aims to total liberation are going to be banished.

via contagioantispecista

International Week of Action against Speciesism [October 30 to November 5]

received 10/09/17

An international call for a week of action against speciesism, from October 30 and November 5, has been launched. It encourages folks to carry out all kinds of actions, from street propaganda (paintings, posters, distribution of leaflets …) to workshops/forums and debates in your meeting spaces – to self-organizing various actions against specific businesses with the tools that each person may consider appropriate – to mass mobilizations and demonstrations. May each one be organized as it suits each one involved, and may they shake all the cages. In memory of Barry Horne and all the human and nonhuman victims of speciesism and domination.

Solidarity between species is not just a written word!

in Spanish, Portuguese

‘Freeganism is not anarchy, it’s just easy’

Final version received December 23rd:


We are writing this zine to create a discussion about freeganism and whether or not it has any place in the struggle towards total liberation. We (the authors) identify as anarchists, and recognise that human supremacy is one of the most widespread and destructive authoritarian constructs to exist in the shit hole that is industrial society.

Veganism for us is not about dietary or consumer choices but is part of an intersectional approach to living in a non hierarchical way that seeks to actively confront and challenge the structures and ways of life under the various systems of authority.

This zine is directed at people who associate themselves with anarchism and seek to challenge hierarchy in their day to day lives.

If you seriously think that you can vote with your money and that consumer choices will shape the future of human relationships or the wellbeing of the earth and all of its inhabitants, then please put this zine down and continue living in your bubble full of hope. We aim to create a more radical critique of human supremacy than a simple economic-centric catch phrase.

Since the antiglobalisation movement has discovered there is food to be found in dumpsters, people made up this funny word freeganism, and created an anticapitalist critique to go with it, some might even claim it is a lifestyle. This trend is blocking the path towards total liberation since it is blurring the lines between speciesism and anticapitalism[1], creating confusing situations. Such as walking into an anarchist space to find people with ALF patches skinning a rabbit in the middle of the room and preparing a pot of stinking roadkill bone broth, preaching that this is a more natural way of living. Which is exactly the same kind of rhetoric that homophobes and sexists use to defend their stupid shit.

[1] This blurring of lines between anticapitalism and speciesism is problematic, as it is the blending of anticapitalist and ANTI-speciesist critiques that we believe will create a more well rounded anarchist analysis. Since the anticapitalist movement in itself is not free from hierarchy and in many ways is unreflective on the methods and tactics that it uses, anti-speciesism, feminism, and so on are often pushed aside by staunch anticapitalists in order to say that these problems are products of capitalism itself and will be solved automatically when capitalism is removed/reformed (delete as applicable).

We would like to start this discussion by defining veganism, freeganism and anarchism as we interpret them.

To exclude and avoid as much as possible the use, cruelty to and consumption of animals and products derived from animals, for food clothing and entertainment. To view all animals (human and nonhuman alike) as separate individuals each with the desire and will for freedom. Veganism for us is a logical extension of our anarchist thought to recognise the situations faced by all beings under attack by oppression.

Some would say common activities practised world-over for centuries like hopping trains, hitchhiking, shoplifting, table diving as methods to not spend money to live are part of a ‘freegan lifestyle’ for reasons such as carbon footprints, environmental reasons and to ‘make a stand’ against capitalism. The practise of paying lip service to veganism is adopted by some freegans by only eating animal ‘products’ that otherwise would be wasted, as an anticapitalist attempt to combat meat and dairy industries.

A method of working towards dismantling hierarchies and social relations that are built on authoritarian structures, to create moments of freedom where we are not suffocated by oppressive bullshit (i.e. patriarchy, religion, states, racism etc.[2]) by constantly attacking and challenging these vile constructs wherever they may arise with whatever tools available, within each individual’s personal ability.

[2] These constructs are not put in any specific order of importance, nor is it in any way a wholly comprehensive list of the oppressive systems faced by individuals.


Freegan arguments such as using the corpses and secretions of animals that are not directly paid for is better because it does not directly contribute monetarily to these industries or that is more ‘respectful’ to ‘honour’ the dead body by eating it, do nothing to develop a radical critique outside of the narrow lens provided by capitalism itself.

This last argument is inherently speciesist in the sense that no freegan would attempt to eat your dead dog to prevent their corpse from ‘going to waste’, because we are socialised by the capitalist-industrial media to view ‘pet animals’ such as dogs as individuals (to an extent) and not cows, chickens, pigs, fish, sheep, and so on (unless they are viewed as one’s personal property). Even to view these animals and their secretions as ‘waste’ is deeply entrenched in a capitalistic and anthropocentric mindset, since it still sees animals as ‘things’ to be used by humans and not to be reabsorbed into ecosystems as they would naturally.

By eating or wearing the corpses and secretions of animals, we normalise the idea that their sole existence is to serve ‘humanity’ as mere products and resources to be harvested and consumed rather than living individual persons. This plays directly into the hands of the hierarchical, human supremacist ideals which are the foundations[3] of the oppressive capitalist-industrial system that anarchists oppose.

[3] “Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us. They will reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, the livestock, all the wild animals on the earth, and the small animals that scurry along the ground.” This quote (Genesis 1:26) already shows us that the idea of human supremacy and a feeling of entitlement over the lives of other animals (as well as patriarchy, racism, and so on) was and still is fundamental to the development of the global techno-industrial system which is rooted in Christian morality, forced onto the idiot masses by superstition and authoritarian tyranny.


Many freegans would say that their lifestyle is rooted in some idealistic activism and that they try to engage with their political surroundings by aiming to live ‘sustainably’ with a low carbon footprint. They see their spending or rather, non-spending habits as something that interacts with supply and demand, thus creating the illusion that by changing their methods of consumption they have a voice with which they can shape society. The relationship between freegans and the global capitalist system is akin to a sort of personal greenwashing. By taking the ‘waste product’ from dumpsters and roadsides freegans attempt to rid themselves of the guilt of directly contributing to the exploitation of animals and the earth.

Freeganism is often cited as a ‘sustainable answer’ to the wastefulness of society. But there can be no such thing as freeganism without industrialised agriculture and a manufactured dependency on petro-chemicals. In order to mean anything it requires the overproduction of everything. It is merely a symptom of exploitative capitalistic relations rather than an answer to them. A philosophy as empty and limited as the society it’s built upon.

How can anyone call freeganism a sustainable way of living? It is a supposed solution built upon the problem and cannot go beyond the initial problem because it is passive in its nature and does not directly confront the unfair distribution of food, but simply exploits the privilege of living in countries where food[4] is so readily wasted.

This is not to say that we see dumpster-diving as a waste of time in itself, we just do not support the idea that it is a political strategy to affect change. We dumpster dive and shoplift for survival, and to free us from the burden of work so that we have more time to spend hitting cops and breaking things and other subversive projects relevant to anarchism. Continue reading ‘Freeganism is not anarchy, it’s just easy’

Santiago, Chile: Pet shop sabotaged for a Black December


Along with educating and informing, (…) taking yourself out of the laws of the capital system, (…) spraying and sabotaging companies (…) we are not thinking only of the animals but of the whole ecosystem that is getting worse every day. If we should destroy the property of those who support animal exploitation then we will not hesitate to use all our weapons, even burning that evil place.
(“Animal Liberation,” song by comrade Sebastián ‘Angry’ Oversluij)

In the capitalist and authoritarian society, speciesism is one of the pillars on which domination is sustained, materializing in power relations that transform animals into objects for human consumption in the form of food, clothing, entertainment, experimentation or as pets under the ownership of a human.

By inserting anti-speciesism as part of the fight against all forms of authority, an everyday life without animal products has as its inevitable complement direct action against the exploiters and merchants of animals.

Thus, rejecting all reformist or victimist logic about animal liberation, we sabotaged the “Exotic” pet shop on the night of December 1st, sealing with liquid steel the padlocks that allow access to the place where animals are sold as merchandise. At the site, located on Departmental Avenue, we left a note so that there was no doubt what our action was about. As the sun rose, the owners could not open their business based on cages and the captivity of non-human individuals; our action fulfilled our goal: to disrupt the normal functioning of the oppression of our lives and that of the animals.

We do not want laws that are more compassionate to animals or larger cages. Our action is an expression of the desire for the destruction of all forms of confinement and domination.

We respond in this way to the invitation made by our compañeros in Greece, Panagiotis Argirou and Nikos Romanos, taking part in a Black December in which we want to intensify the anti-authoritarian transgressive action and the networks of complicity between comrades, seeking to take them beyond a specific moment or month.

To contribute to revitalizing anti-speciesist action in our own territory is also our form of solidarity with the anarchist and vegan prisoner Osman Evcan, on hunger strike since November 10th 2015 in the prisons of the State of Turkey, who risks his life using his body as a weapon demanding the restoration of vegan food in the prison.

So that the anti-speciesist tension is made visible in the offensive anarchic actions through cells of comrades who organize and take action without hierarchies, sharpening convictions combined with creativity, caution and different means and materials to hit multiple points of the network of domination.

Solidarity with Mónica Caballero, Francisco Solar and all anarchist prisoners in Chile and throughout the world.

Insurrect memory of the death in combat of comrade Sebastián Oversluij two years ago.

Animal, human, Earth liberation.

Down with the cages of civilized society!
Sabotage, boycott and direct attack against all exploiters!

“Nocturnal Disorder” Cell.
Informal Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front (FAI/FRI)
Chile – Black December 2015

Spanish | English (slightly edited here) via Bite Back

Cyber-world: Vivisection laboratory website defaced by the ALF and taken offline

The 7th September 2015, a vivisection laboratory website was sabotaged by using the technique of “deface”. It was entered to the website server and some of their directories were modified. The result was a more realistic image about what the laboratory does and a message we hope never forgot.

Because we don’t care about the excuses and lies they use to justify their experiments. What really matters is that people see and know what really happens inside the laboratories, and to cause the biggest economic damage as possible.

After few weeks, the website has disappeared. What probably means it has been closed (hopefully permanently). We are proud that the goal of this action has been reached, and we’ll go on until we close all laboratories.



Note from Contra Info: The website referenced is the Chudasama Laboratory of Brain and Behaviour, a part of the McGill University campus in Montreal, Canada, that previously looked like this.

in Spanish

ALF Istanbul action for World Vegan Day

(we received this partial translation of an anonymous report:)

November 1st should be an action day for animal liberation, not a partying day for veganism.

On November 1st, 2014, at around 2am, we did a series of actions at the European side of Istanbul: two trucks that transport dead chickens were sabotaged, tires blown, front windows broken, locks glued.

“Viva animal liberation” slogans were also spray-painted in the same neighbourhood. Another fast-food restaurant nearby was attacked, windows smashed. . . .

November 1st should be a day of action, not a day of celebration.

Every day action, every day ALF!

Viva animal liberation!

Down with speciesism!

Everything for our animal friends!

Freedom to animals, humans and the earth!

ALF Turkey Istanbul

Costa Rica: Butcher shop sabotaged in Alajuela

In the early morning of Friday the 24th of October 2014 a butcher shop was attacked in the city of Alajuela, Costa Rica. Its locks were sealed and the message “MEAT IS MURDER” was spray-painted over its walls. This action comes in response to the call-out for Direct Action Days for Animal Liberation [24/10–9/11]. We join the call and invite all antispeciesists who live in these territories and beyond to break with the passivity. Animal liberation will not be won by buying in a supermarket.

Animal Liberation Front – Antispeciesist Action Cell

the communiqué in Spanish

Volos, Greece: Responsibility claim for attack on the Thessalian Meat Market amid Easter

These days, when thousands of non-human animals are being murdered for the hedonistic and sadistic consumption of their dead flesh on the festive tables of godly slaves, we decided to celebrate in a different way. So, in the daybreak of the 19th of April 2014, we carried out an attack at the Thessalian Meat Market in the city of Volos, smashing its glass facade, and paint-bombing and causing damages to its cargo truck. The same store has been attacked also in the past, so it’s about time that certain people understood that if they continue to profit at the expense of non-human animals, we will stand in their way with even more drastic means.

Ever since the beginning of their existence, civilization and capitalism have used concepts and practices like property and incarceration in order to imprison, torture and slaughter billions of non-human animals to secure food, health, progress and prosperity of the human species, thus setting the foundation for anthropocentrism, under which the human being is superior to the rest of the species, all of whom are eligible for human-inflicted exploitation. Even though it is anthropocentric, domination does not leave humans out of the realm of enslavement (hierarchy, patriarchy, nations, wage slavery, societies of inequalities). With the onslaught of modern totalitarianism, for achieving a sterile prison-society, there’s a surge of both incarceration and exploitation of animals (livestock, vivisection, animal circuses, zoos, pet shops) but also of people whose ideas and practices are hampering the smooth operation of the system (prisons, concentration camps). For these reasons, we do not consider total liberation (animal, earth, human liberation) a separate fragment but rather an integral part of the wider anarchist struggle.

Until the demolition of every cage/prison, nothing will be free!

Solidarity with political prisoners

Strength to those who revolt inside or outside the walls


Turkey: ALF liberated 4 rabbits from a pet shop in İstanbul

On March 2, 2014, people gathered in Kadıköy district of İstanbul to protest against the changes in the Animal Protection Law proposed by the government, which includes the exploitation of stray animals as test subjects, and so on.

ALF activists who were among the crowd gathered in front of the Başkent Pet Shop in Kadıköy, where four rabbits condemned to live in very poor conditions were rescued and emancipated.

These living beings who get transferred by luggages get murdered when they’re not sold and their cuteness is over.

This is also a call to direct action, and to ask for support from our friends from the ALF, ELF, activists for the freedom of animals and nature. We dedicate this action to all the species about to be ravaged in the destructions of the Northern Forests of İstanbul.

We vehemently condemn the use of stray animals as test subjects for science and industry, just as we oppose the exile of strays to concentration camps. And if necessary, we will respond violently!

If not now, when?

If not you, who?
source: sosyal savas

World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week 2013

[Italy] Call for decentralized mobilization against vivisection

From 20 to 28 April 2013 the annual World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week will be held. Since this is not merely a symbolic occasion to be filled with large peaceful marches, we make a direct action call, decentralized and diffused against the vivisection industry and its officers in white overalls.

We know very well that demonstrations of thousands of people who march peacefully, petitions and requests for application of laws do not disturb in the least the dreams of those who every day, in the laboratories of research centers, universities, hospitals, chemical-pharmaceutical companies, perform vivisection on millions of living animals of each species by subjecting them to the worst thinkable tortures. All this in the name of an alleged ‘progress’ that does nothing but poisons even more this planet and the lives of its very inhabitants, and that only serves to satisfy the profit thirst of the governments, the techno-scientific elite and the businesses related to it.

As someone once wisely said, whoever kills the planet has a name and address. Banners, painted slogans, surprise intervention at their offices, night-time or improvised gatherings at the houses of vivisectors and in front of their research centers, up to direct actions of any kind against their property, there are many ideas that come to mind; let’s give free rein to the imagination… May the fear change sides for once!


Florence, Italy – Animal Liberation Front: Who are behind the recent incendiary actions in Tuscany?

According to this post, an incendiary attack in Montelupo Fiorentino on 31.12.2012 was at least the fourth in recent months in the Tuscany region of Italy. In early October, the ALF entered a slaughterhouse in Colle Val d’Elsa and sabotaged the electrical system and machinery. A truck was destroyed by fire at a meat company in Troghi on October 27th, and on November 24th the ALF set fire to a truck at a slaughterhouse in San Giovanni Valdarno (Florence).

According to this report under the title “On the arrest of two fascists for attacks signed by the ALF” (10.1.2013), two men were arrested and one is wanted by the Italian authorities on charges related to the recent arsons across Tuscany, including the latest arson attack in Montelupo Fiorentino. However, some animal liberation activists in Italy warned that the arrestees, especially one named Filippo Serlupi d’Ongran, are most likely fascist infiltrators who appropriated the ALF practices. Below are excerpts of this announcement:

“We report the [mainstream] news of these days about the arrest of two animal rights activists, as well as the issue of an arrest warrant against a third person, who are accused of four incendiary attacks that took place in Tuscany over the past three months, the last of which was the arson of December 31st on eight trucks owned by the dairy industry in Montelupo. All the actions of which they are accused have been claimed and signed with the initials ALF (Animal Liberation Front). The first of the three suspects, Filippo Serlupi d’Ongran, has admitted responsibility for all four arsons. In newspaper articles, reference is made to his militancy in the extreme right (…). A brief search on the Internet has provided us with other information, including his facebook profile in which there are photos that show him surrounded by women who are reduced to sexual objects. (…) We have no information about the political positions of the other two suspects, but if [they are indeed involved and] they chose to carry out actions with a person who bears pro-fascist ideologies, then this choice at least casts doubts on them as well. (…) While we agree with the actions of which they are accused, we obviously do not care to support or sympathize with these people. This episode should also be an occasion for further reflection from the part of antispeciesist individuals and groups on how to find strategies or further explore our content so that it does not leave room for doubt and ambiguity; in order to, thus, reaffirm the libertarian context of our struggle.”

Spain: Callout against animal circuses by the Antispeciesist Assembly of Madrid

Gathering for the end of animal circuses

Because freedom and dignity of the other animals is worthier than the recreation of some and the profits of others

Sunday, December 16th, at 18.00 (GMT+1) in front of the Circo Americano on 109, Antonio López street, Madrid

End every animal circus now!

Antispeciesist Assembly of Madrid

more info in Spanish here

Toluca, Mexico: Double bombing attack against a branch of the Banorte bank and a bill payment office of the Telmex telecommunications company

We are all Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. The CCF is not an organization or just another group. On the contrary, it is the antagonist expression of rage and contempt in the face of Power and its structures. To grasp* what the CCF really is, all you need is petrol, matches and the desire to fight for total liberation.”

In the fragrance of the wet earth we’ve found the inexhaustible processes of resistance that germinate the wild flower of anarchy. In the warmth of other species we’ve discovered the irreducible value of each individual that denies the instituted order and breaks away from fear and inaction. In the informality we’ve found the pleasure of individual revolt which is spontaneously capable of transforming itself into a plague.

We claim ourselves to be violent, rabid, savages, asexual; we are Conspiracy of Cells of Fire waging social war, angry expropriators of individuality. We take responsibility for the two explosive devices that were detonated at daybreak on November 29th, 2012 in the Mexican city of Toluca; the first one at a ‘Banorte’ bank branch and the second one at a ‘Telmex’ bill payment office.

Without much more to write, we let the actions themselves be the lubricant of solidarity; we thus call for an International Direct Action Week in solidarity with the always unyielding Mario Antonio López ‘Tripa’ from the 15th to the 22nd of December; may solidarity among acratists be expressed in a polymorphic manner.

For a Black Christmas!
For the destruction of prison society!

Anticivilization Fraction of the Earth Liberation Front
Affine to the Informal Anarchist Federation


* The FA/FLT/FAI write ‘entender’ (understand, grasp) instead of ‘extender’ (extend, spread) which appears in known versions of the same quote.

Athens: Anarchist-antispeciesist demonstration was fiercely attacked by cops

On Saturday, December 8th, by 12pm anarchists and antispeciesists held a gathering at Syntagma square against the fur industry and the animal exploitation machinery. At 13.30pm they began a protest march downtown.

A relatively small demonstrator bloc, with some 150 participants, chanted slogans walking on Mitropoleos street with momentum. They then took to Pandrosou street, in the tourist area of Plaka. The comrades carried out direct actions, spraying graffiti and stencils on the walls, and throwing paints on windows of fur trade shops which are located in the district.

The demo was fiercely attacked as comrades tried to head back to Monastiraki, amid a consumerist and indifferent crowd. When they approached Aiolou street, the repressive forces blocked access to Ermou street beforehand, which is the main shopping zone downtown. Specifically, cops dispersed the antispeciesist bloc by excessive use of tear gases, stun grenades and physical violence.

The fascists in uniform chased people on the surrounding streets. Several protesters were assaulted savagely by cops. No detention was reported, however some comrades were beaten so heavily that they were evacuated to a hospital, while at least three protesters suffer head injuries.

The State/Capital shows no mercy, neither on people, nor on non-human animals, and once again its mercenaries protected the interests of exploiters.

They are skinning all of us, every living being, to warm the pockets of our killers. We are at war on all fronts.

Florence: The Animal Liberation Front torched the facilities of a meat trading company in Troghi (video)

On the night of October 27th, 2012 we paid a visit to the meat company in Troghi, Florence, and torched the factory and all trucks inside…

No respite for torturers! Animal liberation at all costs!


Follow the DIARY OF ACTIONS by BITE BACK Magazine.

Switzerland: Marco Camenisch, Silvia and Billy on hunger strike against the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos

This is a flyer (in Italian) that was distributed during the demo against the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Bern on January 21st, 2012.

Comrades from Villa Vegan Squat in Milan, Italy, are translating the communiqués of Marco, Silvia and Billy about the strike, so they will be available soon.

The three green anarchists imprisoned in Swiss prisons decided to join the week of mobilization against the World Economic Forum, which will be held in Switzerland during these days. Marco and Silvia are conducting a hunger strike for 10 days (January 20th–30th, 2012). Billy is abstaining from prison food and refusing to work (working is compulsory in Swiss prisons), in order to protest against the WEF, but also as a response to their prison conditions, more precisely for the liberation of Marco Camenisch in May 2012 and against the glass separator during the visits of friends.

Marco Camenisch was incarcerated in Switzerland in 1991. He’s always been active in green anarchist struggles. Silvia and Billy were arrested, along with Costa, in April 2010 in Zurich for having attempted to attack the construction site of a new nanotechnology research center of IBM with explosives.

We’re not surprised by the fact that this year in the schedule of WEF they will also deal with nanotechnologies, because, as with all the technological systems and even more the new technologies (nanotechnologies, biotechnologies and cybernetics), they are not neutral but subjected to the ones who manage economics, and a further tool in the hands of those who hold power.

While the government leaders and corporations’ bosses meet with each other to impose the new world economic developments, inside the labs experts and researchers study to create new means with which to increase social control, strengthen the soldiers, try to make our lives even more artificial and automatized, till the point of manipulating the living; manipulations that provoke devastating and irreversible effects in the earth equilibriums and on human and non human animals.

We will always fight against those who are turning the earth into a land of plastic and concrete, commodities and technologies, industries and offices: a world devoid of life.

Against the State and Capital which, with their dominating and exploitative logics want human beings to be slaves, the animals to be merchandise and the planet to be an infinite source of things to sack.

The WEF occasion cannot but increase our rage and desire to keep on struggling, inside and outside prisons.

Solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike!

Athens: Antispeciesist protest against the fur and leather industry

Furs are dripping blood – Action Against Fur
Until every cage is destroyed – Antispeciesist Action (A)

Arson for each fur scumbag
Arson for each fur trader
This is the right thing to do: Choke the fur trade with . . .

On Saturday, November 26th, 2011, an antispeciesist demonstration took place against the fur industry downtown. Nearly 100 people attended the protest march which started from Syntagma Square, continued to the area of Monastiraki (a tourist destination) to return later at Syntagma via the main shopping Ermou Street.

The protest was organized by the Assembly for the Antispeciesist Action. During their combative demo, antispeciesists comrades wrote slogans against the Capital and also threw paint bombs on the facades of fur stores and similar atrocious businesses. Some of the slogans were: ‘Freedom to everyone in cages’ / ‘Arson and wildfire for every brothel’ (chanted outside fur stores).

Fur traders – Fascists – Murderers

source and more photos here

Germany: Libertarian Days Dresden >September, 17th–24th, 2011

Like last year, the Libertäre Netzwerk Dresden (Dresden Libertarian Network) along with various initiatives and groups plans to organize a full week of presentations, workshops, discussions, demonstrations, street festivals and much more. That’s why we need your help.

Unlike last time, we want to work in aspect-oriented ways and set thematic priorities, so we hope for a more detailed and thorough debate of specific social, political and philosophical issues. This should also be appealing to people who do not engage in the matters right from the start, and provide them a profound insight into the topics.

Furthermore, we want to combine theoretical with practical. This year we wish to put emphasis on different mechanisms of domination: racism, sexism, speciesism, repression and capitalism. These complexes should be highlighted and criticized in a preliminary manner. On this basis, we then wish to try to engage ourselves in counter- concepts and suggestions.

For this we need your help and legwork. If you can and want to contribute something to the above categories, if you have ideas for much different things, or you wish to support us by other means, contact us at libertaere-tage@notraces.net.

A broader, binding participation will ensure that such an event looks less like work (yuck!), and also makes it more multilayered and colourful.

More info in German:
utopienentdecken, deu.anarchopedia.org